Vlog ?


Happy 57th Independence Day to all Malaysians ! Merdeka ! I must say I am quite attracted to this year’s theme ; Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta as in English, Here Is Where The Love Is Born kinda like that. Haha. The phrase was taken from one of the popular song, Warisan sang by Allahyarham Sudirman Haji Arshad, the legend Malaysian singer. The lyrics was so warm and very inspiring to all Malaysian especially the youngsters to be loyal and dutiful person to our nation. It is like raising the patriotic morale from deep down of our hearts and expressing our love to this country. We could find a way to spread the love among other people. Alhamdulillah. I am so grateful to be one of Malaysian people. ❤

Speaking about Malaysia, I’ve been spending my leisure time by watching several YouTube videos made by some Malaysian vloggers ! I am so enjoying these amazing self-made videos starting from my old friend, Shaika Nur Nadwah who is also a vlogger. She’s got a high level of confidence to talk in front of the camera also making a documentary-like videos. It is like she’s appreciating all the experiences and memories by recording them into a camera. It is kinda cool you know as I don’t have the guts to record everything I did in front of other people. You may want to check the videos on her YouTube channel.

From there, I found Mizblurrity‘s YouTube channel. Same as Shaika, she recorded everything that happened around her. Mostly, with her friends. What I like about hers is that the videos show the amazing friendships between her and her friends, also with some other vloggers. She cooked something unique with her bestie and then give it to other friends to taste and give evaluations. With some comedy’s editing and amazing effects, it does look more interesting to be watch. Here one of the video from Mizblurrity or may I called her as Kak KD.

From Kak KD, I know about Mentol Pecah, one of the most famous duo in Malaysian’s vlogging world. Hahaha. A combination from Nirman and Mozek gives a fantastic impact to me because both of them has a remarkable comedy qualities which they rolled into each videos. There are mostly about life sketches. You should put theirs in a Must-Watch videos’ list ! 

Next is Amanwan. I already watched his videos once, long time ago but I didn’t remember to catch up his videos until the latest one so last week, I did. Same as Mentol Pecah, he is extremely funny and I love how he presenting his ideas in a humble and moral way. He is a comic artist and of course, his drawings are impressive. 

These are my favourite vloggers and I never get tired or bored watching their vlogs. Maybe you should check ’em out too to experience something you never did or brighten up your day? Hehe. I love to see how they become friends just by doing videos on YouTube and they are like a community that unite in everything. I can see that from their group meeting outdoor, a gathering and also in Skype !

I wish I could have courage like them to express and share opinions and life events thru videos. I guess writing is my thing. Haha. Thank you for reading, guys.