Hijab Tutorial

Assalamualaikum !

I don’t know why I did this but maybe I had achieved the next level to Confidence Ville. Hahaha. Actually its been in my 2015 wishlists where I want to change. A better change of course such as gain a lot more courage to be independent and brave enough to settle things up all by myself.

Lets get to the main point. Its all started when I saw my friend wearing a shawl which had attracted me to the super soft material with the mild crumple texture. The best thing about crumple is that you do not have to get them ironed besides you can style it straight away. Isn’t it cool? When my friend wear it, I always says

Pakai shawl berkedut ke??

Hahahaha. I decided to get one or two of them because it seems glasses-friendly and I am the four-eyed monster. :p  As I know, this type of shawl is called Arabic Wide Shawl and I don’t know why. Maybe lots of Arabic ladies wearing them or what? Haha. Doesn’t matter. Check out the close up pictures of this shawl.



I must say the cotton material is very comfy and easy to style. I purchased two colours ; black and purple because I love dark colours — giving chance to my face to glow right away. Haha. Want to see how I style it? Lets get started!

Pretty easy isn’t it? Hope I can help you to cover your aurah. Ohh, before I end this entry, I bought the shawls from @prettygegurlonline on Instagram. Fast and nice service. The price for one shawl is MYR10 not including postage. Go check it out okay.

Have a nice day. 🙂