Happy Birthday, Z!

I can’t believe that I forgot to blog this. Its been like a week since Z’s birthday on 31st July last week. Hahaha. BUT don’t judge. I already posted it on Instagram.


This was the only thing that I could do for him (cash problem, guys. HAHA). A simple birthday treat at Mr Steakhouse Shah Alam, our favourite places during our meat cravings strikes. Reasonable yet affordable prices with tonnes of food selections! The one he’s eating in this photo is Chicken Merryland and we’re actually don’t know what the hell is it. A chicken playing merry goes around? Turned out its just a normal special fried chicken meat with veggies and liquidy tomato sauce. It was pretty tasty tho.

The only thing that I couldn’t believe is that we’re being together for like 5 years. Without him, my life would changed 360¬į like seriously. There were too many ‘first time’ things that he helped me to experience and if I could make the book of firsts, I would. Haha. Our lives are too different that he literally took me inside his world to blend in. Fyi, I have social anxiety like 24/7 non-stop and he helps me to go through with it. I’m such a freak but he can handle it.

Thanks for taking me to play my very first bowling game.

Thanks for taking me to enjoy my very first steamboat food.

Thanks for taking me to places I’ve never been.

Thanks for sending me to class everyday.

Thanks for sending me food at night when I get crazy.

Thanks for my very first takoyaki treat.

Thanks for helping me buying makeups.

Thanks for helping me with my driving license.

Thanks for hold on to me when the time of the month. HAHA.

There’s too many to mention. TMTM. All the good deeds that I would never ever forget and I’m hoping that we can proceed to the next step when you finished your study. I’m waitin’ for you. Hehe.

Happy 23rd Birthday to the curry of my rice, the sugar of my donuts, the gravy of my potatoes and that’s all I can think of. What’s with the food memes? Bcs I love you as much as I love food ūüėā

Hoping that you like this birthday treat.

Happy birthday, my love ‚̧

Beach Short Getaway

I think I need to keep this blog updated frequently isn’t it? From now on, I’ll be posting daily instead of writing about interesting things ONLY. Haha. Time flies so fast. Need to catch ’em up!

So a week ago, me and Z went to Melaka just to take a space out from the city. Since we’re never took a vacation together so we thought why not? Melaka is not so far from here so we ‘gambled’ and everything was unplanned. Just packed out our things on the night before and the next day, we’re good to go! Some things is much more simpler if we left it unplanned. There you go. Quote of the day. HAHA.

Fyi, we already went to Melaka in the diploma days but its like 3 years ago and I must say, during that time, we’re just like a bunch of teenagers who doesn’t appreciated enough the moments of travel. And now that we’re 23, after all the degree’s torturing, we really need this. The one and only thing that we missed is the beach.

The well-known Pantai Klebang.


Although it seems that the ocean doesn’t looks like Maldives (the only universal comparison I can think of. HAHA), but the scenery was great. The first step-to-sand touchdown was the greatest feeling. I can sucked the nature spirit under my feet! Exaggerate! Haha. Another thing that is interesting is that on the opposite of the beach, across the road is the line up of food stalls and the bustel which is a hotel-bus hybrid. Haha. Pretty awesome, right? They also even have a bustoilet that looks like a home toilet. OMG. Just give them a medal please for the convenience.



Just look like the sand. Never had a thought that it will ruined my skirt. Hahaha.


Turns out my silly grin looks great (I never had a teethy-smile photo, guys)

We’re really enjoying our moments here. Couldn’t imagine that we had this one time here a few years back and it was a haze. Just because we didn’t have other time to lounger at the beach, we decided to ‘wear’ an invisible mask just to pretend that the air was not polluted. Haha. Good ‘ol days.

The next day, we went to our favourite barber shop by Auntie Molly. Had a haircut at only RM12, guys. Tell me where I can find this price in Shah Alam? Its a rhetorical question and the answer is no. Hahaha. Again for the unexpected day, we decided to go to Port Dickson just to look around. I went there a few times before but never had a chance to walk around the beach so the time has come.


