What happened in the past 8 months ?

Assalamualaikum guys 😊


First of all, I’m glad that I’m writing again. I really missed this. I need to do this more often to get to you guys.

I’ve experienced lots of things right after my graduation (which is my previous recent post). I believe that 2017 is the most toughest yet fun year for me. For those who keep asking what I’m doing after getting my degree, I get a job and it was not a science-lab-related.

Although I’m a science-graduate BUT I know what I want for myself and where’s my passion would lead me to. Seriously, it is so f hard to find a job that gives you perfect life balance between work and personal life. I challenged myself to work as a Sales Executive just to gain experience since I never had one.

Like seriously, I don’t have any plan for myself in the future and let the universe decides for me. I let people jeopardised my life with tonnes of work and I realized that I need to take action. To sum everything up, work in sales department was quite stressful BUT I found something. I can see why I was put in this kind of situation until BAWALISME is born.

I’m glad I did this. This is what I’ve been working on for the past 3 months after my ‘mourning’ period for stressing out. I CHOOSE TO SELF-EMPLOYED ❤️

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