There’s nothing can be compared to the precious time you enjoyed wasting with your best friends. Not to mention if there’s a bunch of them willing to spend their time together with you. My all time besties since in the boarding school had became my forever clique and I bet you I can share anything with them. After the school ended, we went through separate ways to continue our studies but that is not a big problem yet we would met at least once a year to hang out and catching up everything.

So yeah. After a few months, we decided to go out and had fun! For the first time, we went to AEON mall in Klebang, Ipoh which also the biggest one in Perak and its new! What I love about this place is there are so many walls full with different types of wallpapers specifically for taking photos. OMG. There’s a lot, guys and they are amazing.




This interesting place also full with colourful mini bulb chairs so you always have time to relax. There is one shop specifically for house decorations and other stuff called Kaison. I think I started to be a huge fan of this Kaison. It fulls with awesome and unique things! Especially for those who are minimalistic like I do, you better take your feet here.








The price is extremely reasonable! Looking forward to be here again. At this point, we were starving so we picked a place to eat. Surprise, surprise, we choose you, Boat Noodle!


Welcome to the food paradise! These are basically Thai food and the noodles are made of rice. What can I say, I love these spoons of magic. Technically, the little bowl only full with about a spoonful of the noodles, a slice of beef/chicken meat and also a fishball, I guess. Due to the small quantity for each bowl, we decided to order 5 bowls of noodle per person. The price is only RM1.90 per bowl. You can choose either beef or chicken and each of them has two flavour; creamy and non-spicy also sour-spicy taste. For me, all the flavours are acceptable and super duper yummeh. I love all of them. There are also other types of food you might picked besides these noodles.

For the drink, there are so many choices and I picked Iced Green Tea which is now I think have become my favourite. The quantity of the drink is quite satisfying because of the big-sized plastic container. The price for my drink is RM6.90.



This is mine. Oh yeah! This is my very first time trying this and finally I know how to use a chopstick. Noob. Hahaha. I’ve finished all five bowls and to top that, I managed to eat another two because my friends won’t able to finish it off. Summing up to 7 bowls for me. Hahaha.


Aini and Athirah. They look so happy eating these noodles yet each of them cannot finished one bowl each. Hahahaha.


Fina, Athilah and me. We were so jakun and batak for eating these for the very first time ever. Hahaha.


Finish it offfffffffff!!!


We really had a great time together. Looking forward for another date, guys! Love you ❤

Mini Reunion & NU Sentral


Last weekend, one of my high school buddy (who is also in my trouble-maker team), Baie, came here to Shah Alam all the way from Puncak Alam. Yeah, she’s a Palamians now. Congratulations babe for your new entrance as a degree student! You’re officially one of us! Hahaha. Seriously, one day is not enough and I’m hoping that you’re enjoy your stay. 🙂

To spend more time together while enjoying the weekend, we’ve decided to go to NU Sentral by the train. This is my third time hop on this high-techie ‘centipede’ and I was excited as usual. Hahahaha. Such a noob.

Enjoying my ride inside the ladies’ coach like a boss or may I say an antisocial boss. Hahaha. I guess that I’m gonna be like Sheldon Cooper who loves train ride a lot. 😛 As we reached KL Sentral, I admit that I’m such a person who just escaped from a cave or whatever. For the first time, I saw there were so many people here and there. I also have no idea that NU Sentral was basically inside the KL Sentral. Double noob.

Trying a Japanese Cuisine, Tori Katsu for the first time ever in my life was such an awesome eating experience. It had changed my whole food-trying records. I was a little bit hesitate to try it out as I’m worried that the taste will be terrible. I was wrong. It was extremely a delightful taste! It consists of a breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips, generally served with shredded cabbage and miso soup. Everything was perfect except for the miso soup which did not catch my taste when I take a sip of it alone but it was good eating together with the rice and chicken. The warm green tea is included in the set and the taste was actually acceptable. The price for overall set is MYR12.90.

