Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Review

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Its been a while since I wrote reviews about products that I’ve been using and I am happy to share with you readers. I’m not going to talk about a skincare regime or whatsoever but I want to share something that could help you to get a fair and fresh skin.

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TADAAAA! I guaranteed that some of you have already seen this thing. It is a battery-operated pore cleanser. Isn’t it cute?? I choose to have it in gold because it do looks exclusive to me. Haha. It also available in red and blue colour.

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The size is convenient and easy to bring along. See that grey button on the middle? Push that button to enjoy the vibrate sensation on your face. Hahaha. There is no ON and OFF button. Just apply a little pressure on the button and you’re good to go. So easy to use huh? As it said on the box, the vibrations effect is 10,000vpm/minute. Wow. I have no idea what vpm means. Haha.

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With a group of fine brushes, which is super soft and fluffy and I am out of adjectives to describe it. :p I just want to hold them with my fingers all day long ! Those tiny brushes will give the extra cleaning effect to your face when you used it compared to wash by using your hand. They can pull out all the dirts, excess oils and makeups from the pores. Great invention isn’t it?

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As you can see here, this product is made from Korea. Annyeong ! Thanks for inventing this awesome ‘magic wand’. Hahaha. This cleanser is operated by using one AAA battery make it portable and can be used whenever and wherever I want ! No need to find a plug to get electric sources. Just put in the battery and use it.

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To open the head, just twist the body to the left and the head to the right. Now, you can put or replace the battery easily. If the head is broken and can no longer be used, just buy the new head and replace it. No need to buy the new Pobling cleanser.

Now, let me show you my own testimony.


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Cannot see what my skin problem is? Here some close up pictures.

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Still can’t see?


Here it is. Can you see that open pores? Can you see my ‘shining’ forehead, nose and cheeks? I have this problem for a very long time. My skin is categorized under the combination skin type. Meaning that I have oily skin especially on my ‘T’ zone ; forehead, nose and chin. I have acne problems during my high school because of the oil problems plus I’m joining sports activities for every year during that time plus I’m studying in a boarding school. Hostel students? Did not get enough time to ‘try and error’ those facial products available. So, I did not have enough time to give extra care for my face. I just use normal facial cleanser to handle the break outs and just hoping that my problem will go away afterwards.

Besides, I have whiteheads and blackheads problem. This makes me feeling shy and unconfident with myself because I have a rough and oily skin.

Luckily, after high school I got my hormones stabilized and no more pimples. Not that I don’t have them AT ALL. I’m still have that problem but not at worst like my previous school time and now I am on my 20s. Its a ‘Phewwww’ when my skin is getting better but I’m still having that oily problem.

That is why I bought this cleanser to remove them and with that I can avoid and reduce the chances to get pimples. How cool is that?! Now, take a look at this. The result after I’m using it.



Can you see the difference? My skin feels fresh and clean. It is such a relief when it works efficiently! There’s another picture that I want to show you.

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I didn’t wear any makeup in this picture and I didn’t use any filters or camera effects for all the photos. 100% original. See? I can wash my face and going out confidently without any makeup on my face. This is awesome. This is what I want for a very long time. Other than peel off mask, this is another way to clean up your skin.


Very easy, right?

Where can you get this magic cleanser? I got it from @adillafazlin on Instagram. It is probably the cheapest that I could get from any other sellers. It is just MYR45. Go check it out, guys. Here I have inserted a video about this Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser.

Good luck. Any questions just write your comment below or you can email me. Till then. Have a nice day.

Thanks for reading 🙂