New Policies

Assalamualaikum guys!

I hope that you are now enjoying your day as usual while I’m in such a hurry packing all my stuff for the new semester. Ohh how time flies. Seriously, I’m quite regretting for this semester’s break since I did not make it well-spent and occupied BUT then, I remember something. I do make this break half utilized for a few activities like celebrating the Eid, went to the submission of my scholarship’s forms, went travel with my buddies etc. It was a lot better than other previous holidays and I’ll make sure it can be done again next time.

Alhamdulillah, I’ll be in my final year of my degree studies starting next week. I know that I have so much things to do plus the subjects would be more tough than before. Once again, I’ll take 8 subjects in total including the Project I : Proposal for my FYP. Semester 3 and 4 had been a real roller-coaster ride for me but again, alhamdulillah I nailed it.

Since that I already find my rhyme in my studies, I actually want to set some rigid rules which will be my strictly new policies. Hahaha. Joke on me. Who does this? Am I that lame? I don’t care cause I want to make some changes and it better be good. Nobody want to set up bad rules, huh?

  • Stay away from junk food and fast food & replace ’em with something healthier

Phew. Am I using such a harsh terms? Naahh. I want to set up straight that a few kg of weight loss would be a heavenly realistic event. I’m already taking things slow in my junk/fast food intake. No more chips, no more KFC, no more chicken chop whatsoever. Limitation has to be done! Assuming that I will control my eating habit as soon as possible. A cup of low fat yogurt would be nice for my supper. That’s right. I’m addicted to yogurt now.

  • Controlling my social media addiction

Well, who can? I’m having such a crazy devotion on these internet bastards. Really. It drives me crazy when I always have time to check on my FB, Twitter and Instagram. Even the emails could distracted me from doing anything. I’m not saying that I’m a lunatic in front of the computer 24/7 but seriously, it contributes to my insomnia problem thus lead to my poor eating habits; midnight snacking! Crazy enough? Yup. Cause I’m writing this at 3:48 AM.

  • Get out from Procrastination Ville

My biggest and deranged problem. I always do this whenever I go. I always keep in mind that I have other spare time to do the tasks but the truth is, I don’t. This is the only positive act that is actually bad for me. I intent myself to do any tasks right away when I have free time. Promise!


Girls. I cannot resist or even hesitate to buy new tudung for myself. I guess they are way more important than clothes. Hahaha. Oh please. I have to manage and save money for any other important things. New rules for me, I already start a small business. Oh just selling snacks and chewing gums at the hostels. Nothing big but guess what, I already made some money to be save. Also, me and Z had decided to do a money save plan in our emergency jar. Sounds amazing?

  • Prayers escape no more

I’m having a quite hard time to keep my prayers on track. Allahuakbar. I’ve been such a bad person. From now on, I will do my best and make sure that I would be punctual. Is there any tips that you guys can share with me on how to do this? I realized that Allah had given me such a good health, good results and everything but I’m no expressing my gratitude to Him. InsyaAllah. I’ll do better in this.

  • Talk to everybody

I know it sounds funny but I do have some problems in communication. Am I too shy or what? I guess it is what an introverts have to face. I also know that some people might think that I’m just a mysterious-passive-arrogant kinda girl but you know what, you really don’t know me well. Haha. Who am I to set up your brain to get a better impression of myself? I will brushed up my communication skills and socialize more and by that I mean, socialize in real life. Hehehe.

  • Keeping score in the right pathway

Getting a good results is a great satisfaction that I’ve ever experienced and I will keeping track, insyaAllah. I’m going to adjust my studying methodology way more better that before. They said that,

Build strategies before you go to a war.

I’m gonna calibrate and upgrade my methods to be work more efficiently. Do the past years questions for every subjects’ progress, always have time to revise everything, draw mind maps topically etc.

I hope that this new policies will be applied successfully in terms of believe and also faith. Never forget these two things. I believe I can do it. I will command and dictatoring my body as I wish. Although it may get chaotic or against its will, I’ll do it no matter how. Hahahaha.