I don’t know why I bought that red hat (maybe I can’t stand the idea that the colour matches my clothes theme?) Hahaha. It was pretty hot tho so the purchase was worth it. Here in Port Dickson beach, its a lil bit crowded. Looks like this place never give up to attract tourists and travelers. One thing that I love is that the ocean is literally blue and looks clean! I cannot resist myself to went into the water and don’t care if my pants is wet. Hahaha.


We were really had a great time. Although we’re not buying anything like literally nothing (forgot the hat), this put me in a situation that just go travel if you want although if you’re low in cash because the moments is treasure. Fyi, we were just spent for the gas and food. That’s all. Hahaha.

Thanks for dropping by ‚̧

What My Parents Had Taught Me ?

Assalamualaikum and hey!


Just a leisure post from me because well, I have another 3 days before my break is over *cry. Hahaha. As you can see, I don’t talk much about my parents or even my family in my blog but today, I will.

I am not a lovey-dovey and gooey person when it comes to exposing love to everyone I love. Keeping it just between me and that people is more comforting and safe. Well, that is just me. Hehe.

Now, I’m gonna write an appreciation post to my beloved parents, who had raised me in a pool of love, respects, dignity and all the best adjectives combined. I am a 22 years old teenager (or is it a woman already?), and I am starting to feel that in this age, I become more mature than before. In this context I mean that no more crazy stuffs going on like breaking the rules, being a trouble maker and all that. Nope. There is no more time for that but still I can do that like a part time job. Haha. Just like my lecturer said, between the ages of 18 to 21, that is the stage where you become nuts. I think yeah, his right. I do had done a few crazy things between that age range.

My parents had taught me a lot when I was a little kid and all these things make me who I am now. I must say child education is not easy and the parents must find a few alternatives to apply them to their children. Ah, cut the crap. Lets move on what I’ve learn from my parents!

1) Aurah

It is a must and compulsory to us Muslims to be covered with hijab and proper clothes. My mom had taught me how to wear hijab since I was 7, when I started my primary school. It is really doesn’t matter when¬†my¬†hijab was not properly wore during that time like nobody cares about 7 years old’s hijab awning. Just wear it unironed, in the wrong angle or whatever but still you can sugar-coat it with your cute face. Well, yeah. I’m 7 and I can wear any style I want. HAHA. Since then, aurah has become a big deal in my life and I’m taking it seriously until now. If I’m gonna wear hijab, I’ll make sure it is not a see-through material and of course, style it by covering your chest area. Same with clothes. I’m choosing a loose top and a jean. ūüôā

2) Money management

When I see a blouse or a hijab with RM30 in price, I will label them as dearly stuffs. Yes, I know some people might think that RM30 is just a piece of cake but my parents taught me that I have to focus the¬†money to the things I need and not to things I want. Although right now I always go shopping buying hijabs and clothes (girls,huh?) but still I have my price limit. Over shopping with high-price things of course can broke me that I’m not working yet. I always spend my money on food and yes, it is better and feels right. Haha.

3) Give and take

My mom always feel that she owes anybody who ever help her, my dad, or any of her family members. With that, she will give something as a gift to pay them back so she wouldn’t feel indebted. Hahaha. I guess that is cute and cool at the same time. Like this one time, she insisted to give chocolate cake she made to Z because he had help me a lot. Well, yes I’m laughing but turn out that trait is inherited to me. Looking at my mom doing that just like a practice for me to appreciate those people who had help me. Until now, I still have that instinct to pay with something so that they know that I really treasure on what they have done for me. Thanks for the genes, mom.

4) Do it yourself!

It is not a DIY but it kinda yes. Haha. My dad or may I call a very professional art teacher always told me to do everything by yourself before you’re asking somebody to help. That is what happened during my childhood when I am a girl who loves to draw so much and when I asked him to draw it for me, he says no. Not that he did not want to help me but he want me to try it first all by myself. Now, I learned that lesson growing up and I’m used to it. I rather do my assignments all by myself because I can write anything I want. Not that I’m boycotting group assignments or discussion but yeah, I love to study alone. Yet still, study group always in my options. ūüôā

5) Education is important

When I was a kid, academic has been a part of my life. Yes, that’s it. My parents are both teachers and education is the most important thing in their career. All of that has been applied to me and my siblings but before you think any further, it is not like we’re all under their thumbs to get good grades. There is still a barrier to that. They never pushed us to get the best results yet they always give supports although we get bad results. Yeah, sometimes they get mad but with that, they teach us to take education as an important role in our life and that is why I’m studying hard because I want to get good results! It satisfied me when I do. Hehe.

