Beach Short Getaway

I think I need to keep this blog updated frequently isn’t it? From now on, I’ll be posting daily instead of writing about interesting things ONLY. Haha. Time flies so fast. Need to catch ’em up!

So a week ago, me and Z went to Melaka just to take a space out from the city. Since we’re never took a vacation together so we thought why not? Melaka is not so far from here so we ‘gambled’ and everything was unplanned. Just packed out our things on the night before and the next day, we’re good to go! Some things is much more simpler if we left it unplanned. There you go. Quote of the day. HAHA.

Fyi, we already went to Melaka in the diploma days but its like 3 years ago and I must say, during that time, we’re just like a bunch of teenagers who doesn’t appreciated enough the moments of travel. And now that we’re 23, after all the degree’s torturing, we really need this. The one and only thing that we missed is the beach.

The well-known Pantai Klebang.


Although it seems that the ocean doesn’t looks like Maldives (the only universal comparison I can think of. HAHA), but the scenery was great. The first step-to-sand touchdown was the greatest feeling. I can sucked the nature spirit under my feet! Exaggerate! Haha. Another thing that is interesting is that on the opposite of the beach, across the road is the line up of food stalls and the bustel which is a hotel-bus hybrid. Haha. Pretty awesome, right? They also even have a bustoilet that looks like a home toilet. OMG. Just give them a medal please for the convenience.



Just look like the sand. Never had a thought that it will ruined my skirt. Hahaha.


Turns out my silly grin looks great (I never had a teethy-smile photo, guys)

We’re really enjoying our moments here. Couldn’t imagine that we had this one time here a few years back and it was a haze. Just because we didn’t have other time to lounger at the beach, we decided to ‘wear’ an invisible mask just to pretend that the air was not polluted. Haha. Good ‘ol days.

The next day, we went to our favourite barber shop by Auntie Molly. Had a haircut at only RM12, guys. Tell me where I can find this price in Shah Alam? Its a rhetorical question and the answer is no. Hahaha. Again for the unexpected day, we decided to go to Port Dickson just to look around. I went there a few times before but never had a chance to walk around the beach so the time has come.


I don’t know why I bought that red hat (maybe I can’t stand the idea that the colour matches my clothes theme?) Hahaha. It was pretty hot tho so the purchase was worth it. Here in Port Dickson beach, its a lil bit crowded. Looks like this place never give up to attract tourists and travelers. One thing that I love is that the ocean is literally blue and looks clean! I cannot resist myself to went into the water and don’t care if my pants is wet. Hahaha.


We were really had a great time. Although we’re not buying anything like literally nothing (forgot the hat), this put me in a situation that just go travel if you want although if you’re low in cash because the moments is treasure. Fyi, we were just spent for the gas and food. That’s all. Hahaha.

Thanks for dropping by ❤

Mini Reunion & NU Sentral


Last weekend, one of my high school buddy (who is also in my trouble-maker team), Baie, came here to Shah Alam all the way from Puncak Alam. Yeah, she’s a Palamians now. Congratulations babe for your new entrance as a degree student! You’re officially one of us! Hahaha. Seriously, one day is not enough and I’m hoping that you’re enjoy your stay. 🙂

To spend more time together while enjoying the weekend, we’ve decided to go to NU Sentral by the train. This is my third time hop on this high-techie ‘centipede’ and I was excited as usual. Hahahaha. Such a noob.

Enjoying my ride inside the ladies’ coach like a boss or may I say an antisocial boss. Hahaha. I guess that I’m gonna be like Sheldon Cooper who loves train ride a lot. 😛 As we reached KL Sentral, I admit that I’m such a person who just escaped from a cave or whatever. For the first time, I saw there were so many people here and there. I also have no idea that NU Sentral was basically inside the KL Sentral. Double noob.

Trying a Japanese Cuisine, Tori Katsu for the first time ever in my life was such an awesome eating experience. It had changed my whole food-trying records. I was a little bit hesitate to try it out as I’m worried that the taste will be terrible. I was wrong. It was extremely a delightful taste! It consists of a breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips, generally served with shredded cabbage and miso soup. Everything was perfect except for the miso soup which did not catch my taste when I take a sip of it alone but it was good eating together with the rice and chicken. The warm green tea is included in the set and the taste was actually acceptable. The price for overall set is MYR12.90.