Enjoy the photos! 😛

Thanks for coming, Baie. I had such a great time trying new things and thanks again for being one of besties. Hope this friendship would never end! Come again next time please. ❤

My First Time Visit to UTP


Right now I’m feelin’ a lil bit worn out because I’d just finished 80% packing up my stuff coz you know, tomorrow I will be leaving my home to start my new semester next week. Cuti sudah habis, bro! Like seriously, my two months’ semester break is over? *cry

Before I get any further, I would like to share my journey to one of the most well-known university in Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). Actually, it was a last minute plan (as per usual) conducted by Aini with also my two other friends, Huzer and Hanah. It was more to a mini reunion I guess because its been about a year since I met Huzer and Hanah. The main purpose was to meet one of our Kelantanese friend, Ruhi who is already in her final year at UTP. Yeah, I know we took a long time to pay her a visit but since it was our semester break so lets go!

Our journey begin with a challenge when the car showed a few problems. The check-engine light was on and off in the entire road so we need to change for another car. Bummer! Alhamdulillah everything went so well and safe.

UTP is a magnificent campus with all the modernize and urban-like buildings. I love the concept where it looks like so futuristic plus the view. Wow. The library is one of the most attractive one. I’m stunned! Nothing to say. Just enjoy the photos!

Till next time, girls! ❤

Dear commissioners,


Giving my respect, high admiration and one big applause to both of my besties, Aini Munirah Binti Muhamad Shud and Siti Hawa Binti Azhar for their commission day recently! I never thought that it would get this serious when they decided to join the uniform unit in their degree studies.

Hawa or may I called Leftenan Muda Siti Hawa Binti Azhar, the last time we met was like 3-4 years ago but still we contacted each other thru FB and Whatsapp. I know that she’s been struggling to complete her Reserve Officers Training Unit (PALAPES) training, marching, camping and all that stuff. I am very sure that her physical appearance does looks different too me. You’ve lost so much weight! Hahaha. On 15th August, finally she had completed her major task and finally celebrating her commission day. Alhamdulillah and congratulations my buddy! I’m proud of you. Hawa is the most rare person I’ve ever met and she’s never get to the road of despair. Always, always and always giving her best in no matter what she’s doing including helping anybody. Hawa, if you’re reading this, please calm yourself and don’t be flattered. HAHAHA :p

Aini, my 15-years-and-counting best friend, had finally achieved her credential in Malaysian Civil Defence or Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia as Leftenan Muda yesterday. Still I want to share a laugh or two when she’s keep worrying and perturbed about her mom telling her to give extra care on her skin. Aini is not a kind of person who concerned about beauty products and stuff but after that she’s keep asking me about it. I know you’ve tanned yourself already huh because of all the marching and stuff? Hahaha. As long as I can, I will help you babe. No worries. You’re the eldest sister that your family can be proud of. Alhamdulillah and congrats! ❤

I really do not know how they handle this uniform units and stuff alternately with their studies. Both are brilliant students and always keeping score. I’m glad that both of you had pulling this off.

One achievement unlocked.


Triumph Thursday

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Before I start to write anything, give a big clap to my old friend, Fatin Nurizzati Bt Mohamad Fadzli for her participation in Parlimen Mahasiswa 2015 recently. Its been all over the papers last Wednesday ! Just like in the photo below taken from Utusan Malaysia Online.

Muhyiddin Yassin bergambar bersama sebahagian daripada mahasiswa yang hadir dalam Majlis Makan Malam Perdana sempena Persidangan Parlimen Mahasiswa Sesi Pertama 2015 di Kuala Lumpur, semalam. – UTUSAN/Mohd Farizwan Hasbullah - See more at:
Muhyiddin Yassin bergambar bersama sebahagian daripada mahasiswa yang hadir dalam Majlis Makan Malam Perdana sempena Persidangan Parlimen Mahasiswa Sesi Pertama 2015 di Kuala Lumpur, semalam. – UTUSAN/Mohd Farizwan Hasbullah – See more at:

Guess which one is her? She was in the orange scarf. 🙂

Taking pictures with Malaysia’s Deputy of Prime Minister? Say whaaaaaat? OMG!

So proud of you, babe. She’s being in this ‘public speaking’ field for quite a few years. Back on 2008 I guess, going through the thicks and thins of the debate arena making her to be one of the most respected and super talented debaters in Bahasa Melayu in 2009 and 2010.

Taking part in the HKSBP precious event during our boarding school time making me feel more confident and believe that her gift for being high-level speaking girl will strikes again in her university’s life. Well, I guess that’s true. Debating is where her soul belongs to and I know she will never let it go just like that.

