Eid 2015

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! 😀

Alhamdulillah. This year’s Eid, I’m having the best Hari Raya celebration since my semester is over and I can enjoy my Raya in maximum! Finally, I can relax without thinking any tests, exams or even assignments within my holiday.

Well, as per usual celebrating our festive month in Perlis with all my relatives. It is awesome! Nothing to say, just want to upload some pictures. Enjoy! 🙂

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Just rocking an ordinary blue batik pattern baju kurung with a blue satin shawl. Simple makes me comfortable. Alhamdulillah 🙂

Eid 2014

Assalamualaikum 🙂

What a pleasant day and its already August. Time flies so fast. Faster than The Flash. It is such a relief when we managed to complete our fasting month very well and of course it will be missed so much. Hoping to see this noble month again next year. Today is already 5th of Syawal which means the fifth day of Hari Raya.

So the story starts when last Saturday which is the 28th of Ramadan, my family and I decided to depart from our home to the one and only place we celebrated Hari Raya every year ; my mom’s village in Perlis. I already told you it is 4 hours trip from my home but we used to it. One of the great moment is during the Iftar. The environment with the bunch of kids (majority boys) and the food, the mood was set up. Very lively and cheerful. More like family reunion during dinner.

The next day, the aura of Hari Raya begin to swirl inside our body. Like the adrenaline started to take actions for tomorrow’s preparation. Everyone was quite busy. Looking for coconut’s leaves to make ketupat. Starting to pick a few chickens and ducks to make rendang. Don’t forget the lemang. These three ‘BFFs’ are the essential meals during Hari Raya. They are on the top list of Must-Have food on this precious day!

1st Syawal

As usual, woke up early to shower before the toilet stuck with too many people and I don’t want to queue for shower. It is quite depressed when waiting for the kids to finished and I hate waiting. Haha. After that I enjoyed ketupat and lemang with rendang for my breakfast and of course, it was yummy. Prepared myself for Solat Hari Raya at the nearest mosque. Can you guess what our next activity is? Taking pictures ! I know you’re hoping for the photos when you see the title although you already saw them on my Instagram’s news feed on my sidebar widget. Lets check ’em out 😛


So this is my Hari Raya’s apparel. Just a simple baju kurung and a teal square hijab. Just another my plain style for the Eid. Sometimes I don’t like to look messy with so much accessories or garbled attire. I am a simple person and I love simple fashion as long as I covered my aurah 🙂 andddd that was a summary for what happened during the first day of Hari Raya. I ate a lot on that day 😛

2nd Syawal

Did not have any pictures taken on this day but it was a quite exhausting journey. Went to my Pak Lang’s house in Kedah. Luckily, the lunch were not disappointing. I really talk much about food am I? 😛 After that, continuing our family’s convoy to my grandma’s cousin’s house. It is like a must to go there during Hari Raya. The journey end at the end of the evening. A very tiring day. Phewww.

3rd Syawal

The most exciting one! We’re having a BBQ session in the evening. A lots and lots of food I tell ya. Homemade burger with cheese slices and the accessories ; mayonnaise, tomatoes slices, chilli sauce and the most freaking awesome was the cheese-based sauce. I never saw and taste this kind of sauce. The texture more to mayo but with the taste of cheese. Very yummeh !

Also, the sausages, muttons, and the iced coconut water for refreshment. At night around 8 p.m, we continue grilled the mussels, squids, fishes and meat. So many food choices and it was a wonderful and enjoying day ! I managed to snap a picture of the table to prepare the burgers. No other photos because I was quite busy helping for the preparation, and eating. Haha 😛

2014-07-30 18.44.17

The next day, which is yesterday, we’re going home. I must say that this year’s Eid, had drawn a very delightful memories in my book. Hoping for another awesome family events next year ! I ended my entry with a Hari Raya selfie.


Before I forget, please forgive for all my wrongdoings okay guys? Have a great Raya and have a nice day ! ❤