What happened in the past 8 months ?

Assalamualaikum guys 😊


First of all, I’m glad that I’m writing again. I really missed this. I need to do this more often to get to you guys.

I’ve experienced lots of things right after my graduation (which is my previous recent post). I believe that 2017 is the most toughest yet fun year for me. For those who keep asking what I’m doing after getting my degree, I get a job and it was not a science-lab-related.

Although I’m a science-graduate BUT I know what I want for myself and where’s my passion would lead me to. Seriously, it is so f hard to find a job that gives you perfect life balance between work and personal life. I challenged myself to work as a Sales Executive just to gain experience since I never had one.

Like seriously, I don’t have any plan for myself in the future and let the universe decides for me. I let people jeopardised my life with tonnes of work and I realized that I need to take action. To sum everything up, work in sales department was quite stressful BUT I found something. I can see why I was put in this kind of situation until BAWALISME is born.

I’m glad I did this. This is what I’ve been working on for the past 3 months after my ‘mourning’ period for stressing out. I CHOOSE TO SELF-EMPLOYED ❤️

The G-Day

Finally, guys. Finally 😊


Who would’ve thought an introverted duduk bawah tempurung 24-years old lady (sprinkled with some childishness) finally managed to get her degree in Molecular Biology. More to be proud of, first class degree. ALHAMDULILLAH ❤️

No need for random rambling about how hard I struggled to finish my studies blablabla all that jibber jabber. Dah cliche, bro. Hahaha 😛

I just want to say, degree’s life really changes me for who am I today. A survivor, independent and now I’m actually socializing with people omg (I’m really a sucker of silence).

The real deal is when I bought the outfit for the special day with my very own money. Serius bangga weh. Yeah, I have a job now which I will tell about it later. I am so in love with this amazing jubah which is actually a collaboration from Bella Ammara and Leeyana Rahman ❤️

You would never go wrong with royal blue. The best thing is that it is exclusively designed with the world map on it. Fancy. Can you tell me where I could find a jubah like this on earth?? Already caught my heart for the first time I saw it on Instagram. Oh btw the name is Hermia Jubah ❤️

Thanks Z for ponteng kelas and came to my special day. Hahaha. Don’t put the blame on me. He’s the one who want to do that on purpose 😛 But yeah I’m the one who told him to wear blue as well. There’s actually tonnes of photos with my family but they’re in my dad’s camera and not in my phone. Sheesh. 

The only thing that I was frustated about is the graduation-hat thingy was TOO SMALL FOR MY BIG HEAD OMG. It’s a real struggle, guys. I need to put a few needles to make sure I didn’t drop it on the stage or else I will remember it for the rest of my life 😂

I just really need a grassy-background photo for my Instagram. HAHAHAHA. 

There you go. It’s the end of an era. I’ve decided to not to continue my studies because I’m not really interested anymore. Hahaha. Dah 19 tahun belajar and I’m actually exhausted (or maybe traumatized lol). I need to focus on my future and the basics knowledge of life (cooking, sewing, driving, have own income, marriage etc etc). 

Alhamdulillah. Another ‘piece of paper’ slipped into my folder of everything. ❤️

Top-picked Lipstick

I owned quite a number of lipsticks since I’ve been exposed to this ‘lady’ world. It was quite a journey when it started with the current trend lip tint kinda stuff at that time. Hahaha. Old days. I have dry and chapped lips so most of my lip products are moisturizing, glossy and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a lip balm everywhere I go. But the fact that I hate sticky-shiny lips makes me eager to find the best one for my daily use.


Here my Top 3 fav lipsticks!

  • Sugarbelle Liquid Lipstick in Nude Kisses
  • Maybelline Lip Gradation by Color Sensational in Mauve1
  • L’oreal Color Riche Moist Matte in Chocolat Rouge

Actually all of them are almost the same shade which is nude pinky undertone but with different formula, brands, packaging and also the price, of course. Lets check ’em out one by one shall we?







  • Look at the gold and black theme of the box. Doesn’t it look pretty exclusive?
  • The lipstick bullet looks amazing in black with gold ‘SUGARBELLE’ font engraved on it. Mine is faded already. Haha.
  • I love how the lipstick exposing the colour of the shade.
  • The applicator is just like other liquid lipstick which is easy to apply.



  • Together inside the box is the details of the products including the ingredients, quantity, expiration date etc.


  • This shade is amazing! If you’re looking for a nude pink lipstick, this is for you.
  • The formula is very creamy and easy to apply.
  • It is matte but not drying or sucking the life of your lips. Haha.
  • I love the after-dried looking on the lips. It gives pretty smooth matte look.


