Skincare Routine

Assalamualaikum and hey ladies!

This post is specially written for you ladies but for the guys, there’s no harm to read it, okay? Hehe. I’ve been waiting to write this since some people asked me how do I take care of my skin, what products do I use and stuff. Those questions will be answered here.

I don’t really invest so much money on very high quality products which are of course quite expensive due to my inconvenience to go to the luxurious places, also the money. Hmmm. Money play a huge role, guys. So I decided to do some try and error on the products available in the drugstores or any places which I can get them easily and the prices are more affordable.


Surprisingly-orange themed, I introduced to you my everyday skincare regime! Wuhuuu. Lets take a look one by one shall we?


Nourain skincare, the local (Malaysia) products has become my forever favourite since I started to use it last year. For the cleanser, Nourain came out with an orange-coloured soap known as Beauty Soap.


The packaging is super simple which in a small square box with all descriptions written all over it. What I love about the packaging is that it has a small well on it that allow us to see what the soap looks like.




Besides the box, there also another plastic container specially design for the soap. Just look at the orange thing. I love the design and the orange scent of it. Hehehe. I always cut the soap into pieces and used it one by one.




  • This beauty soap is super effective for all skin types especially oily skin like me. The effect takes place for about 3 days after used it then you can feel the difference.
  • My skin gets better after I used it like become more soft and supple.
  • The ingredients are amazing! Most of it are natural and no chemicals. Love it.
  • The oil control is kinda great and I think that my skin become less oily than before.
  • About more than a week, you can see the scars or any dark spots are started to disappeared.
  • My big problem which is the whiteheads and blackheads are like 80% gone!
  • The foam is so smooth and soft when you used it.


  • The texture of the soap is too soft. I guess because the natural ingredients.
  • You might wanna keep it in a very dry place or else the soap will become ‘soupy’ and can be easily drained out from the container. No worries. What I always do is keep the soap in a full-covered container. Even though the soap will turned into orange liquid, you still can used it like normal.


MYR16 and would definitely repurchased it!


Scrubbing is my favourite part of skincare routine. It feels like the reborn of your skin without any impurities, oil, dirt and all that disgusting stuff that don’t belong on your face. For me, it is very crucial. I put so much effort when it comes to choose face scrub, Previously, I’ve been using the facial scrub from Safi Balqis White Trilogy for oily skin. Unfortunately, the product was not looks like a scrub. The texture is more like a normal facial cleanser with very subtle beads that can be easily smudges together with the creamy part. I don’t like that. I want a functional scrub with long-lasting granules in it. So I decided to buy St. Ives Apricot Scrub specifically for blemish control and pores minimizing.


One tube contains 170g of products which is quite a lot. The size also satisfying. Not too big or small. Came in a normal squeezed-tube form container which is the same as other brands. I love it.






This is what I’m bragging about. Can you see the beads? They stay even after I scrub and smudge over and over again but they still there. This is what we call a real scrub. It does a really great job in exfoliating my skin ❤

I’ve decided to get this St. Ives Apricot Scrub after I watched Maria Elena’s video HERE on what products she used in her skincare routine. She said that she used this scrub EVERYDAY. Wow. This is exciting. All I know that we can only scrubs like 2-3 times per week but she said this is a mild scrub and can be used for every single day. This is a bonus! Now I can get newly fresh skin like all the time. Hehe. But what I do is I scrub alternately and not everyday.


  • The overstay granules or beads function so well in assisting me to get rid off any dirt and excess oil on my face.
  • A very little amount of it is enough for your entire face.
  • My skin feels fresh and super soft after used it every time.
  • Reasonable price and easily available in almost every drugstores.
  • I love the fact that this scrub is 100% natural exfoliants and oil-free.


  • The apricot scent is a little bit strong for me even after you already washed and dried your face.


MYR19.90. Its probably on sale the time I bought it and I think the normal price is MYR20 something. Would repurchased as long as I don’t find any better facial scrub. Hehe.


I don’t really concern in choosing facial toner as long as they are alcohol-free. For me, all toners are all alike.The functions is the same. So since I’ve been using Nourain for quite some time, I decided to try theirs.