Please pray for me and wish me luck. Best of luck to you to. Thanks for reading. Till next time. ❤

Motivational Monday

Assalamualaikum and hey! 🙂

DISCLAIMER : I’m not being a peacock here to post this. Please behave and calm your expectations, assumptions, perspectives and impressions. I’m not going to responsible of any jealousy, hatred or even a psychotic act. *wink

This time, I’m gonna passed my writing position to the American Authors. Yeah, they’re in charge today. Today ONLY. Hahaha.

I had a dream so big and loud I jumped so high I touched the clouds. Yes, you guys rocks! 😀

Why I proposed this song for today’s entry? Remember my super miserable final exams timetable last month? Guess what, I nailed it! I am entirely shocked with my results which came in my email last Friday. Seriously, it was beyond my target and expectations.


Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. *cry

It is a sweet moment when you’re finally realized that you always can do better from time to time. Doesn’t matter if there’s anything that holding you back but you keep walking or even running forward, never look back. It is delightful when all the hard works and tears paid off. Yeah, I cried sometimes especially during my PMS. Haha. It is satisfying, you know.

On the other hand, Z also being such a brilliant when…


I wowed. Keep staring on those pointers just like in a fantasy. It was unbelievable. Alhamdulillah again. Z and I struggled every single day during the exam week and now, all have been paid. I am so happy I’m gonna cry when receiving the email. Hehe.

How I study? :

  • As usual, I always working on mind maps and short notes that can be referred to during the exam week. It doesn’t have to look nice with all colourful words unless you prefer that way. Pencils is the best. Can be erased easily and I write more faster with pencils. I only used colourful pens to underline the important points. Fyi, I just wrote them on a blank white A4 paper and divide it into a few parts by folding it so I can write more. No colour papers.
  • Always refer on the past year questions and do the questions TOPICALLY. I can get really bored (also annoyed) if I do it altogether year by year. It is less complicated if I do it topically and also, I can see the questions’ pattern for each year. Honestly, I enjoyed doing it that way.
  • I find that I can read and remember more things if I do it in the morning and night. I guess I had found my specific and strategic way to study. What’s yours?
  • Always be prepared and ready for exams. Make sure there is nothing that can spoil your day.
  • Remain calm for like 24/7. There’s no use if you keep panicking. No monsters in the exam hall.
  • Always give the best performance during the exam. Never left any unanswered questions. You MUST write something even you did not know the answer. Keep digging inside your brain. There must be something inside that may help you with the questions even it is only 0.01%.
  • READ EVERYTHING. It is not a serious problem if you doesn’t remember everything but just read them all. Make sure all the information are registered inside your brain. It would come out during the exam. I’m serious. This is actually happened to me everytime. The best thing, it will help you to goreng if you’re blank.
  • For class, make sure you’re keeping track with what the lecturer trying to teach you about. Honestly, I don’t pay attention in each class but I’ll make sure that I understand everything. Always, always, always write when lecturers are giving you extra notes. They are one of the most important thing that will finally help you in understanding each topics.
  • Constantly looking for extra notes and information from the internet and books. This will help you in point elaborations.

I guess that’s all. These are the things that I actually do during my study and exams. I’m just a normal people who like to go shopping, watching movies in cinemas with my boyfriend like everyone else but when it come to study, I’ll make sure that I’ll be focus.

One more thing, I believe that helping others also is one of the reason behind my success. I feed cats whenever I see them and I keep saying to them,

Please pray to Allah. Pray for me. 

I guess their prayers were answered. Alhamdulillah. Congratulations for those who had achieved a reamarkable results. Just have faith and always believe in yourselves. Ignore unimportant things. For those who do not satisfied with their results, there is no such thing as failure in this world if you always have a chance to make a real success. It really doesn’t matter if you fall down once in a while. Besides, it makes you stronger than ever. I never look people in terms of failure or lack of success because I always believe.

I’m not showing off but I want to keep myself motivated.

Alhamdulillah. Hope my tips helps. Thanks for reading ❤ 😀



Have you ever wonder that there are so many rules in this world? Although the World War was ended for like hundred years ago, but still we people, never achieved the freedom. Freedom in everything ; mind, opinion, perspectives etc. It keeps roll and roll until we get sick of those things. We never stop. Even we doesn’t express it out thru words, it still stuck in our head.