  • Its a lil bit pricey.
  • It transferred to any surface contact on the lips.
  • Its not waterproof and long wear so need regular touch ups.


I bought from an Instagram shop for MYR59 or you can order directly on their Instagram or website with the same price, I guess. They sell other shades, lipstick and mascara too.










  • The packaging is very simple in the pencil-like form.
  • To help with the lipstick application, they include a pointed sponge as the smudger.
  • The pointed lipstick also make it easier to apply on the lips.


  • This is the best lip product I ever bought in my entire life! This is actually my second purchased.
  • The formula is totally amazing! Its matte but not drying at all.
  • It glides very smoothly on the lips and the texture is very light like you don’t wear anything on the lips.
  • The colour is very natural and suits for daily wear.
  • The smudger helps a lot to distribute the product evenly.
  • This Mauve1 shade is the best-selling of all other colours. I look everywhere for this second one and finally got it at SASA.
  • Don’t really need to reapply due to low transferred level.
  • One stick could last more than 2 months based on my daily wear.


I guess none. Haha.


At any drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy or any other places that have Maybelline section. Only MYR32.90.


Omg, of course!







  • Came with gold-like copper metallic bullet which looks super elegant and exclusive.
  • The shade can be known by looking at the square-thingy outside of the packaging.
  • It feels sturdy and expensive when you hold it.
  • The bottom shows the name of the shade.


  • The shade is perfect for daily wear. Its like brown, orange and pink combination.
  • It gives matte finish but very moisturizing on the lips.
  • This is my go-to lipstick same as the Maybelline Lip Gradation one.
  • Don’t really need to reapply bcs of the stay-long effect.
  • If I have a bad lips day, I choose to wear this.
  • Contains jojoba oil as the moisturizing agent.
  • Doesn’t fade into patches and I really love the formula.


Nothing? Haha.


At any drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy or any other places that have Maybelline section. Only MYR38.






All these lipsticks might show the same shade from their packaging but from the swatches, it doesn’t. I mean, you can tell, right? The Maybelline one is more to cool tone mauve colour but with a hint of pink, Sugarbelle Nude Kisses is all about nude pink colour and for warmer tone with a lil bit of pink and orange, the L’oreal one. Sometimes I love to mix the Mauve1 and Nude Kisses for more toned down pink with a matte finish.

I probably would stick with these three lipsticks bcs they are easy to purchase, quite affordable, suits my lips and any other reasons that I couldn’t think of.

So, who says dry lips can’t rock on matte lipsticks?

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette Review

Pink, pink and pink. Tell me who doesn’t love pink. I admire pinky stuff but not totally obsessed with it. Just a lil bit of my inner child can get attracted to it (or even excited!). To emphasize my love towards this soft-childish color, I’ve decided to get my very first pink-themed eyeshadow palette.


The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette by Maybelline!




  • A pinky-toned plastic packaging with 12 shades of eye shadow colours.
  • The front consist of clear surface with the names for each eye shadow revealing the colours inside.
  • At the back, shows the how-to-use section ; quads, trios, duos and also the ingredients.
  • A small dual-used brush is given with a sponge applicator and a brush at both ends.



  • All 12 shades are infused with rose gold pigment from bold beiges and sultry sands to brazen bronzes and tempting taupes.
  • 3 out of 12 are matte and the rest are shimmers and glittery.



First row ; Lingerie, Shiver, Smoky Taupe, Angel, Flushed, Burning
Second row ; Brick, Mocha, Chocolate, Concrete, Oxblood, After Hours


  • The packaging is pretty sleek, compact and quite travel friendly.
  • The brush/applicator provided is very convenient, easy to use and no fall off.
  • The 12 colours option are perfect to create versatile eye makeup looks.
  • Easy to blend.


  • No mirror!
  • Low pigmentation.
  • Only last for about 5 hours of wearing without eye shadow primer.
  • My eyelids tend to crease after 6 hours and the colour will 80% faded.
  • Quite pricey for a very low pigmentation eye shadow palette.
  • Some shades are difficult to blend and work with.
  • I don’t really like shimmery eye shadows (I have no idea why I bought this. Haha)


  • Any drugstores ; Watsons, Guardian etc
  • Bought it at RM62 (NP : RM69.90).



All in all, I’m okay with this palette. Some shades are great for natural eye makeup, also you have the option to go for more bold look. The instructions at the back really helps to pick any matching shades. I bought this because it seems that it is a dupe for Naked 3 palette (obviously) which is totally not affordable for me. Haha.

p/s : Thanks, Z for lending me your hand for the swatches. Hehe. ❤



How I survived degree?

