What happened in the past 8 months ?

Assalamualaikum guys 😊


First of all, I’m glad that I’m writing again. I really missed this. I need to do this more often to get to you guys.

I’ve experienced lots of things right after my graduation (which is my previous recent post). I believe that 2017 is the most toughest yet fun year for me. For those who keep asking what I’m doing after getting my degree, I get a job and it was not a science-lab-related.

Although I’m a science-graduate BUT I know what I want for myself and where’s my passion would lead me to. Seriously, it is so f hard to find a job that gives you perfect life balance between work and personal life. I challenged myself to work as a Sales Executive just to gain experience since I never had one.

Like seriously, I don’t have any plan for myself in the future and let the universe decides for me. I let people jeopardised my life with tonnes of work and I realized that I need to take action. To sum everything up, work in sales department was quite stressful BUT I found something. I can see why I was put in this kind of situation until BAWALISME is born.

I’m glad I did this. This is what I’ve been working on for the past 3 months after my ‘mourning’ period for stressing out. I CHOOSE TO SELF-EMPLOYED ❤️

The G-Day

Finally, guys. Finally 😊


Who would’ve thought an introverted duduk bawah tempurung 24-years old lady (sprinkled with some childishness) finally managed to get her degree in Molecular Biology. More to be proud of, first class degree. ALHAMDULILLAH ❤️

No need for random rambling about how hard I struggled to finish my studies blablabla all that jibber jabber. Dah cliche, bro. Hahaha 😛

I just want to say, degree’s life really changes me for who am I today. A survivor, independent and now I’m actually socializing with people omg (I’m really a sucker of silence).

The real deal is when I bought the outfit for the special day with my very own money. Serius bangga weh. Yeah, I have a job now which I will tell about it later. I am so in love with this amazing jubah which is actually a collaboration from Bella Ammara and Leeyana Rahman ❤️

You would never go wrong with royal blue. The best thing is that it is exclusively designed with the world map on it. Fancy. Can you tell me where I could find a jubah like this on earth?? Already caught my heart for the first time I saw it on Instagram. Oh btw the name is Hermia Jubah ❤️

Thanks Z for ponteng kelas and came to my special day. Hahaha. Don’t put the blame on me. He’s the one who want to do that on purpose 😛 But yeah I’m the one who told him to wear blue as well. There’s actually tonnes of photos with my family but they’re in my dad’s camera and not in my phone. Sheesh. 

The only thing that I was frustated about is the graduation-hat thingy was TOO SMALL FOR MY BIG HEAD OMG. It’s a real struggle, guys. I need to put a few needles to make sure I didn’t drop it on the stage or else I will remember it for the rest of my life 😂

I just really need a grassy-background photo for my Instagram. HAHAHAHA. 

There you go. It’s the end of an era. I’ve decided to not to continue my studies because I’m not really interested anymore. Hahaha. Dah 19 tahun belajar and I’m actually exhausted (or maybe traumatized lol). I need to focus on my future and the basics knowledge of life (cooking, sewing, driving, have own income, marriage etc etc). 

Alhamdulillah. Another ‘piece of paper’ slipped into my folder of everything. ❤️

Top-picked Lipstick

I owned quite a number of lipsticks since I’ve been exposed to this ‘lady’ world. It was quite a journey when it started with the current trend lip tint kinda stuff at that time. Hahaha. Old days. I have dry and chapped lips so most of my lip products are moisturizing, glossy and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a lip balm everywhere I go. But the fact that I hate sticky-shiny lips makes me eager to find the best one for my daily use.


Here my Top 3 fav lipsticks!

  • Sugarbelle Liquid Lipstick in Nude Kisses
  • Maybelline Lip Gradation by Color Sensational in Mauve1
  • L’oreal Color Riche Moist Matte in Chocolat Rouge

Actually all of them are almost the same shade which is nude pinky undertone but with different formula, brands, packaging and also the price, of course. Lets check ’em out one by one shall we?







  • Look at the gold and black theme of the box. Doesn’t it look pretty exclusive?
  • The lipstick bullet looks amazing in black with gold ‘SUGARBELLE’ font engraved on it. Mine is faded already. Haha.
  • I love how the lipstick exposing the colour of the shade.
  • The applicator is just like other liquid lipstick which is easy to apply.



  • Together inside the box is the details of the products including the ingredients, quantity, expiration date etc.


  • This shade is amazing! If you’re looking for a nude pink lipstick, this is for you.
  • The formula is very creamy and easy to apply.
  • It is matte but not drying or sucking the life of your lips. Haha.
  • I love the after-dried looking on the lips. It gives pretty smooth matte look.


