When the worst turns to be the best…


Yesterday was a miserable day when the electricity stopped for a few hours in my neighbourhood for improvements in the supplies. Of course it was the worst as electricity has becoming our second most important things after water. You need it to power up your fans, lamps and of course the WiFi ! I really don’t care so much about the WiFi when my body already sweats like crazy because of the condition of my straight-forward-sunlight room combined with cozy wind from the fan. I extremely don’t like the heat very much. I preferred to choose cold and windy environment.

It was such a boring day because you know, you can’t do anything. You won’t be able to watch TV. Luckily, I’ve already had my notebook’s battery charged and started to watch The Big Bang Theory again and again. I’ve been repeated all the episodes until Season 6 more than 10 times since I copied them in my external hard disk from my friend like a year ago. Yeah, that’s true. It never fails to make me laugh and I don’t feel bored even once. I had this one time when I felt really sad because somebody had stolen my broadband so I decided to watch this sitcom over and over. Somehow, I felt a little better after that. What a relief. It’s really kind of a therapy for me. 🙂

Back to the story, because of this super hot situation, I had lost my appetite. I just had a banana for breakfast and after that, nothing. Maybe it is because I didn’t get enough sleep when the electricity was down at 10.00 AM. I really cannot sleep when it is hot. Also, my mom already cooked the rice in the morning for the preparation (we got the notice one day earlier). Yes, we cooked rice  using a rice cooker because it is more simpler and easy. So what do you expect? The rice was already cold but luckily, I don’t care. Just warmed up the side dish then just eat them.

That time, I just wondering. The notice said that the electricity will be back on 7.00 PM and its just 4.30 PM. I barely can live in this environment anymore. I need fresh air. I need to go somewhere that has air conditioner or a big fan to get away these sweats from my body. Thankfully, my mom decided to go to the town to settle a bank check or something. and invited me to join her, also searching for a pair of shoes for my back-on-university time soon.

Yup. I had bought a pair of leather U.S POLO ASSN shoes with such a perfect colour combination ; navy blue and magenta. Its a little bit pricey but it has 20% discounts which is the reason why I’m buying it. Before this, I’ve been looking for the same designs but it has poor choices of colours and they’re really don’t attracted me to buy. Finally, I found it!

Not just that, I also bought a green turquoise blouse. The colour really caught my eyes when the first time I saw them. First, I didn’t sure whether I want to buy it or not but the cloth material is 100% cotton and I really love cotton wear. So, I decided to buy one. My mom also agreed when look at the reasonable and affordable price. Look, even she cannot resist to buy it for me. My mom also bought a maroon blouse. A prove that ladies cannot live without shopping. Am I right?


There it is. My brand new paint for my feet! Love the colour. Can’t wait to wear them. This time I choose to buy shoes without any extra accessories like ribbons, flowers and etc because when they fall off, I am really in distress so simple is the best isn’t it?

Continue to my story, w hen I get home, the electricity was back on and it was such a relief when finally I can see my fan rotating again, also giving me a chance to write this. So I guess, I just stop right here. Have a nice day, everyone ! ❤


Surprising Surprise


I would like to continue my pending entry which I supposed to write like 2 days ago. Its been raining so heavily recently also with the lightning strikes which is very-so-much sensitive to the WiFi wiring and today I’m back. Haha.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been under pressure when my one and only earphone was ruined. I mean like extremely ruined. Forgive me if my words just now brings your thought like my earphone had just going through a massacre or something. 😛 (but I do felt like that way). So I just confide that to my special friend who is a boy about this problem. Maybe you wondering why I’ve been so stressful just because of an earphone (I mean like, come on. Its just an electronic device. Not missing a life here).

But I do feel like missing one. You know that my daily routine is stuck like every hour in front of the laptop or pc and surfing the internet, playing online games and the most important is watching movies. One more thing, I just loved scrolling the news feed on Instagram and seeing pictures of any apparels, cosmetics and others. Plus, I need to check out my farm in Hay Day like everyday thus there will be no unharvested crops. Its my new obsession *sigh*

So, I’m using a notebook which is quite small compared to the laptop. Without an earphone, headphone or a speaker, the sound would be like a whispering sounds (although they were screaming in a high pitch). I have turned to the maximum volume and I’m using VLC where the sound is louder than other players but still I can’t get what is going on in the movies. Yeah, its like the old geezers just having a coffee time together. Sound hard?

So, my special friend decided to treat me the new one. I know I can count on him to look for this kinda stuffs. Well, I just too easy to be influenced by any sellers (please don’t take advantage on me). Then, he just find the right one. The price is quite reasonable and of course affordable which sounds like highly-quality stuff. Before that, I asked him that isn’t it is quite pricey for him and he don’t need to buy me stuffs all the time and then he said ; your problem is mine too and I would love to help. On-the-spot-melting ❤

The next day, I got this.


As I know the parcel will be received on that day but still I assumed this as a surprising surprised from him. I know it looks like very old-school or classic earphone just like in the 90’s (the walkman era) but this is the only type I comfort with. You know how the latest version looks like, kan? With the rubber on the outside and you need to insert them perfectly inside your ear. I mean like, the rubber part need to be inside your ear hole and near to the ear drum. Puhlease. That is not my type. I just love the old one. Just stays before the hole but already gives a good effect for the sounds. The vintage rules !

I guess I’m the only person who loves this kind of earphone nowadays. Well, I’m the 90’s kid and I know everything had changed but not my ears comfortness. I’m so excited with this. The sounds are pretty good and it also come from the trusted brand ; Sony.

For those who wanna buy any electronic devices or gadgets, take a look at http://www.lelong.com.my and the price for this earphone is RM35. More stuffs to look at in this website ; MP3, power bank etc .  Here is the link for this earphone — click HERE . Check it out, guys. 🙂

Thanks, love ❤



Why why why?


2 or 3 days ago my handphone got stuck on the restart process. It was like when you push the power button, the Samsung logo popped out as usual and then the model number ; GT-S7500. The problem is the phone is off afterwards and the logo will come out again. It was ON OFF like so many times and it keeps vibrating for about 2-3 seconds non-stop. A big problem of mine.

I don’t know why but I keep waiting until the phone’s screen is on and when it is on, it keeps vibrating just like before. From my observation, there’s something unusual like,

  • Notification toggle – completely disappeared (totally stressfull)
  • No SD card detected — ARGHHHH!
  • Cannot install any applications — H O R R I B L E !
  • When there’s an incoming call, it keeps on ringing but no popup screen to answer that call.
  • When there’s a text message, its keep vibrating like crazy (can you imagine a phone with a non-stop vibration??!!)

I’ve tried to reboot it but there is no changes at all — remain unchanged. Maybe it comes from the virus? but I’ve installed an anti-virus inside my phone and I scanned all the apps and programs like everyday = totally no risk or threat detected.

I would like to leave this question KIV and let the expert to give me the answer soon.

One more thing, those who want to reboot or hard reset Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus just like mine, check this video out but make sure you have made the back up for your files (photos, music etc etc) as it will completely clean your phone like straight away from the factory.