I really love the packaging. It seems that they really put much thoughts and efforts designing this kind of container for a facial toner. It came in a really sturdy plastic bottle with cap and it is a spray-form of container. It looks like a pump but it is actually a spray pump.



I’ve used this toner for quite a long time so I already throw out the packaging box. Hehe. But here some details about the product.

  • membantu menghilangkan bintik hitam
  • menyegarkan dan menghaluskan kuit wajah
  • dirumus untuk menutup kembali liang pori dan mendinginkan kulit wajah
  • membersihkan kulit wajah dan ianya dapat meresap jauh ke dalam epidermis kulit, menutupkan kembali pori-pori kulit
  • mengembalikan kelembapan kulit wajah.


  • R.O Water
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Algae Extract
  • Cucumber
  • Aloe Extract


  • The packaging is super convenience. You just have to spray the toner on your face without the need to drain it out onto a cotton pad.
  • The toner is purplish-pink in colour and it smells amazing.


  • I don’t really sure if it is effective in removing makeup or dirt on my face.
  • There’s no positive effect yet for my large pores.


MYR30. Repurchased? Maybe not. The price is pretty expensive for a toner.


Nourain skincare does have a day cream but it more like a UV+Foundation cream. With my skin condition which is oily and has large pores, I don’t think foundation form of day cream would worked for me so I don’t buy it. I’ve tried once but yeah, my skin become more greasy and who wants that? So I decided to try a moisturizer that specifically formulated for oily skin. I’m glad that I find this affordable thing. It is quite hard to find the most suitable moisturizer for oily skin not to mention water-based. Some people might think that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer but I think I do.


This is an oil-control face lotion moisturizer from Safi Balqis White Trilogy. This face lotion is incredible. I love the cylinder-shaped packaging which seems pretty handy.



Another pump! Yeah. I love it. No need to get your hand in mess putting it inside a bulb container of moisturizer like others in the market. Just pump it onto your finger and directly apply it on your face.


Made for oily skin, the water-based oil & acne control moisturisng lotion SPF15 – SAFI BALQIS White Trilogy purveys extra moisture to the skin while controlling the skin from the threats of excessive oil production and acne problems. Enriched with the goodness Vitamin C and B3, it helps protecting and rejuvenating the skin cells from deep within while imparting perfectly bright skin without any harm.

  • Opens up pores
  • Cleanses from within
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Lightens skin
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Retains moisture
  • Softens skin
  • Smoothens skin
  • Skin appears flawless





It is like other moisturizer, white and creamy texture. Easily absorb into the skin and yeah one points for that!



  • Absorbed easily leaving the skin softer than before.
  • I used it as makeup base and it is great.
  • It is water-based so it suits my skin type perfectly.
  • The oil control is quite okay la.
  • It has SPF15 for UV protection.
  • My skin become more smooth, fair and radiant.


  • Sometimes it feels a lil bit greasy after a few hours but still under control. Hehe.


Less than MYR20. I really can’t remember the exact price. Repurchased? Absolutely!


I save the best for the last. Again, Nourain really had caught my intention. Before this, I just cleanse my face before go to bed without night cream or any other products but when I used this for the first time, my skin gets better and better!


The packaging is super simple with a box and a small bulb plastic container full of 10g of night cream. Opening up the cute container, there is a white plastic cover protecting the cream from spilled and smudge around the cap. Keep it sanitized!









The wax-like cream texture is actually like petroleum jelly. It looks greasy but believe me, it is not.


  • The best night cream I’ve ever used!
  • My skin become so soft in the morning and if I have any breakouts, this cream will take care of it.
  • NOT OILY AT ALL. It looks oily but its actually not.
  • Small amount able to cover the entire face.
  • I think this cream is the one that helped my skin a lot.
  • Can be used like 2-3 months per container.
  • The blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, scars are gone.


  • For me the price is pretty steep but I guess its worth the functions.
  • Only can be easily applied if your skin is moist and not dry.


MYR40 for 10g. I don’t really sure the price for the 5g. Definitely repurchased!

Phewww. Such a long post. So now you know the products I’ve been currently used and all of them are amazing. Who says cheaper brands are not so good?