That’s it. 5 things that I can think of on what my parents had taught me growing up. Until today, I followed all 5 and that makes me a better person. A better Alia I’ll say. Hehe. Till then.

Thanks for reading ūüôā

Short list of boyfriend material

Assalamualaikum and very good evening !

Thanks a lot for those who Liked my previous post. Actually, that was my very first flat lay photo (because I just bought that red-exotic-leather tote bag recently).

Today, I want to share some knowledge or may I called it as a part of life experiences which also based on my observations. Experience is the best teacher isn’t it? I admit that.¬†Girls, I hope this might help you a little in your relationship and boys, please take note.

I’m being neutral here and this post is not sexist. Hahaha. I’m being neither the X chromosome team nor the Y chromosome. So girls, how to find¬†your truely prince charming? You might not want to get the false alarm or anything. You really want to know either the guy you’ve been dating is the perfect one or not? You do not want to regret at the end of your relationship?


Here some tips that could help.

1) Always have time for you

Attention is like¬†drugs¬†to women. They always chased, needed and addicted to it. Without attention, it is the end of the world. That is all I can say. Hahaha. When your guy can put unimportant things aside just to be with you, you’re lucky. To be more persuasive, although they’re having some important things to do, they still¬†have time¬†respond to your texts and calls. Yeah. Girls REALLY don’t like to be ignored. For us women, ignorance is hell.

2) Being a gentleman

There is no¬†women¬†in this world who never falling for a chivalrous, gallant, courteous and gentle man.¬†We women not asking you guys to be extremely romantic and all that but we love a man who is behaved and know where to put his ego in the right place. Don’t use your egoistic-selfish minded as a weapon but used it as an assistant to your relationship. A very good and mature lady would not judge if you do that, boys. There always time to improve yourself to be better and girls, don’t take it so hard. The boys are really trying to do the best to make you happy. Please, appreciate those efforts, okay?

3) Futuristic

Not to say to find a man like a robot (or Baymax,maybe), but it is all about your future. A guy who taking your future seriously might be the one. The one who is gonna be your perfect soul mate. If he’s ever talking about what type is your home gonna be after you both get married, how many kids you gonna have, what design of kitchen would you like and all that futuristic questions, he is your ideal spouse. It is a sign that shows he is very serious with your relationship and has the courage to take your relationship to the next step.

4) Thoughtful, supportive and loving

When girls being emotional, what they really need is a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and some love. That’s all. A guy with this criteria is one of the best that you can know so don’t ruined anything. This kinda guy would always being by your side and willing to take any risks to help you when needed and by that, I don’t put this on the guys based on their physicals. Sometimes a tough guy with six packs and the women-magnet biceps can be a real jerk than other ordinary guys. So, watch out !

5) Girls talk

I save the last for the best. Isn’t it great when your guy can lend his ear when you talk about makeups, hijabs, clothes, high heels, plush toys and all the pinky stuffs you have? This is the best ! Its get even better when you can ask for his opinion about which one you should buy. Wow. Boys, if you’re in this category, you’re already hit a woman jackpot and you’re in the dreamy list. Hahaha.

That is all that I can think of and this is just my opinion. I hope it might help some of you to find a better soul mate. Thanks for reading ūüôā

Have a nice day.

How to read women like a book ?

Assalamualaikum and Happy Monday ūüôā

Look at the title. I think this is the boldest entry that I ever wrote. Its just like I’m writing a manual for men who want to comprehend¬†women zealously. Before I go further, I would like to emphasize that this is just my opinion because I am a woman and of course I know what women think and feel. Assume this as one of your references okay? Let me guide you.

Ladies are the most confusing creature in the world. Why? Because they are complicated both physically and mentally.

