Motivational Monday

Assalamualaikum and hey! 🙂

DISCLAIMER : I’m not being a peacock here to post this. Please behave and calm your expectations, assumptions, perspectives and impressions. I’m not going to responsible of any jealousy, hatred or even a psychotic act. *wink

This time, I’m gonna passed my writing position to the American Authors. Yeah, they’re in charge today. Today ONLY. Hahaha.

I had a dream so big and loud I jumped so high I touched the clouds. Yes, you guys rocks! 😀

Why I proposed this song for today’s entry? Remember my super miserable final exams timetable last month? Guess what, I nailed it! I am entirely shocked with my results which came in my email last Friday. Seriously, it was beyond my target and expectations.


Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah. *cry

It is a sweet moment when you’re finally realized that you always can do better from time to time. Doesn’t matter if there’s anything that holding you back but you keep walking or even running forward, never look back. It is delightful when all the hard works and tears paid off. Yeah, I cried sometimes especially during my PMS. Haha. It is satisfying, you know.

On the other hand, Z also being such a brilliant when…


I wowed. Keep staring on those pointers just like in a fantasy. It was unbelievable. Alhamdulillah again. Z and I struggled every single day during the exam week and now, all have been paid. I am so happy I’m gonna cry when receiving the email. Hehe.

How I study? :

  • As usual, I always working on mind maps and short notes that can be referred to during the exam week. It doesn’t have to look nice with all colourful words unless you prefer that way. Pencils is the best. Can be erased easily and I write more faster with pencils. I only used colourful pens to underline the important points. Fyi, I just wrote them on a blank white A4 paper and divide it into a few parts by folding it so I can write more. No colour papers.
  • Always refer on the past year questions and do the questions TOPICALLY. I can get really bored (also annoyed) if I do it altogether year by year. It is less complicated if I do it topically and also, I can see the questions’ pattern for each year. Honestly, I enjoyed doing it that way.
  • I find that I can read and remember more things if I do it in the morning and night. I guess I had found my specific and strategic way to study. What’s yours?
  • Always be prepared and ready for exams. Make sure there is nothing that can spoil your day.
  • Remain calm for like 24/7. There’s no use if you keep panicking. No monsters in the exam hall.
  • Always give the best performance during the exam. Never left any unanswered questions. You MUST write something even you did not know the answer. Keep digging inside your brain. There must be something inside that may help you with the questions even it is only 0.01%.
  • READ EVERYTHING. It is not a serious problem if you doesn’t remember everything but just read them all. Make sure all the information are registered inside your brain. It would come out during the exam. I’m serious. This is actually happened to me everytime. The best thing, it will help you to goreng if you’re blank.
  • For class, make sure you’re keeping track with what the lecturer trying to teach you about. Honestly, I don’t pay attention in each class but I’ll make sure that I understand everything. Always, always, always write when lecturers are giving you extra notes. They are one of the most important thing that will finally help you in understanding each topics.
  • Constantly looking for extra notes and information from the internet and books. This will help you in point elaborations.

I guess that’s all. These are the things that I actually do during my study and exams. I’m just a normal people who like to go shopping, watching movies in cinemas with my boyfriend like everyone else but when it come to study, I’ll make sure that I’ll be focus.

One more thing, I believe that helping others also is one of the reason behind my success. I feed cats whenever I see them and I keep saying to them,

Please pray to Allah. Pray for me. 

I guess their prayers were answered. Alhamdulillah. Congratulations for those who had achieved a reamarkable results. Just have faith and always believe in yourselves. Ignore unimportant things. For those who do not satisfied with their results, there is no such thing as failure in this world if you always have a chance to make a real success. It really doesn’t matter if you fall down once in a while. Besides, it makes you stronger than ever. I never look people in terms of failure or lack of success because I always believe.

I’m not showing off but I want to keep myself motivated.

Alhamdulillah. Hope my tips helps. Thanks for reading ❀ 😀

Flattery Friday

Assalamualaikum and hey !


I would like to emphasize that I am not a showboat to write this but I just want to share my gaiety, happiness, satisfaction and joy with you readers. This is a big deal for me and I want to talk about it. 🙂

Well, today is the official day for the final exam result announcement for my very first semester of degree. As you know, I’m currently pursuing in Bachelor of Biomolecular Sciences at UiTM Shah Alam and yeah, this is my result.

*drum roll



(Yup. I’m taking eight subjects. I know that is already insane :P)

This is more than I ever expected because of all the chaos of my final exam timetable. It was hell, I tell you. Causing me some sort of mental breakdown for two weeks until at one point I cried because of the ruthless timetable. Guess what? I had two exam papers in A DAY and I had another one on the next morning. Crazy,right? It was brutal ! Imagine that I didn’t have enough time to memorize all the facts with all the diagrams and equations. Not to mention about my sleep and rest time. I almost get a migrain for that. On that time, I’m just tawakal for my efforts. I had done my best and alhamdulillah, the hard work works and struggles paid off. *cry

Thank you so much to everyone who keep supporting me especially Prof. Dr. Haji Kamsani Ngalib for being so generous ! I didn’t finished answering the exam paper but by looking to my efforts through my answers, he gave me an A. How cool was that? I am so lucky to have him as my lecturer and my academic advisor. 🙂

I’ve been waiting for the result since last night because usually it will be send to the email before the official day to be announced. I am both curious and nervous to know how my performance outcome. On 12:50 am, I get an email while I’m on the phone with Z. I am about to scream after I knew the result. Hahaha.

What about Z? His result is sooooooo…..


So wow. Just started as a  Part 1 student and already scored. Whaaaatt?? He is a part one (semester one) student of Estate Management and yeah, he nailed it. I am glad and proud of him. I must say that we do study hard as we went to library every weekend to study. Lots of my friends keep asking me,

How can you focus when your boyfriend is in front of you?

Do you both really studying or just keep staring at each other?

Hahaha. This is so funny. Yes. We do have time to have a staring contest or even smiling to each other but when I study, I  make sure that I had done something in the progress. Making mind maps and short notes, memorizing something or any input that you will help you in your study. Remember, focus is key. I am not an expert in studies but I just want to tell my study method.

You know what, making colourful mind maps are my hobby because I love to draw. Hahaha. I guess that’s all. Maybe I will do a special post about my study technique and once again, I am not showing off.

For those who had achieve your goal during the exams, congratulations ! It is satisfying when you’re success because of your own effort in the very beginning, right? I feel the same. Alhamdulillah. For those who are frustrated with your result, please don’t because you had done the best and remember this,

Pointer is something BUT faith is everything

Have faith in yourself and keep on strive for excellence, especially in your life because you are awesome.

Road to ANC ! ❀

Thank you for reading 🙂