We always feels twinge of envy spreading in our nerves and dictator-ing our brain. Our heart cannot stop or even slow it down. I wish I have a control button to monitor it every second.

What make you feel that black people is ugly or unattractive?

You wear black clothes like all the time.

You said that black is the colour of high authority, full of mysteries all that stuff.

You passionate about a shiny-black Mercedes.

Oreo is black and you eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

So, stop being racist.

Why do you think that fat people is not as good as you?

You love to eat almost everything. Please, it’s a rhetorical statement.

You like to pinch babies’ chubby cheeks.

You never say no to hug a pretty huge teddy bear.

You cannot deny that loose T-shirts or batwing blouses are super comfy.

So, stop weight stereotyping.

Still, there’s a lot more to tell but I will not emphasize it. People talking about people every time every second without a STOP sign. I bet the animals and plants were laughing together seeing all this. People always thought that those living creatures have no idea of what human being are doing but I do believe that they know everything.

Pink. It’s just a colour. A very sweet and soft colour among others but why people said it only suits on the ladies and little girls? If the pink colour could talk,

I’m tired of my job; covering those lady parts and seriously, I’m getting bored of women, also their smell. I wonder how man smells like.

To be honest, man looks great in pink and if he wear one or use something that’s pink, it really doesn’t mean that he is girlish. You know what I mean.

The stories behind is more important. I wish people could see it directly when they see my face. You only judge when you see the right thing in front of your eyes and not from other people or social media. Geez, social media can be really suck sometimes.

I guess people are turning into a Terminator and just terminate everything they see, especially things that they don’t like. The only thing you do is just eliminate everything. Can you just substitutes them with something positive? Husnudzon all the way.

Stop it, please.

Short list of boyfriend material

Assalamualaikum and very good evening !

Thanks a lot for those who Liked my previous post. Actually, that was my very first flat lay photo (because I just bought that red-exotic-leather tote bag recently).

Today, I want to share some knowledge or may I called it as a part of life experiences which also based on my observations. Experience is the best teacher isn’t it? I admit that. Girls, I hope this might help you a little in your relationship and boys, please take note.

I’m being neutral here and this post is not sexist. Hahaha. I’m being neither the X chromosome team nor the Y chromosome. So girls, how to find your truely prince charming? You might not want to get the false alarm or anything. You really want to know either the guy you’ve been dating is the perfect one or not? You do not want to regret at the end of your relationship?


Here some tips that could help.

1) Always have time for you

Attention is like drugs to women. They always chased, needed and addicted to it. Without attention, it is the end of the world. That is all I can say. Hahaha. When your guy can put unimportant things aside just to be with you, you’re lucky. To be more persuasive, although they’re having some important things to do, they still have time respond to your texts and calls. Yeah. Girls REALLY don’t like to be ignored. For us women, ignorance is hell.

2) Being a gentleman

There is no women in this world who never falling for a chivalrous, gallant, courteous and gentle man. We women not asking you guys to be extremely romantic and all that but we love a man who is behaved and know where to put his ego in the right place. Don’t use your egoistic-selfish minded as a weapon but used it as an assistant to your relationship. A very good and mature lady would not judge if you do that, boys. There always time to improve yourself to be better and girls, don’t take it so hard. The boys are really trying to do the best to make you happy. Please, appreciate those efforts, okay?

3) Futuristic

Not to say to find a man like a robot (or Baymax,maybe), but it is all about your future. A guy who taking your future seriously might be the one. The one who is gonna be your perfect soul mate. If he’s ever talking about what type is your home gonna be after you both get married, how many kids you gonna have, what design of kitchen would you like and all that futuristic questions, he is your ideal spouse. It is a sign that shows he is very serious with your relationship and has the courage to take your relationship to the next step.