Enjoy the photos! 😛

Thanks for coming, Baie. I had such a great time trying new things and thanks again for being one of besties. Hope this friendship would never end! Come again next time please. ❤

My First Time Visit to UTP


Right now I’m feelin’ a lil bit worn out because I’d just finished 80% packing up my stuff coz you know, tomorrow I will be leaving my home to start my new semester next week. Cuti sudah habis, bro! Like seriously, my two months’ semester break is over? *cry

Before I get any further, I would like to share my journey to one of the most well-known university in Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). Actually, it was a last minute plan (as per usual) conducted by Aini with also my two other friends, Huzer and Hanah. It was more to a mini reunion I guess because its been about a year since I met Huzer and Hanah. The main purpose was to meet one of our Kelantanese friend, Ruhi who is already in her final year at UTP. Yeah, I know we took a long time to pay her a visit but since it was our semester break so lets go!

Our journey begin with a challenge when the car showed a few problems. The check-engine light was on and off in the entire road so we need to change for another car. Bummer! Alhamdulillah everything went so well and safe.

UTP is a magnificent campus with all the modernize and urban-like buildings. I love the concept where it looks like so futuristic plus the view. Wow. The library is one of the most attractive one. I’m stunned! Nothing to say. Just enjoy the photos!

Till next time, girls! ❤

Short vacation in Kedah and Perlis! #aliaainitravel

Assalamualaikum dear fellow readers! 😀

I am super-excited and getting psyched while writing this. Welcome to my very first travel log! Seriously, for me, the word travel only exist when I’m literally go on vacation with my BFFs. There is a lot of differences when you go touring and travelling with your family instead of friends. EXTREMELY DIFFERENT! I don’t want to talk about it since I’m going to tell you my very first getaway from like….100 years ago maybe? Hahaha.

Aini, my bestie since 15 years ago (mind-blown. of course our friendship gonna lasts) had made a plan to go for a weekend getaway in Langkawi, Kedah. My other bestie, Zack (yeah, she’s a girl) is currently carry on her internship in Kangar, Perlis. So, Aini and I decided to go there to meet her up as we have not seen her for like a few years, also enjoying the low-budget holiday package she’s been rave about. Unfortunately, we have to find another plan which is more to money saving yet still worth every pennies. Of course I’m the one who ALWAYS low on cash. Like ALWAYS. Hahaha.

Finally, because of that problem, I’d decided to cancel my trip as I cannot afford the bus ticket but Aini still want to proceed with another plan ; meet Zack and travel alone all the way to Perlis by taking the train. What? Train? Yup. She didn’t mention about train. Lemme tell you something. Here in Malaysia, train is 2 times more cheaper than bus. Yeah, its true. MYR30 for one trip so I need to spend MYR60 just for bus tickets. It is too much for students like us. Luckily, we’d found another cheaper alternative ; a round-trip train ticket for just MYR28. *faint.

It was a very last minute plan and of course I want to join this adventurous trip plus accompanied Aini. Alhamdulillah everything went so well although we almost missed our train. Thousands of thanks for those who’s on duty that night. The tickets were supposed to be at 2:44 a.m sharp and we arrived for like 2:46 I guess. We were lucky bastards. Hahaha 😛

I brag to much? Hehe. Sorry. I go straight to the places we went. I’ll mention the costs also alright guys? Backpackers, pls take note.

SATURDAY, 8 August 2015

  • Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Sintok, Kedah

Zack brought us to her extraordinary green campus, UUM. I mean like what is actually there? Is there any special places inside the campus? It is just a normal-boring environment and why she’s being really excited for taking us? Same as me, guys. I never thought that university can be a tourist attraction on the first place BUT I was wrong. It is astonishing! Looking on the surroundings and the atmosphere, I love this place! It makes me calm and refresh. High-level of oxygen alert. Well, it is a green campus. What do you expect? It is a good place to study.


It was amazing! I’m quite surprised and stunned because of these bunch of lovely,friendly animals. It is beyond my expectations when I saw these creatures inside a university. Am I a little lame or what? The ostriches and horses are well trained and they are harmless. That is why we snap quite a lot of pictures. Hahaha. You know what? We did not have to pay anything. Budget saved!

  • Muzium Padi / The Paddy Museum, Alor Setar, Kedah

Our journey continued with a visit to the Muzium Padi. For those who may not know, Kedah is a state in Malaysia which is well-known as negeri Jelapang Padi or the granary. This museum explained everything about how the paddy being processed and all sorts of related researches. It is quite a big museum with double floors ; exhibition and real sketch of the scenery around Bukit Keriang.














Poor Aini finally stand a chance to observe in real life and touch the paddy herself. Hahaha. This has to be a big break for her! We arrived when the museum was soon to be closed for like 35 minutes but still we want to spend our time and money in this informative building.