DISCLAIMER : These are the things that I did to get through my degree and not practically enforced to other people. Lain orang lain cara. I just want to share with people. Thank you 🙂

Assalamualaikum to my readers especially the AS244 juniors. This post is for you. Haha.

desktop_work hard

About a week ago, I received an email regarding the future of science students, job opportunities kinda stuff. Seriously guys? I mean like you’re literally are freshies and you already want to dig out the negativity out of your current course? Come on. Jangan kalah sebelum berperang. Hahaha. Honestly, I was like you guys. Rasa macam nak tukar course and it was just the first day of lab session.

Feels like you’re making the wrong decision also rasa macam dah tak minat Sains, it is totally normal actually. I was in your shoes. I’ve been there. Semua tu hanyalah sandiwara fikiran kamu yang sebenarnya acah-acah tak ready untuk masuk degree. Dalam kepala cuma fikir apa? Degree susah, rumah jauh, UiTM Shah Alam besar sangat so penat nak jalan kaki dan naik bas blablabla. Suka cari alasan untuk diri sendiri then kesiankan diri sendiri. I’m not blaming you guys bcs I also felt the same way in my first semester. Pathetic tak? Haha. But since I’m a diploma student so I know the drill. Semuanya bermula dengan paksaan. Squeezed out those independence and good vibes out of yourself! Believe me, you’re ready.

1. Be independent

Sounds lame but in order to survive, PAKSA diri to be independent. Tak payah sampai setiap minggu nak balik rumah ulang-alik nak basuh baju lah apa benda. Sekali-sekala takpelah. Kalau susah, take your time bcs in comparison with diploma/asasi/matrikulasi/etc, degree life agak mencabar so be prepared. Dalam kelas pun tak semua lecturer akan suap kita with notes and everything. Pandai-pandailah nak study guna internet, buku dan past year questions.

2. Score good grades in first and second semester

Tak bermakna tak perlu struggle untuk semester 3 dan ke atas but this is what I did. Alhamdulillah I got dean’s list award untuk semester 3 dan 4 (I started my degree on 3rd semester) and then I applied for JPA scholarship. Alhamdulillah after the complicated procedures, I managed to get it. You still boleh apply for JPA scholarship tajaan dalam negara tapi I’m not sure its still open or not dan kalau tak silap, application tu hanya setahun sekali and applied untuk students yang berbaki 3 semesters lagi. The amount is based on your course and your campus location so they would give the right amount untuk kos sara diri. No worries, memang cukup perbelanjaan tu. Hahaha.

Ada yang risau sangat pasal peluang kerja lepas degree nanti kan? So ni nak bagitau ni. For my JPA scholarship application, the agreement shows that I have to work with the government for 4 years (the contract duration is based on your semester in total dan jumlah tajaan). See? Right there you already have a safe place for your future. Sekurang-kurangnyalah kan? Even tak tau yang boleh dapat kerja ke tak but at least kontrak tu ada and you don’t need to worry sampai tak cukup tidur bagai.

After habis degree, boleh lapor diri tamat belajar and boleh start tengok dan apply jawatan-jawatan yang sesuai.


Nampak tak ruangan sebelah kanan tu? Punya banyak jawatan yang boleh dipohon for science student and this is only for SPA. Belum try lagi yang lain-lain tu. So siapa yang kecoh sangat cakap kerja for Biomolecular Science students ni hanya ada kt overseas la, kt Malaysia takde kerja lah. Come on. Rezeki tu Allah yang tentukan. Kalau tak dapat kerja dalam bidang sains pun, insyaAllah dalam bidang lain ada. Don’t worry, okay? 🙂 So belajar rajin-rajin dan cuba dapatkan dekan untuk semester 1 dan 2.

3. Alone time

Masa degree ni, kadang-kadang tak perlu sangat nak ada geng. For me lah. Kalau its a group of friend yang willing to study together tak kisah. That’s a good thing but sometimes being alone is much easier. You have control of everything. Nak makan bila, kt mana, nak hantar assignment bila, nak buat projek bila, nak tidur pukul berapa all that stuff. Bukan nak halang daripada buat kawan but for me yang memang totally introverted ni, enjoying my alone time lagi best. So memang takde istilah lonely kt degree life ni. Pandai-pandailah memilih kawan.

4. Stuff you need

Bila dah degree life ni masing-masing dah tau kan nak kena ada apa as a student. Laptop, stationary, kertas, buku nota blablabla tapi kt sini nak buat penambahan sikit. For me, a student should have a printer. Tak payahlah nak beli yang mahal-mahal. Banyak je printer yang bawah RM200. Apa lah salahnya guna duit PTPTN/JPA/MARA buat beli printer sebijik. Untuk kesenangan korang jugak nanti. Tak payah nak ulang alik pergi Print Expert lah amende. Sebab nanti dah menjelang final year, korang taulah betapa pentingnya sebuah printer. Hahaha. Pendrive pun jangan lupa. Senang nak copy notes dan save kerja.