Looking at the biological aspects, they do have intricate body parts. For example, the uterus which leads to the menses every month when they hit puberty and I must say it is torturing. The PMS, the period cramps, the moods became ON and OFF like every time, the aches on several body parts and all that are really giving women hard times so please, can you understand us?

When the hormones are all mixing up creating a chaos inside the body, this is why women will show all sorts of feelings when you do something wrong even it is the smallest matter. They can be crazy psychotic monster if you don’t handled them with extra care. Here some tips from me.

What you have to do is,

  • Be patient with her caprices although she said or do stupid things.
  • Brings any snacks –¬†she¬†feels hungry like all the time and eat a lot especially something sweet.
  • Always said yes and agreed with everything she said.
  • Never ever be mad of her because she will be super sensitive unless you can handle her cries 24/7 ūüėõ
  • Said things that will comfort her and make her calm.
  • Make sure she get enough rest and for the best, sleep.
  • Give gentle massages on her back and waist.
  • Ignore her? Don’t you dare. During their period,¬†she¬†needs you at¬†most and don’t leave her alone.
  • Never offend her.
  • Be romantic as much as possible – the girls are very emotional during¬†her period.
  • Always keep in mind¬†that if she said something stupid or illogical, don’t trust her. Its not her but it is¬†the hormones talking!

These are some information that I may pointed out when your girl are having their monthlies. You men MUST understand this because this is very important if you want to have a delightful relationship. They are so fragile but don’t worry.¬†She¬†will be back to normal after the menses ended. You just have to be extremely patient¬†only¬†for a few days. It doesn’t that hard right? ūüôā

Despite the suffocating time of the month, women also came up with a ravishing package. The beautiful bodies, the pretty smile and the most important is their heart. The ladies assembles so much love inside them and wait for the right time to burst. They have these awesome attitude build up inside of them. Caring, softhearted and loving and because of that you may want to look for the details when something wrong happened. You need to collect enough information about woman and studying it. Yeah, its sounds like a lot of work but do you have any choice if you want a woman in your life?

1) Double Meaning

In majority counts, most women are secretive. I admit that some of them are very direct and straightforward but they still have secrets even¬†the tiniest¬†one. What¬†is¬†she¬†saying in front of you are 90% not coming from¬†her¬†heart. This is so true. Women always assuming the men to understand them on his own. Its like you’re playing riddles without any hints or clues. If you do it wrong, you’re screwed. Women are always like that and nothing will never ever change that. That makes a woman, a woman.

I’m giving you an example of situation here.

A man¬†and his wife are having dinner together at a¬†restaurant. The¬†wife ordered a bowl of mushroom soup with a few slices of garlic bread because she doesn’t have the appetite to eat something heavy while her husband eat one full plate of Carbonara spaghetti with a few meatballs. While the husband enjoying his appetizing meal, the wife just observing him.

Wife : Is the spaghetti¬†really that yummy? I’m sure its pretty tasty. Its quite¬†a long time since we’re having the Western’s for dinner right? ūüôā

Now I’m questioning you. What does she even mean? For a man who lack of experiences with woman is totally never gets it and definitely will answer like this.

Husband : Yeah. Its very good. I never thought this place serves a very delicious spaghetti ! We should come again later.

It sounds right but nope. You’re doing it wrong. Why? Two words : DOUBLE MEANING. Hiding feelings are really a¬†woman’s games. They don’t expressing what they feel directly on your face but they want you to make the move to understand them. More like telepathically maybe.

What the wife really meant is

That spaghetti looks very delicious. I want to taste it ! I’m hoping he would give me some.¬†What don’t I asked him a few questions?

Andddd there she goes. Asking the questions and hoping that her husband would give her a chance to taste it. See? Analyzing the questions came out from her mouth and her thoughts are extremely different. That’s woman. So what you have to do when she asked you the questions is

Husband : Its really good. Here. Have some. If you want we can order another one for you at home. ūüôā

Yeahhh. That should be it. Are you one of these kinda guy? If its true, you hit the woman jackpot!

2) Own language

I’m just gonna upload a picture and boys, you have to prepare your tools and lets do some revision !

