Simple Meals For A Simple Me


I don’t know what exactly happened but I had some trouble to log in my WordPress account just now. It looks like someone had resetting my passwords and because of that I have to make a new one. Or is it has a connection with the new style column I’m writing in right now? Please someone tell me is it WordPress has made some improvement or update? BUT I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the passwords. I just let this question unanswered.

I’m a simple girl and you really can tell when you see my clothing style. For me, casual is the most chosen fashion. Why? because I just love simple things. Jeans have been my first choice of pants before palazzo and long skirts. To complete the combination, I put on a blouse. Blouses are quite normal for the ladies and I love them more than the dresses. Easy-walking attire are definitely my option.

Basically, I just want to share a few simple recipes or meals that you may try. I don’t know why but I just love to watch cooking shows on the television. Its like you watch an experiment conducted by a scientist. You mixed the ingredients and voila! You have the result and it looks so mouth-watering.

Yeah, I love to eat and I love food. That is why I always try to cook something simple and easy especially for my supper or tea break. Sometimes, my parents don’t take heavy meals and a few slices of bread should be enough. For me, nuh-uh. I think it is such a waste if you don’t get your youthful times fully utilize with food trying and eating whatever you like (on your own risks). So, lets get started!

There you go. The main ingredient you should have are bread and eggs. It is the most important thing for me if I wanna cook something when my belly is growling for food.

  • You may fried the egg or just make scrambled eggs. To enhance the flavour, I used pepper and seasoning soy sauce during cooking them. You may used any kind of flavouring if you want and I don’t put a sprinkle of salt because the seasoning already take that job. You may put them if you want to.
  • For the bread, I just transform them into a toast. Easy peasy. You may choose either you want to spread them with butter or a plain toast would be okay for you.
  • For extra accessories, I choose a couple spoon of mayonnaise. Sometimes, I just spread them on the toast or the fried egg. On the other hand, I mixed it together with the scrambled eggs. If you have a can of tuna, you also can put them together. It will add more flavour and of course, more delicious.
  • Moreover, you can add some vegetables to make them a perfect sandwich. The reason why I’m not doing it because I am too slothful to cut them and I want the meal is ready in a short time. Am I such a glutton?
  • Mostly, I don’t use chili or tomato sauce for the dressing because I just love the spicy flavour from the pepper (yup, I put a lot of pepper) when they combined with the mayo. In my opinion, the sauce will make the mayo flavour diminished.

As you can see the photo on the left, there is a couple of tempura nuggets (you can’t say no to processed food). I’m adding them to get a meaty taste in the meal.

I hope you enjoy my post today and you can try this for your sahur time and it is a satisfactory recipes. Make sure you try them 🙂

P/S : The new writing column sucks. I like the old one.