5. Leisure time

Study study jugak tapi still kena ada masa untuk enjoy. Sekali sekala pergilah tengok wayang ke main bowling ke shopping kt mall ke. Nak cakap aku banyak duit la tu. Siapa cakap? Aku pergi mall pun untuk makan dengan cuci mata je. At least dapat jugak hilang stress buat FYP. Larat ke nak mengadap bakteria 24/7 ? Haha. Siapa cakap nak hilang stress kena guna duit?

Lagi satu, aku ni kaki movie. Setiap hari wajib bukak laptop dan tengok movie. Even masa final pun time duk study tu, boleh lagi layan movie. Sebabnya aku ni jenis cepat bosan dan tak boleh buat satu kerja dalam tempoh yang lama. I get bored easily like kalau tengok movie 3 saat takde action, aku tukar tengok movie lain, that kinda bored. Hahaha. So masa study takdelah stress. Masa study tu ce enjoy-enjoy sikit tapi nasihat aku, jangan tengok drama bersiri ke sekuel ke sebab 100% sure yang korang akan lagha, lalai dan kemudian akan tidur. Haha. Tak pun, try study sambil main DOTA. Boleh? Hahahaha.

6. Makan makanan yang sedap sikit, boleh?


Bab ni paling penting dan paling disukai ramai. Makanlah selagi boleh makan. Jangan tau nak berjimat then melantak maggie je. Nak upgrade sikit makan samyang la amende la. Makanlah nasi. Lauk kan banyak. Nasi dengan ayam ikan sayur tu semua lagi sihat. Dahlah sihat, sedap pulak tu. Haha. Bukannya apa, great minds is made up of great food consuming. When you get energy, barulah boleh study. Betul ke idok? Tapi dah duit korang so pandai-pandailah nak makan apa kan.


7. Cara study, jawab exam

Ada jugak yang tanya cara aku study. Let me tell you. Setiap orang waktu dan cara belajar lain-lain tapi cara aku macam ni.

  • Aku suka study waktu pagi dan malam. The most efficient period for me to memorize something. Kalau nak study something yang bertulis or calculations, tengahari or petang.


  • Waktu study tak pernah langgar waktu makan sebab aku jenis cepat lapar. Bila dah sampai waktu makan tu, stop study dan silakan pergi melantak.


  • Waktu tidur depends. Kalau mengantuk, terus tidur sebab waktu tu kalau baca pun memang otak just fikir nak kira ada berapa Shawn The Sheep yang lompat pagar.


  • Make sure ada internet access. Bunyi macam melalaikan but for science student it is important sebab senang nak Google facts and theories yang kurang pasti kesahihannya. Gitew. Tapi jangan acah-acah cari facts kt Instagram pulak. Nampak sangat lagha.


  • Study based on past year questions dan buat setiap soalan tu TOPICALLY. Kalau buat sekaligus ikut tahun, sumpah bosan. Besides, kalau buat ikut topik nanti boleh nampak trend dan pattern soalan tu.


  • Buat simple mind maps. Aku guna pensil dan kertas A4 kosong. That’s it. Kalau ada masa, underline the key points guna colourful pens.


  • Aku suka menghafal dengan cara menulis berkali-kali. Tulis banyak kali nanti lama-lama boleh ingat. Trust me, it helps.


  • I memorize EVERYTHING. Kalau tak ingat semua pun at least make sure everything is registered in your head. Time exam nanti semua akan terlintas keluar from your head. True story.


  • Masa exam, make sure JAWAB SEMUA SOALAN. Jangan tinggal kosong. Percayalah. Apa yang korang tulis tu might contribute some marks jugak sebenarnya. Keep digging your brains out walaupun apa yang keluar cuma 0.01%.

These are the basic things that I can think of.  Maybe tu je kot yang aku boleh explain sedikit sebanyak apa yang aku buat time degree dulu and I managed to graduate soon, finally. If there any questions you would like to ask, boleh hantar email, pm kt FB, dm kt Twitter, Instagram. Semua boleh. I always reply ASAP. Hehe. Thanks and good luck, juniors! ❤

p/s :  If ada sesiapa yang nak hard copy notes untuk semester 6 dan buku Statistics yang masih baru dan cantik, boleh contact.

FARMASI CC Cream Review

Assalamualaikum and good day!