Hoping that you will continuing your journey in a great way and having the courage to against all the flaws and circumstances. Best of luck !

RR : The One-Day Event

Assalamualaikum 🙂

I’m hoping that all of you readers are in the pink of health and having an awesome day today. Just want to share my one-day event with my besties last Saturday. What is RR? It is the abbreviation for Reunion Raya! Yeah. I’m having another Raya day with my friends and this time, it was official. With baju kurung, kuih raya and all that so it was themed.

I’ve became hyper-active when I spent more time on laughing like most of the time. Seriously, catching things up with your long-time-no-see buddies really keep your laugh motor running like hell! A couple days before, I had cold which leads to fever and coughs afterwards but it seems that seeing my friends made all the sickness go away. New proverbs created :

Bunch of friends a day, keeps the doctor away.

Haha. Whatever. What made me feeling so excited on that day was my best friend, Aini had all the courage to drive and picked me up also our friend, Hanah at the bus station in town. It was like she was the bravest among us of all ! She was quite afraid and always had this panic attack when she doing something under her focus but on that day, she nailed it. I managed to take a picture for that proud moment. :p

I put so much effort on this photo because my phone doesn’t have the front camera. Lame? So what? I snap this selfie successfully! Hahaha. Being Aini’s co-driver for the first time was once in a lifetime experience, you know.

I didn’t told you where the place was it? So this Reunion Raya was took place at Aini’s house. Having roti jala with chicken curry plus with the Mee Tomyam really welcomed our appetites. Super-tasty! Although I didn’t eat a lot as usual (all the fever’s fault!), but I do drink a lot. You know, keep hydrated all through the day.

We took soooooo many pictures so that we can shared them on our Whatsapp’s little group to make the others felt the twitch of envy and jealous for not celebrating it with us. Hahahahahaha *evil laugh to the max. So, lets check ’em out, guys!

Yeah. We were photo-freak on that day. We took pictures everywhere from inside to the outside of the house. It was freaking awesome! Its been forever since we took pictures together like this. I think the last time was when we were in high school and that was like 4 years ago so that’s why I have to make more than one gallery this time. Haha. :p

Thank you so much to Aini and family for having us and served such delightful meals. Don’t forget, my other sweet friends ; Athilah, Athirah, Huzer and Hanah. Such an enjoyable day and I already miss you guys :’) Hoping for another gathering with the others next time ! ❤


Mini Reunion on board !


Get-psyched mode on ! Yeahhh.

Well I am so excited for this upcoming Saturday for our Eid’s gathering and I mean by ‘our’ here is me and my bunch of girlfriends. Its been so long since our last meeting but I just met three of them yesterday ! Yup. We really can’t waited too long for the next together session because some of us will be in the end of their holiday and get back to the studying mode. Me? Also the same. Less than a month and I will continuing my degree study and the chosen course’s result is on this 12th and 13th. Although it is scary, I will do my best for this opportunity.

Talking about yesterday’s event? Me and my best buddy, Aini decided to pay a visit to our twin friends’ house. It was really not a Hari Raya visit but more to a small reunion because you know, it was just 4 of us and it is only 15% of our group. Haha. We didn’t see each other for a few months and had a lot of catch up to do so Aini picked me up with a scooter. Yes. You heard it. A scooter. Its not like we hate scooters but this is our first time experienced riding a scooter as before this we used to ride on a usual motorcycle. No offense scooter lover. I think it was kind a cute. Its just there are some differences between scooter and motorcycle. The starting process, the brakes and it has no gears! OMG. But we really had some fun riding it 😛

Aini and I have no idea where the directions to the twin’s house. We remembered a little bit since we’ve been there like 2 years ago. Luckily, we managed to take the correct lane and find it. Of course we snap some photos. It is important for our collections and the most important is to make other friends who didn’t joined get jealous by posting them in our Whatsapp group. Hahaha. 😛

Too many stories to be told in one day. That’s why we all came to a decision to held a Hari Raya gathering at Aini’s house this Saturday. I hope other friends would come this time. Its been a while and really missing you guys. I am so lucky to have these awesome friends. We had create a memorable days when we were in high school for 5 years. I love you guys so much ❤


The last picture of the day