Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,

Assalamualaikum and good day. Whatcha doin’? Haha. Do you miss me? I guess not. You’re currently have a better life than me right now. Am I jealous of you? Yeah, of course I am! Hehe. Now that you have already achieved everything that you ever wanted in life, I must say you’ve hit the jackpot I’ve been planned all along. Great family, own a magenta car, awesome job, organized and strategic home, conducting an online business together with your beloved spouse, know how to cook everything (almost) and others bunch of happiness around you. I must say I am impressed with you as you know that you had lots of problems during your teenage days.

Hahaha. I know. Most of them is from my own quirkiness and mindsets. I’m glad that now you can get them settled.

As you can see right now, I don’t achieve anything yet except in academics. I really want to get out and express myself, doing something new and all that but I cannot help it when I am just a mysterious-shy-introverted girl. Yeah. I don’t meet other people a lot and I am just comfortable being alone in my own world.

Confidence is my big enemy. I am to scared to show to other people that I can do something else besides studying but what can I say, I’m just an ordinary girl. I am flabbergasted when you can avoid this problem right now. Hahaha. Self-high fives ! Can you show me how to find the solution? Hehe.

One more thing, now that I am 22 but still I don’t have my driving license yet. I know, it does freaks me out as most of my friends can drive and have their own car. I hope that someone could help me with this but I don’t know who and how. I hope you can help me right now. Its quite pressuring me when I thought about this. You know that I am a negative-minded person so can you spread all the positive vibes around me? I really needed it ! I am traumatized from the previous driving test I was taking about 4 years ago when I failed. I’m quite frustrated with that and its getting worst when my dad keep pushing me because of all the money wasted. I’m feeling so not good after that when I see or heard about driving license. Please, help me. Hmmm. What am I doing right now is bottling up the confidence, courage and spirits to take the license. I know I can do this ! After that, when I get a job, I want to buy a car. The small one would be nice and convenient. Why? I sucks at parking. Women huh? Hahahaha. A magenta car would be lovely. ❤

Off from the license thingy, I hope that right now you have a well-organized home. This is my very first dream when I started a family. I loveee a super-clean home with a simple and modern concept. The kitchen? It must be perfect with all the ingredients and spices are arranged up according to categories. Ahh, I just love that ! It does encourage me to cook when I get all these dream come true. The environment and condition itself really influence me to do something better. 

Talking about you, now that you’re a career woman, I bet that you know how to do makeups now isn’t it? Hahaha. You know that right now, I know nothing about makeups. I love to see the tutorials on YouTube but I hesitate to try them on. Why? You know that I am lack of confidence to wear them. What I have currently are a few of lipsticks and a compact powder but you know what, I bought a Silkygirl eyeliner and makeup remover few months ago? See? Now I am trying to be you. I’m feeling the femininity when I bought them. Hahaha. I’m a ladyyy but not so much. I have a dream to try on those makeup brushes, foundation, concealer, primers and all that. I know you have all that right now huh? Hahaha. Also, you’re quite brave wearing bold lip colours going out. Wow. Respect that. Right now, only pink colour suits me well. Hehe. Also I think that now you’re using the best skincare you ever tried. I know that you’re taking this beauty thingy really serious. Haha

Moving on to your family, I believe that you have put your family as your first priority. They are important and they are what you’ve been working on all this life. Please keep them always in love because you know, they are priceless. Being a great and solehah housewife and mom has been my dream all along. Serves them with sincere and you get happiness in return. It is a great deal. Just give as much love as you can and enjoy it with your family. I am right now trying to improve myself to be a better woman in the future.

I guess that is all I can put in my writing. Please, please and please looking forward to polish up yourself to become a great woman, wife and mom. 🙂

Have a nice day. ❤                        

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lots of love,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Your past