4) Thoughtful, supportive and loving

When girls being emotional, what they really need is a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and some love. That’s all. A guy with this criteria is one of the best that you can know so don’t ruined anything. This kinda guy would always being by your side and willing to take any risks to help you when needed and by that, I don’t put this on the guys based on their physicals. Sometimes a tough guy with six packs and the women-magnet biceps can be a real jerk than other ordinary guys. So, watch out !

5) Girls talk

I save the last for the best. Isn’t it great when your guy can lend his ear when you talk about makeups, hijabs, clothes, high heels, plush toys and all the pinky stuffs you have? This is the best ! Its get even better when you can ask for his opinion about which one you should buy. Wow. Boys, if you’re in this category, you’re already hit a woman jackpot and you’re in the dreamy list. Hahaha.

That is all that I can think of and this is just my opinion. I hope it might help some of you to find a better soul mate. Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a nice day.

An Introvert : Are we mysterious or just a silence lover?

Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday 🙂

I’m just having my lunch. Just a simple egg sandwich with tomatoes slices and chopped cabbage plus extra toast – just in case I cannot hold my hunger longer. Haha. I don’t have my usual today which is a plate of rice with a few dishes because my mom is not at home so I just want simple meal for lunch. Self-cooked lunch !

Today, I want to give my own opinion on one type of personality that has been in my view for a few months. Before this, I really don’t have any idea what an introvert is but thanks to Google that now I can search anything in the searching bar. When I looked at the meaning and the type of personality, automatically I analyzed myself and yeah, I’m one of them. I am an introvert ! Self-high fives!

Lots of people think that being an introvert is just a shy and awkward person but the truth is, it is more complicated than that. An introvert is a person who gets their energy from spending time alone and spending time with their tools. It is who you see in front of you but you cannot tell anything about her/him. Just like Edward who can’t read Bella’s mind and makes he feel questioned every time he saw her. The best analogy I can get from the Twilight’s movie.


  • A shy, reticent person.
  • A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
  • It describes a person who is turned inward mentally and shows less than average interest in the outside world.

An introvert is person who is wrapped up in herself. If you are extremely shy and would rather examine your feelings in your diary than have a conversation, then you are an introvert.

Well, I am a very secretive person. Although I have someone who is the closest to me but still I have my own way of thinking and judgement that I keep in my mind’s folder just for my own reference. Before I do something or talk about something, I would filter them and keep the residuals just for myself. I don’t say that I keep junk in my head. That would be amusing to think of 😛 I always think before I speak because being nice is my top priority.

Its just sometimes I don’t like people to see what I really think and believe. I don’t express my feelings to everyone. I put all people in different categories and by that I mean different person for different topics. You get it? For example, I love and very comfortable to talk about my love story to my selected friends and not my family. Its just I feel this twitch of discomfort if I tell them about that. 

Introverts often avoid social contact.

This is so true. I always avoiding unknown people. I can’t find a way to blend in with new people. Having social anxiety is my biggest problem which leads to low confidence. Haha. I know its sound serious but I can managed it with a few desperation stimulation 😛 I need more time to adapt with new people for at least a year. True story.

Introverts tend to recharge by spending time alone. 

I love to use up my time just for myself. Even I admit that going shopping alone is quiet fun because nobody can distract me to buy my favourite things. I can go wherever I want without hearing any nags or blabs from anybody who doesn’t like things that I already bought. It is very tiring to hear all that, you know and I don’t like it. Just let me shop in peace. Hahaha. One more thing, I feel more relax if I doing something alone. For example, I love study alone and I am comfortable with that. Study group is not my thing. I have my own method and that helps in my focus and increase my productivity. You wanna say I am arrogant? Whatever. I know what I’m doing.

Introverts prefer a solo hobby.

I don’t like to be in a group of people and feels socially anxious so I would rather to find my interest alone. For example, reading books and surfing the internet. It feels safe and quiet and that’s more like it. 🙂

They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds.

It feels insecure when I rolled myself into public alone. It makes me restless and nervous about my self-presentation. Its all about my confidence. Sometimes, its about my physical features and attire and I have a big trouble to talk to unknown people such as the sellers. Sorry but I am in the process to improve my communication skills and alhamdulillah, it is better now. 🙂

Avoiding unimportant stuffs.

