Mini Reunion & NU Sentral


Last weekend, one of my high school buddy (who is also in my trouble-maker team), Baie, came here to Shah Alam all the way from Puncak Alam. Yeah, she’s a Palamians now. Congratulations babe for your new entrance as a degree student! You’re officially one of us! Hahaha. Seriously, one day is not enough and I’m hoping that you’re enjoy your stay. 🙂

To spend more time together while enjoying the weekend, we’ve decided to go to NU Sentral by the train. This is my third time hop on this high-techie ‘centipede’ and I was excited as usual. Hahahaha. Such a noob.

Enjoying my ride inside the ladies’ coach like a boss or may I say an antisocial boss. Hahaha. I guess that I’m gonna be like Sheldon Cooper who loves train ride a lot. 😛 As we reached KL Sentral, I admit that I’m such a person who just escaped from a cave or whatever. For the first time, I saw there were so many people here and there. I also have no idea that NU Sentral was basically inside the KL Sentral. Double noob.

Trying a Japanese Cuisine, Tori Katsu for the first time ever in my life was such an awesome eating experience. It had changed my whole food-trying records. I was a little bit hesitate to try it out as I’m worried that the taste will be terrible. I was wrong. It was extremely a delightful taste! It consists of a breaded, deep-fried chicken cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips, generally served with shredded cabbage and miso soup. Everything was perfect except for the miso soup which did not catch my taste when I take a sip of it alone but it was good eating together with the rice and chicken. The warm green tea is included in the set and the taste was actually acceptable. The price for overall set is MYR12.90.

Enjoy the photos! 😛

Thanks for coming, Baie. I had such a great time trying new things and thanks again for being one of besties. Hope this friendship would never end! Come again next time please. ❤

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