Finally, I managed to finish this and hope it helps. I bought online for the Nourain skincare and the others from the drugstores such as Watsons and Guardian.

Thanks for reading ❤

Safi Facial Moisturizer with Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda Review

DISCLAIMER : I truly apologized for this non-pictures post. I accidentally deleted all related pictures with this entry but still you can enjoy reading my honest review. Hope this helps. Thanks ❤

Assalamualaikum and hey 🙂

It is been so long since I’ve done any product review and yeah, you can put the blame on the exams. Haha. Okay lets get started!

When I’ve decided to go with the 3 steps of skin’s daily routine (cleanse, toner, moisturize), it has been quite a problem for me because I have combination/oily skin. Its annoyed me when I cannot find the right moisturizer that really suits my skin yet affordable for a student like me. Until today, I would never go anywhere without my Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets.

Safi which is a local brand skincare and cosmetics is always really understandable and concerned about our Asian skins. The price, oh let me tell you, it is so cheap and reasonable. Introducing to you the brand new Safi facial moisturizer!

A facial moisturizer with the combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda! I always getting psyched when I see or heard about any products especially the skin regime with aloe vera as the main content. Natural is the best, isn’t it? For your information, Safi had launch an aloe vera moisturizer before. Again, it is amazing! but unfortunately it didn’t absorbed well on my skin plus it gets very oily within a short period.


I am so sorry for the blur image but you can read the descriptions I wrote below :

Diformulasikan dengan gabungan semulajadi Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya dan Habbatus Sauda untuk mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit dengan lebih berkesan. Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya membekalkan vitamin dan mineral manakala Habbatus Sauda mengandungi nutrien dan bahan antibakteria semulajadi. Hasilnya, kulit lebih sihat, lembut dan berseri. Sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit.

  • Menghalus dan menyegarkan kulit
  • Mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit
  • Melindungi kulit dengan nutrien dan bahan antibakteria

Safi Facial Moisturizer is formulated with the natural combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda to restore skin’s natural moisture more effectively. Aloe Vera Extract provides essential vitamins and minerals while Habbatus Sauda contains nutrients and anti-bacterial properties. Skin is healthier, softer and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

That is why I’m so excited when I see this moisturizer equipped with Habbatus Sauda. What is it? It is one kind of the herbs which has so many benefits to or body. Well, it is pretty awesome when herbs have been used in beauty products, kan?


I always falling for the cute, pretty and rare packaging when it comes to beauty products. Is it just me who is gullible or I’ve had fall into one of the marketing strategies? Hahaha. The very bright green plastic container already caught my attention on the first place. Yes, it is made of plastic which is a checked for a non-fragile product. I love it! As you know that before this the packaging was also made of plastics but it is a hard plastic which is can easily break. This? Non-breakable, super thin and light plastic 80g container. One more thing, it has a white plastic cover to protect the product itself from any impurities thus make it more hygienic.


As usual, the texture is creamy and more to paste-like cream. Compared to the old moisturizer, I think I love the paste-like texture even more. Why? Because it absorbs on my skin very fast without any oily essence leftover on my face. My skin feels soft right away and this is serious! I’m not lying. Hahaha.


From my observation, it lasts longer than any moisturizer I’ve used before. My skin feels less oily than before but I still need to bring my oil-absorbing sheets to keep my face clean as it gets oily when I apply my foundation after the moisturizer. It might be great for 2-4 hours of usage if you have an oily skin like me 🙂


The smell is the same like the other Safi moisturizers which is too fragrant and quite strong for me. It is like that I’m wearing a perfume or cologne on my face. Hahaha. More natural scent is a lot better for this cream or maybe, no smell at all. That is more likely. Hehe. The oil control is not as good as I thought. It might worked better on dry skin. Repurchased? Ermm. Nope.


I bought it at Giant mall for just RM 6.53, I guess. I don’t really remember but then I saw at Guardian for RM 7.00+. You also can buy it at any drugstore, Watsons etc.

I think this  moisturizer is newly launched as I don’t see it on Safi’s official website or any reviews on the internet. Is it me the first one who wrote this? Wow. I’m glad if it is true. Hehehe. Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading. ❤