I don’t know about other people but for this point, I am totally on it. Sometimes, I can’t handle small talks. I think its boring and not important. If it is not important, I just ignore it. Being a good listener is just to be nice but the reality is, I really don’t care. Once again, I am so sorry. 😛

Loves to communicate through words.

Oh yeah. Just like what I’m doing now. Writing virtually in blog and also I love to chat and send text messages. It is more leisurely compared to face-to-face conversation. Super-awkward ! The written words makes me feel really secure and I can express what I really think when I write it down BUT it is vice versa for my favourite people. Haha.

So are we introverts are mysterious? It depends on how you treat them and what type of person are you to them. We are not judge everything but we observe everything in silence and after observation, we think before give any opinions and solutions. Just let we shine in silence. 🙂

A picture for future guidance and it is interesting. Check it out !

And I’d insert a video here. Just to be clear, I love being an introvert because for me, it is very nice to have some time for ourselves and it is more adventurous for people who want to know us if we keep some secrets. In conclusion, we are not living in a mystery but privacy is our number one priority. 🙂


How to read women like a book ?

Assalamualaikum and Happy Monday 🙂

Look at the title. I think this is the boldest entry that I ever wrote. Its just like I’m writing a manual for men who want to comprehend women zealously. Before I go further, I would like to emphasize that this is just my opinion because I am a woman and of course I know what women think and feel. Assume this as one of your references okay? Let me guide you.

Ladies are the most confusing creature in the world. Why? Because they are complicated both physically and mentally.

Looking at the biological aspects, they do have intricate body parts. For example, the uterus which leads to the menses every month when they hit puberty and I must say it is torturing. The PMS, the period cramps, the moods became ON and OFF like every time, the aches on several body parts and all that are really giving women hard times so please, can you understand us?

When the hormones are all mixing up creating a chaos inside the body, this is why women will show all sorts of feelings when you do something wrong even it is the smallest matter. They can be crazy psychotic monster if you don’t handled them with extra care. Here some tips from me.

What you have to do is,

  • Be patient with her caprices although she said or do stupid things.
  • Brings any snacks – she feels hungry like all the time and eat a lot especially something sweet.
  • Always said yes and agreed with everything she said.
  • Never ever be mad of her because she will be super sensitive unless you can handle her cries 24/7 😛
  • Said things that will comfort her and make her calm.
  • Make sure she get enough rest and for the best, sleep.
  • Give gentle massages on her back and waist.
  • Ignore her? Don’t you dare. During their period, she needs you at most and don’t leave her alone.
  • Never offend her.
  • Be romantic as much as possible – the girls are very emotional during her period.
  • Always keep in mind that if she said something stupid or illogical, don’t trust her. Its not her but it is the hormones talking!

These are some information that I may pointed out when your girl are having their monthlies. You men MUST understand this because this is very important if you want to have a delightful relationship. They are so fragile but don’t worry. She will be back to normal after the menses ended. You just have to be extremely patient only for a few days. It doesn’t that hard right? 🙂

Despite the suffocating time of the month, women also came up with a ravishing package. The beautiful bodies, the pretty smile and the most important is their heart. The ladies assembles so much love inside them and wait for the right time to burst. They have these awesome attitude build up inside of them. Caring, softhearted and loving and because of that you may want to look for the details when something wrong happened. You need to collect enough information about woman and studying it. Yeah, its sounds like a lot of work but do you have any choice if you want a woman in your life?

1) Double Meaning

In majority counts, most women are secretive. I admit that some of them are very direct and straightforward but they still have secrets even the tiniest one. What is she saying in front of you are 90% not coming from her heart. This is so true. Women always assuming the men to understand them on his own. Its like you’re playing riddles without any hints or clues. If you do it wrong, you’re screwed. Women are always like that and nothing will never ever change that. That makes a woman, a woman.

I’m giving you an example of situation here.

A man and his wife are having dinner together at a restaurant. The wife ordered a bowl of mushroom soup with a few slices of garlic bread because she doesn’t have the appetite to eat something heavy while her husband eat one full plate of Carbonara spaghetti with a few meatballs. While the husband enjoying his appetizing meal, the wife just observing him.