1BeFunky_WOMEN'S LANGUAGE 20-language

3) Attention

Woman really loves attention and really hates to be ignored or otherwise she’ll be the one who ignoring you if you turn a blind eye to her. If she started to not paying attention to you, BEWARE. There must be some problems that she want to settle with you. For example, if you’re pay no heed to her texts or calls, she can get really angry either in her words or the most serious is the silence.

4) Right-Now People

Besides hiding on what she really feels, the truth is she want to settle all the problems with you right away. Woman doesn’t like to delay any problems until you figure it out the solutions. Please take note. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVE FIRST. I know you man has quite high level of self-esteem¬†but you may want to take things slow. You know, with gentle. Woman will respect you more if you lower your ego a little bit. It would not crack your¬†nomination in her¬†Top 5 list as The Most Like Spouse. I am pretty sure about that. Why? Because I’m a woman. So, what are you waiting for? Find the settlements in your problems with her!

5) Give her time

When your girl getting mad because of you, just give her some space and time for her to cool off. Kinda of a silence treatment. She’ll be okay after that. How long you have to wait? It depends on her when she want to forgive you BUT I have to remind you something. During that period, you should not leave the situation in total silence but you must show your effort to coax her. Send her a few apologizing messages in a beautiful and sincere way. Call her and if she doesn’t answer, don’t stop persuades her in other way. Your coaxing level will determine how much you care about her and she’ll be seeing that although she is sad.

6) Little things

Girls never stop appreciating all things even it is the smallest matter. Your Good Morning text everyday is never gets old. For her, it is the best start for her and it might brighten her for the whole day! See? Simple is the best. There are many other things that you can do to attract a woman’s heart. Call her everyday just to say I Love You to her. Just a few seconds but its totally worth it. It may decreases the percentages of your conflicts, problems or any misunderstanding. Also, you can do surprises. Woman loves everything that can make her feel overwhelmed. Who says it is hard to win a woman’s heart?

Girls do have some quirky characters that appear to be very confusing to¬†the men. I agree that it is very difficult to understand them. What they say are exactly in the opposite. You must accept the fact that woman only do things like this if she likes you. Its true. You see that if a woman doesn’t like you, she’ll just ignored you or maybe saying harsh words if she is a bad-tempered person. For some girls, they just stay in silence and don’t shows any responds towards you.

Women ask and say all these things because they:

  • Want to be loved and appreciated
  • Want you to care enough to know what they want without them having to tell you.
  • Offer subtle criticism that you gotta figure out on your own.

Besides of their peculiar personality, women do have lots of wonderful demeanor. They full with so much love and you can see that in a mother.

I hope this guide can help men around the world know what a woman really means by what she says. I guess these are the only things that I have in mind. Feel free to give your opinion, ideas or any other information. Thank you for reading ūüôā



Another Surprising Surprised


Alhamdulillah. Today is the third day of Ramadan. Although I’m just staying at home doing nothing but still I keep wondering how time flies so fast. As the twinkling of an eye, now it is already the third day. 27 days more to go! At¬†the same time, I am so glad that I have the chance to go throughout Ramadan at home for this year. Yeah. It such once in a life time opportunity as before this, I’ve been spending my Ramadan at the boarding school for 5 years and then at the university for 3 years. And now, its such a relief when I can enjoy my mom’s cooking during this blessed month. Wonderful isn’t it? So I better fully enjoying this very quality time before pursuing my degree soon.

I guess you have read my Surprising Surprised post before because I’m going to write another one. Well, my boy has been working for almost 2 months already. He really not enjoying his job as one of the worker at Management Information Systems in a not-so-big kiosk for groceries and goods. I actually don’t get it what he’s been doing (accounts are really not my thing) but for what I know, he is incharge for the invoices, calculating the numbers and key-in the informations into the computer’s system.


He sent me this picture on Whatsapp and when I saw it, my heart says,

Working with a computer with the air conditioner? It must be very sleepy and quite pleasant with the cool air surrounding you. BUT I love working with computers!