I never ever had confidence on my own skin. Greasy face with large pores is a big deal that I have to face everyday but I’m getting used to it. Before this, I don’t have the courage to get my hands on foundations, BB cream or CC cream or even the moisturizer. They just stimulating sebum secretions on my face and I had to use like 2 or 3 oil blotting paper. Sheesh.

On the other side of my ‘oily’ story, I’ve been eyeing this one brand called FARMASI Color Cosmetics or FCC. Originally from Turkey makes me more determined to buy their products. Why? Bcs they’re HALAL of course! One of their high ratings product is the CC Cream.








  • Come together with a small and sturdy paper box with all the descriptions.
  • The pink and white theme is super cute and elegant.
  • The cream came in a tube-like container which is much easier and hygienic to use.
  • The sleek and silver cap just added the elegance point even more. Love it!


  • Color Control/Color Corrector/tinted moisturizer.
  • Consists of 2 shades ; Light to Medium & Medium to Dark
  • Contain 50ml  of product per tube.
  • Helps to cover up skin imperfections without clogging pores.
  • Macadamia oil moisturizers all day long.
  • Vitamin B3 and vitamin C creates a natural looking glow.
  • Oat extract nourishes and repairs the skin.
  • Silk protein smoothes and evens skin tone.
  • SPF25 protects skin against the harmful effect of the sun.
  • Collagen and Argan oil improve skin surface and help to reduce the appearance of age spots.





  • I bought it on May and used it everyday but still I can get a lot of product in one squeeze today.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It literally smells like baby powder. What? A cream baby powder? Haha. Love the smell to the max!
  • The texture is very creamy but not to thick makes it easier to blend.
  • It does gives my skin a natural and radiant glow. Just look at my Instagram selfies.
  • You can apply it alone or even with powder later.
  • Not cakey or too dewy on the skin.
  • Even it doesn’t say it helps in oil control but it does give my face a pretty matte finish after I put some loose powder.
  • Doesn’t clogged my pores AT ALL.
  • The shade (Light to Medium) is perfect for my skin.
  • Am I overrating this? Hahaha.


  • Low coverage. Need to put on concealer to cover some spots.
  • It would be better if it has oil control. Haha.
  • A bigger tube would be better, I guess.


I got mine from a personal seller here in Shah Alam for MYR47 but you also can buy yours on Instagram, LAZADA, Fashionvalet, ZALORA and other websites also selected PARKSON’s outlet here in Malaysia.



Also, don’t forget to check out FCC’s other beauty products such as BB Cream, HD Foundation, Stay Matte Foundation, compact powder and many more! They also have their very own skincare range. OMG.


Point your cursor on each photo for details.

Just give me that scroll already!

Seriously, I have no idea that the result of the final exam came out today. Seems that I’ve been enjoying my post-degree life way too much. Hahaha. Before that, I would like to summarize  about my final semester.

This Semester 6 was kinda relaxing but there was a hell side of it. Relaxing in this context means that the timetable was not packed like other previous semesters due to only 3 subjects are required for class attendance. No class for the other 3 subjects.


Need to attend classes. As usual need to complete the course work by completing the 3 tests, lab reports, assignment. Study about proteins.


This subject is an elective subject. You can take the other one which is about drugs something like that. Also, has classes, tests and assignment. The fun thing is the field trip. Study about biodiversity, flora and fauna etc.


Some Biomolecular students already took this subject in Semester 2 (due to difference in diploma background). Has tests, quizzes, assignments. Focus on calculations, obviously.


NO CLASSES! Just answered online questions given by the selected lecturers BUT some lecturers might wanna do a class if they want to. NO FINAL EXAM but has debate session for the title given.


NO CLASSES also! About 5 students will be monitored under a selected lecturer/supervisor to find articles and answer online questions given. NO FINAL EXAM but need to do a presentation on a selected article.


The most important part of your degree. The only thing that I’ve been whining throughout the semester. Hahaha. Sacrifices need to be done for this. Energy, tears, sleeps and even money. You really need to put your mental and physical at the maximum level. It was a big deal for me since it took about 5 times of trial to get the desired result for my project. Not only that, after getting the result, you need to go through ‘torturing’ presentation. Its not that bad. Just make sure you’re prepared.


And as promise, for the result, …


I think its quite okaylah, kan? Hahaha. Like seriously, I don’t even care about my grades anymore as long as my project and the thesis are completed. That’s all! I’ve done my best and alhamdulillah, I graduated in the first class degree. 3.50 is really atas pagar, you know. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah again.

It is such a relief to see the word ‘COMPLETE’ there. Road to graduation.

Degree life’s chapter done. ❤