  • Its a lil bit pricey.
  • It transferred to any surface contact on the lips.
  • Its not waterproof and long wear so need regular touch ups.


I bought from an Instagram shop for MYR59 or you can order directly on their Instagram or website with the same price, I guess. They sell other shades, lipstick and mascara too.










  • The packaging is very simple in the pencil-like form.
  • To help with the lipstick application, they include a pointed sponge as the smudger.
  • The pointed lipstick also make it easier to apply on the lips.


  • This is the best lip product I ever bought in my entire life! This is actually my second purchased.
  • The formula is totally amazing! Its matte but not drying at all.
  • It glides very smoothly on the lips and the texture is very light like you don’t wear anything on the lips.
  • The colour is very natural and suits for daily wear.
  • The smudger helps a lot to distribute the product evenly.
  • This Mauve1 shade is the best-selling of all other colours. I look everywhere for this second one and finally got it at SASA.
  • Don’t really need to reapply due to low transferred level.
  • One stick could last more than 2 months based on my daily wear.


I guess none. Haha.


At any drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy or any other places that have Maybelline section. Only MYR32.90.


Omg, of course!







  • Came with gold-like copper metallic bullet which looks super elegant and exclusive.
  • The shade can be known by looking at the square-thingy outside of the packaging.
  • It feels sturdy and expensive when you hold it.
  • The bottom shows the name of the shade.


  • The shade is perfect for daily wear. Its like brown, orange and pink combination.
  • It gives matte finish but very moisturizing on the lips.
  • This is my go-to lipstick same as the Maybelline Lip Gradation one.
  • Don’t really need to reapply bcs of the stay-long effect.
  • If I have a bad lips day, I choose to wear this.
  • Contains jojoba oil as the moisturizing agent.
  • Doesn’t fade into patches and I really love the formula.


Nothing? Haha.


At any drugstores like Watsons, Guardian, AEON Wellness, Caring Pharmacy or any other places that have Maybelline section. Only MYR38.






All these lipsticks might show the same shade from their packaging but from the swatches, it doesn’t. I mean, you can tell, right? The Maybelline one is more to cool tone mauve colour but with a hint of pink, Sugarbelle Nude Kisses is all about nude pink colour and for warmer tone with a lil bit of pink and orange, the L’oreal one. Sometimes I love to mix the Mauve1 and Nude Kisses for more toned down pink with a matte finish.

I probably would stick with these three lipsticks bcs they are easy to purchase, quite affordable, suits my lips and any other reasons that I couldn’t think of.

So, who says dry lips can’t rock on matte lipsticks?

A few more weeks

Honestly, I started to get sick of school. Believe it or not, during final semester, you would absolutely hates everything like literally EVERYTHING. I am truely tired to prepare for classes, projects, tests and quizzes all that stuff. I don’t even get my clothes ironed except for my tudung. Its like that none of that are matters now but the truth is this is the only period that you should be concern and focus more than anything. I really need to buck up and face the next few tough weeks!  Seriously speaking, I don’t care about my grades anymore, as long as I pass. No more flying colours whatsoever. Haha. Pls send me some good vibes! 😂

New Semester, New Environment


Assalamualaikum and hey!

Actually, its been a month and a half since I started my final semester. Wuuuhuuu! FINAL SEMESTER? Its actually happening, guys. InsyaAllah, I’ll be officially study-free this July. Honestly, I’m a lil bit grateful that this semester, I’ll be taking only six subjects in total. It is a big relief since last semester was such a hell that I need to focus on eight subjects plus research proposal.

On the other hand, I decided to do some change. Instead of fighting over for a place to live in the hostel provided, I took one step ahead to challenge myself and rented a room outside from the campus. It does sounds weird since I managed to get a place in the hostel but for me, I need new environment, new place for me to manage my life. My own life. FYI, I admired preparedness (just like Sheldon Cooper. I know :P) so I need to be more independent for the incoming future. I know that if I manage to get a job after this, I need to look for a house or a room to rent.

I never realized it but it looks like that there’s a lot of criteria that I should know about choosing a room/house to rent and now I know. For me, I need to space out or isolating myself from the old environment to learn something outside. You don’t have to sit under the rules or laws all the time. It is exhausting.


This is the place where I currently living in. For me, it is perfect. With RM200 per month (including ALL bills), I get the chance to live in a such cozy house. Fully furnished! Equipped with a TV, a fridge, a stove and a washing machine. The best part is the UniFi. ❤