I wish I have a mirror which can display descriptions about myself instead of my not-so-prettay reflection. Cliche ?

Only people who know me well can give the best answers in my evaluation form but I will try to fill up this section.


Not-so-slim and slender (with normal BMI range, okay).

Light brown skin colour BUT more to sawo matang like very very pure Malay (no kacuk-kacuk).

With average tall ; still defending my record as the tallest among my favourite buddies.

Wearing a pair of purple glasses.

Tudung Bawal Team.


Imma paranoid queen — but my instinct is always right



Hate of waiting.

Other people feelings? That’s my priority.

Horror and mystery movies are my games.

Introverted – please don’t judge me.




All beloved persons around me.

My grades – (wish to have an eidetic memory)


Magenta and Turquoise.

Fluffy and colourful stuffs except for rainbow because it doesn’t look like a bow (yup, they lie)


Drama series and sitcoms.

Accepting gratitudes from people who I helped // helping people


Don’t judge me because I’m quite – nobody plans a murder out loud.


Sarcasm attacks.

Currently, I am a proud and struggling degree student in Biomolecular Sciences in UiTM Shah Alam. 🙂

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