The G-Day

Finally, guys. Finally 😊


Who would’ve thought an introverted duduk bawah tempurung 24-years old lady (sprinkled with some childishness) finally managed to get her degree in Molecular Biology. More to be proud of, first class degree. ALHAMDULILLAH ❤️

No need for random rambling about how hard I struggled to finish my studies blablabla all that jibber jabber. Dah cliche, bro. Hahaha 😛

I just want to say, degree’s life really changes me for who am I today. A survivor, independent and now I’m actually socializing with people omg (I’m really a sucker of silence).

The real deal is when I bought the outfit for the special day with my very own money. Serius bangga weh. Yeah, I have a job now which I will tell about it later. I am so in love with this amazing jubah which is actually a collaboration from Bella Ammara and Leeyana Rahman ❤️

You would never go wrong with royal blue. The best thing is that it is exclusively designed with the world map on it. Fancy. Can you tell me where I could find a jubah like this on earth?? Already caught my heart for the first time I saw it on Instagram. Oh btw the name is Hermia Jubah ❤️

Thanks Z for ponteng kelas and came to my special day. Hahaha. Don’t put the blame on me. He’s the one who want to do that on purpose 😛 But yeah I’m the one who told him to wear blue as well. There’s actually tonnes of photos with my family but they’re in my dad’s camera and not in my phone. Sheesh. 

The only thing that I was frustated about is the graduation-hat thingy was TOO SMALL FOR MY BIG HEAD OMG. It’s a real struggle, guys. I need to put a few needles to make sure I didn’t drop it on the stage or else I will remember it for the rest of my life 😂

I just really need a grassy-background photo for my Instagram. HAHAHAHA. 

There you go. It’s the end of an era. I’ve decided to not to continue my studies because I’m not really interested anymore. Hahaha. Dah 19 tahun belajar and I’m actually exhausted (or maybe traumatized lol). I need to focus on my future and the basics knowledge of life (cooking, sewing, driving, have own income, marriage etc etc). 

Alhamdulillah. Another ‘piece of paper’ slipped into my folder of everything. ❤️

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