Wife : Is the spaghetti really that yummy? I’m sure its pretty tasty. Its quite a long time since we’re having the Western’s for dinner right? 🙂

Now I’m questioning you. What does she even mean? For a man who lack of experiences with woman is totally never gets it and definitely will answer like this.

Husband : Yeah. Its very good. I never thought this place serves a very delicious spaghetti ! We should come again later.

It sounds right but nope. You’re doing it wrong. Why? Two words : DOUBLE MEANING. Hiding feelings are really a woman’s games. They don’t expressing what they feel directly on your face but they want you to make the move to understand them. More like telepathically maybe.

What the wife really meant is

That spaghetti looks very delicious. I want to taste it ! I’m hoping he would give me some. What don’t I asked him a few questions?

Andddd there she goes. Asking the questions and hoping that her husband would give her a chance to taste it. See? Analyzing the questions came out from her mouth and her thoughts are extremely different. That’s woman. So what you have to do when she asked you the questions is

Husband : Its really good. Here. Have some. If you want we can order another one for you at home. 🙂

Yeahhh. That should be it. Are you one of these kinda guy? If its true, you hit the woman jackpot!

2) Own language

I’m just gonna upload a picture and boys, you have to prepare your tools and lets do some revision !

1BeFunky_WOMEN'S LANGUAGE 20-language

3) Attention

Woman really loves attention and really hates to be ignored or otherwise she’ll be the one who ignoring you if you turn a blind eye to her. If she started to not paying attention to you, BEWARE. There must be some problems that she want to settle with you. For example, if you’re pay no heed to her texts or calls, she can get really angry either in her words or the most serious is the silence.

4) Right-Now People

Besides hiding on what she really feels, the truth is she want to settle all the problems with you right away. Woman doesn’t like to delay any problems until you figure it out the solutions. Please take note. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVE FIRST. I know you man has quite high level of self-esteem but you may want to take things slow. You know, with gentle. Woman will respect you more if you lower your ego a little bit. It would not crack your nomination in her Top 5 list as The Most Like Spouse. I am pretty sure about that. Why? Because I’m a woman. So, what are you waiting for? Find the settlements in your problems with her!

5) Give her time

When your girl getting mad because of you, just give her some space and time for her to cool off. Kinda of a silence treatment. She’ll be okay after that. How long you have to wait? It depends on her when she want to forgive you BUT I have to remind you something. During that period, you should not leave the situation in total silence but you must show your effort to coax her. Send her a few apologizing messages in a beautiful and sincere way. Call her and if she doesn’t answer, don’t stop persuades her in other way. Your coaxing level will determine how much you care about her and she’ll be seeing that although she is sad.

6) Little things

Girls never stop appreciating all things even it is the smallest matter. Your Good Morning text everyday is never gets old. For her, it is the best start for her and it might brighten her for the whole day! See? Simple is the best. There are many other things that you can do to attract a woman’s heart. Call her everyday just to say I Love You to her. Just a few seconds but its totally worth it. It may decreases the percentages of your conflicts, problems or any misunderstanding. Also, you can do surprises. Woman loves everything that can make her feel overwhelmed. Who says it is hard to win a woman’s heart?

Girls do have some quirky characters that appear to be very confusing to the men. I agree that it is very difficult to understand them. What they say are exactly in the opposite. You must accept the fact that woman only do things like this if she likes you. Its true. You see that if a woman doesn’t like you, she’ll just ignored you or maybe saying harsh words if she is a bad-tempered person. For some girls, they just stay in silence and don’t shows any responds towards you.

Women ask and say all these things because they:

  • Want to be loved and appreciated
  • Want you to care enough to know what they want without them having to tell you.
  • Offer subtle criticism that you gotta figure out on your own.

Besides of their peculiar personality, women do have lots of wonderful demeanor. They full with so much love and you can see that in a mother.

I hope this guide can help men around the world know what a woman really means by what she says. I guess these are the only things that I have in mind. Feel free to give your opinion, ideas or any other information. Thank you for reading 🙂