This paddy museum is like a symbolic to Kedah and we had a great time experiencing the Kedahan vibes spreading out. Nature is the best.

Operation hours : 9.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m (Everyday)

Tickets : Adults MYR5.00 , Children MYR2.00

As the museum is very near to Gunung Keriang, without wasting any time, Zack stopped the car besides the road. For what? Taking pictures of course! The weather was really nice and cozy so it was perfect. It is just because of the name signs , Gua Gunung Keriang. That’s precious for us travelers. 😛





  • Menara Alor Setar / Alor Setar Tower, Alor Setar, Kedah

KL Tower and KLCC both are too common yet expensive but Menara Alor Setar shows that we can still enjoy, be entertained also gain experiences simultaneously at a very low cost. From the top, we can see the whole city with naked eyes. Not to forget, they also provided a big binoculars without any payment to see the buildings more clearly. There is also a souvenir shop come up with many the tower remarks gifts such as keychains, t-shirts, caps, fridge magnets etc. If you get hungry or need a drink, they also sells food and drinks.








The view is breathtaking and I’m glad that finally I got a chance to go up on a tower and experiencing the beautiful scenery from the way up. Along the lift trip to go up on the tower, we can see the real view and again, it was awesome! The tower is 165.5 m (543 ft) high and it is actually serves as a telecommunication tower besides as one of the tourist destination.

Operation hours : 9.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Tickets : Adults MYR9.00, Children MYR5.00

SUNDAY, 9 August 2015

The last day, Zack decided to take us to a few attractive places in Perlis. I acted normal as I came here very often as it is my kampung but not Aini. She was extremely thrilled to take a journey in Perlis. This time, Wani and Diyana, Zack’s housemates joined us. The more the merrier! Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia. What do you expect from this tiny, green area? Don’t judge a book by its cover which I really meant of not judging the environment itself. Moving on!

  • Gua Kelam / Kelam Cave, Kaki Bukit, Perlis

What? Are we going to meet the caveman? Or maybe a bigfoot? That is absurd. Hahaha. Once again, the nature strikes! I love the environment. Fresh air with the sounds of the river draining. You know what? We actually can washup in the river near the cave. Wow.




I’d recorded a video when we were walking inside the cave but I cannot upload it here. Check out my Instagram for the video okay? One more thing, it is very unlucky of us when on the half way, Diyana saw a snake twined around the holders and of course, we’re freaking out. We had to turn back. Hahaha. Whatever it is, it was a great moment also it is gosh-darn cheap!!!

Operation hours : 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Tickets : Adults MYR1.00, Children MYR0.50

  • Padang Besar, Perlis

No pictures taken because it was time for shopping! Yeah. The best part of the vacation. Padang Besar is a border town located in the northern part of Perlis state in Malaysia. It is situated on the border with Songkhla province, Thailand, 35 kilometers northeast of Kangar and about 57 km southwest of Hat Yai. So, it is literally a duo shopping spree of Malaysia and Thailand for us as we can buy anything with a very great deal prices. Once again, I’m fallin’ for buying many inexpensive yet reasonable stuff. Handbags, cosmetics, beauty products and food! There are all suits and still affordable for students budget. Let me google some pictures for you guys.




There you go. 5 places in only 2 days and you still can enjoy a plate of chicken chop on the last day. Alhamdulillah everything went so well I think I’m gonna cry for this overwhelming opportunity and chances. Let me covered up the overall cost for our first trip.


  • A round-trip train tickets : MYR28.00
  • Muzium Padi ticket : MYR5.00
  • Menara Alor Setar ticket : MYR9.00
  • Gua Kelam ticket : MYR1.00

FOOD : MYR32.00 for 3 days (yeah, the food is super cheap here)


  • Natural Republic 92% Aloe Vera Gel MYR15.00
  • Mistine Natural Mud Mask MYR5.00
  • A jersey MYR23.00
  • A dye t-shirt MYR25.00
  • 8 packets of snacks MYR20.00


That’s quite a budget as it still below MYR200. You still can spend less than this but I cannot resist to buy all those tasty looking snacks. Hehehe. Aini and I were blessed as we can save our overnight cost by stayed at Zack’s rental home in Kangar.


Alhamdulillah. I’m glad to be the one in this journey. Where on earth can I get a MYR3.00 of fried rice? Here in Kedah and Perlis. Gazillion thanks to my travelling partner, Aini Munirah for being such a generous and happy-go lucky all the time. Also, the best girl, Fatin Nurizzati aka Zack, thanks for having us! Without you we must spend more for hotels and transportation. Don’t forget to Diyana and Wani, we’re just met but it was like we are besties. Thanks again :’)