I really don’t get it am I? The problem is I never being an expert in maths and I never love them like ever. Numbers are not my games. They quite annoying for a memorizing lover like me. Yup, that’s right. I love to memorize facts and others. Its being my specialty when I can remember any people’s faces that I have seen before, also their full names, birthdays and their phone numbers! I’m quite dangerous kan? Hahaha. So beware ūüėõ

I’m such a babbler and always keep telling you guys about irrelevant things from my title. Huhu. I’m so sorry. I just can buy it if my post will be too short to be read. See what I’m doing here? I’m telling more than one stories in one post. Just like a 3 in 1 package. Yeah, right. Blablabla. So, back to my point here, I just want to share you guys about another surprise that¬†was¬†given by my boy (of course). He just love buying me things even I keep stopping him from doing it. It might be inconvenient for him and I don’t want that. BUT he¬†resist to stop.

New square scarf with the red roses details and emerald green background. I’ve been craving for this design long time ago and now I own one. Thanks love ‚̧ Bought from the Instagram : @theprettypinkbox. Very lovely and affordable. The material? Chiffon crepe. It is super soft and see through material. Mine is quite dark in colour so I can choose to wear an inner neck or not. The best thing is you don’t have to iron them because it doesn’t crumple easily. Also you can styled it as a shawl. Must-have item !

That is my surprise’s story. I hope you enjoy reading it and may Allah give you strength to perform your fast perfectly. Till then. ūüôā


Surprising Surprise


I would like to continue my pending entry which I supposed to write like 2 days ago. Its been raining so heavily recently also with the lightning strikes which is very-so-much sensitive to the WiFi wiring and today I’m back. Haha.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been under pressure when my one and only earphone was ruined. I mean like extremely ruined. Forgive me if my words just now brings your thought like my earphone had just going through a massacre or something. ūüėõ (but I do felt like that way). So I just confide that to my special friend who is a boy about this problem. Maybe you wondering why I’ve been so stressful just because of an earphone (I mean like, come on. Its just an electronic device. Not missing a life here).

But I do feel like missing one. You know that my daily routine is stuck like every hour in front of the laptop or pc and surfing the internet, playing online games and the most important is watching movies. One more thing, I just loved scrolling the news feed on Instagram and seeing pictures of any apparels, cosmetics and others. Plus, I need to check out my farm in Hay Day like everyday thus there will be no unharvested crops. Its my new obsession *sigh*

So, I’m using a notebook which is quite small compared to the laptop. Without an earphone, headphone or a speaker, the sound would be like a whispering sounds¬†(although they were screaming in a high pitch). I have turned to the maximum volume and I’m using VLC where the sound is louder than other players but still I can’t get what is going on in the movies. Yeah, its like the old geezers just having a coffee time together. Sound hard?

So, my special friend decided to treat me the new one. I know I can count on him to look for this kinda stuffs. Well, I just too easy to be influenced by any sellers (please don’t take advantage on me). Then, he just find the right one. The price is quite reasonable and of course affordable which sounds like highly-quality stuff. Before that, I asked¬†him that isn’t it is quite pricey for him and he¬†don’t need to buy me stuffs all the time and then he said ; your problem is mine too and I would love to help. On-the-spot-melting ‚̧

The next day, I got this.


As I know the parcel will be received on that day but still I assumed this as a surprising surprised from him. I know it looks like very old-school or classic earphone just like in the 90’s (the walkman era) but this is the only type I comfort with. You know how the latest version looks like, kan? With the rubber on the outside and you need to insert¬†them perfectly inside your ear. I mean like, the rubber part need to be inside your ear hole and near to the ear drum. Puhlease. That is not my type. I just love the old one. Just stays before the hole but already gives a good effect for the sounds. The vintage rules !

I guess I’m the only person who loves this kind of earphone nowadays. Well, I’m the 90’s kid and I know everything had changed but not my ears comfortness. I’m so excited with this. The sounds are pretty¬†good and it also come from the¬†trusted brand ; Sony.

For those who wanna buy any electronic devices or gadgets, take a look at http://www.lelong.com.my and the price for this earphone is RM35. More stuffs to look at in this website ; MP3, power bank etc . ¬†Here is the link for this earphone — click HERE¬†.¬†Check it out, guys. ūüôā

Thanks, love ‚̧