Dear commissioners,


Giving my respect, high admiration and one big applause to both of my besties, Aini Munirah Binti Muhamad Shud and Siti Hawa Binti Azhar for their commission day recently! I never thought that it would get this serious when they decided to join the uniform unit in their degree studies.

Hawa or may I called Leftenan Muda Siti Hawa Binti Azhar, the last time we met was like 3-4 years ago but still we contacted each other thru FB and Whatsapp. I know that she’s been struggling to complete her Reserve Officers Training Unit (PALAPES) training, marching, camping and all that stuff. I am very sure that her physical appearance does looks different too me. You’ve lost so much weight! Hahaha. On 15th August, finally she had completed her major task and finally celebrating her commission day. Alhamdulillah and congratulations my buddy! I’m proud of you. Hawa is the most rare person I’ve ever met and she’s never get to the road of despair. Always, always and always giving her best in no matter what she’s doing including helping anybody. Hawa, if you’re reading this, please calm yourself and don’t be flattered. HAHAHA :p

Aini, my 15-years-and-counting best friend, had finally achieved her credential in Malaysian Civil Defence or Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia as Leftenan Muda yesterday. Still I want to share a laugh or two when she’s keep worrying and perturbed about her mom telling her to give extra care on her skin. Aini is not a kind of person who concerned about beauty products and stuff but after that she’s keep asking me about it. I know you’ve tanned yourself already huh because of all the marching and stuff? Hahaha. As long as I can, I will help you babe. No worries. You’re the eldest sister that your family can be proud of. Alhamdulillah and congrats! ❤

I really do not know how they handle this uniform units and stuff alternately with their studies. Both are brilliant students and always keeping score. I’m glad that both of you had pulling this off.

One achievement unlocked.



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