Hijab Tutorial

Assalamualaikum !

I don’t know why I did this but maybe I had achieved the next level to Confidence Ville. Hahaha. Actually its been in my 2015 wishlists where I want to change. A better change of course such as gain a lot more courage to be independent and brave enough to settle things up all by myself.

Lets get to the main point. Its all started when I saw my friend wearing a shawl which had attracted me to the super soft material with the mild crumple texture. The best thing about crumple is that you do not have to get them ironed besides you can style it straight away. Isn’t it cool? When my friend wear it, I always says

Pakai shawl berkedut ke??

Hahahaha. I decided to get one or two of them because it seems glasses-friendly and I am the four-eyed monster. :p  As I know, this type of shawl is called Arabic Wide Shawl and I don’t know why. Maybe lots of Arabic ladies wearing them or what? Haha. Doesn’t matter. Check out the close up pictures of this shawl.



I must say the cotton material is very comfy and easy to style. I purchased two colours ; black and purple because I love dark colours — giving chance to my face to glow right away. Haha. Want to see how I style it? Lets get started!

Pretty easy isn’t it? Hope I can help you to cover your aurah. Ohh, before I end this entry, I bought the shawls from @prettygegurlonline on Instagram. Fast and nice service. The price for one shawl is MYR10 not including postage. Go check it out okay.

Have a nice day. 🙂


Another Surprising Surprised


Alhamdulillah. Today is the third day of Ramadan. Although I’m just staying at home doing nothing but still I keep wondering how time flies so fast. As the twinkling of an eye, now it is already the third day. 27 days more to go! At the same time, I am so glad that I have the chance to go throughout Ramadan at home for this year. Yeah. It such once in a life time opportunity as before this, I’ve been spending my Ramadan at the boarding school for 5 years and then at the university for 3 years. And now, its such a relief when I can enjoy my mom’s cooking during this blessed month. Wonderful isn’t it? So I better fully enjoying this very quality time before pursuing my degree soon.

I guess you have read my Surprising Surprised post before because I’m going to write another one. Well, my boy has been working for almost 2 months already. He really not enjoying his job as one of the worker at Management Information Systems in a not-so-big kiosk for groceries and goods. I actually don’t get it what he’s been doing (accounts are really not my thing) but for what I know, he is incharge for the invoices, calculating the numbers and key-in the informations into the computer’s system.


He sent me this picture on Whatsapp and when I saw it, my heart says,

Working with a computer with the air conditioner? It must be very sleepy and quite pleasant with the cool air surrounding you. BUT I love working with computers!

I really don’t get it am I? The problem is I never being an expert in maths and I never love them like ever. Numbers are not my games. They quite annoying for a memorizing lover like me. Yup, that’s right. I love to memorize facts and others. Its being my specialty when I can remember any people’s faces that I have seen before, also their full names, birthdays and their phone numbers! I’m quite dangerous kan? Hahaha. So beware 😛

I’m such a babbler and always keep telling you guys about irrelevant things from my title. Huhu. I’m so sorry. I just can buy it if my post will be too short to be read. See what I’m doing here? I’m telling more than one stories in one post. Just like a 3 in 1 package. Yeah, right. Blablabla. So, back to my point here, I just want to share you guys about another surprise that was given by my boy (of course). He just love buying me things even I keep stopping him from doing it. It might be inconvenient for him and I don’t want that. BUT he resist to stop.

New square scarf with the red roses details and emerald green background. I’ve been craving for this design long time ago and now I own one. Thanks love ❤ Bought from the Instagram : @theprettypinkbox. Very lovely and affordable. The material? Chiffon crepe. It is super soft and see through material. Mine is quite dark in colour so I can choose to wear an inner neck or not. The best thing is you don’t have to iron them because it doesn’t crumple easily. Also you can styled it as a shawl. Must-have item !

That is my surprise’s story. I hope you enjoy reading it and may Allah give you strength to perform your fast perfectly. Till then. 🙂


Road To Self-Confidence : #1 Confidence Booster

Assalamualaikum and happy weekend 🙂

As I’m going to say here that I am lack with self-confidence. Just like in other post before (please check ’em out), I have a problem which puts me in a situation where I’m screwed and socially-awkward. I am an introvert. Don’t talk too much and only responds or take actions with things that I think very important to me but don’t worry because normally, I used to be like that when I am surrounding with unknown people. Just blend in with them? Nope. That is so not me. Sometimes I think it is a very big problem because can you imagine, just because of my shyness, it would be like,

I was robbed and now I don’t have any money to take a cab or bus to get home. I am so shy to ask for anybody’s help. Maybe I just can walk home by myself. Yeah, that’s the best.

Do you know what I mean right? So I decided to conduct an experiment to gain more points in my confidence test. As you can see, new stuffs can play a role as a booster for confidence and for me, it is all about how you presenting yourself outdoor. Can see what I’m trying to tell here? Its our attire.

I’m a Malay-Muslim girl and wearing a hijab is compulsory in my religion. Since I was in primary school, I’ve been taught to wear them wherever I go except at home. For me, its function like a shield for women, covering the aurah and also protecting our hair from UV light, scientifically.

All my life I’ve been sticking to the only hijab style which is Tudung Bawal in Malay or in more universal name, square hijab. It is made of any chosen and types of clothes that will be cut 45″ x 45″ in squared. It is a simple hijab that mostly wore in Malaysia but normally, cotton will be used as the materials and need to be ironed when you want to wear it. Quite fussy. It is my all time favourite hijab but I have to admit that it waste a lot of time to get it properly wore (the awning is the hardest part!). Gratefully, now there are lots of square hijab that used other kinds of materials which allow you to wear them easily such as cotton slik, cotton crepe, chiffon etc. So you don’t have to iron them anymore !

For my task, I’m choosing a new style to get a new personality or image. Satin shawl is my choice. Shawl is one of the most famous hijab style nowadays and can be styled in many ways according to your comfort. It is pretty simple and still, you can get your aurah covered. Before this, I don’t have any courage and confidence to wear them but now, its time. It is time to make some changes albeit I’m being so scrupulous about what I’m wearing.


Actually, it started when my cousin sells this satin shawl. When I feel and touch the material, suddenly I’m in love. On-the-spot-changed feelings mixed with my want-to-try feelings. In the picture above, I’m wearing the blue-black colour and also available in emerald green, golden brown and royal blue. One more thing, what catches my first impression is the Jawi letter or in Al-Quran known as Alif Maksurahى pattern on it. It is very unusual and rare among other type of shawls I’ve seen before and that is why I bought three from four of them 😛 Girls and shopping cannot be separated.

You can see the design’s details and buy them HERE. Also, you will get more discounts for more purchases. Its my cousin’s and he just started his business so can you support him? Check them out, guys! 😛

NOW, I’ve managed to be more confident then before but remember this is just a beginning. More tasks to come. Build your confidence with what you’re donned with. See you in the next Confidence Booster’s entry 🙂