There’s nothing can be compared to the precious time you enjoyed wasting with your best friends. Not to mention if there’s a bunch of them willing to spend their time together with you. My all time besties since in the boarding school had became my forever clique and I bet you I can share anything with them. After the school ended, we went through separate ways to continue our studies but that is not a big problem yet we would met at least once a year to hang out and catching up everything.

So yeah. After a few months, we decided to go out and had fun! For the first time, we went to AEON mall in Klebang, Ipoh which also the biggest one in Perak and its new! What I love about this place is there are so many walls full with different types of wallpapers specifically for taking photos. OMG. There’s a lot, guys and they are amazing.




This interesting place also full with colourful mini bulb chairs so you always have time to relax. There is one shop specifically for house decorations and other stuff called Kaison. I think I started to be a huge fan of this Kaison. It fulls with awesome and unique things! Especially for those who are minimalistic like I do, you better take your feet here.








The price is extremely reasonable! Looking forward to be here again. At this point, we were starving so we picked a place to eat. Surprise, surprise, we choose you, Boat Noodle!


Welcome to the food paradise! These are basically Thai food and the noodles are made of rice. What can I say, I love these spoons of magic. Technically, the little bowl only full with about a spoonful of the noodles, a slice of beef/chicken meat and also a fishball, I guess. Due to the small quantity for each bowl, we decided to order 5 bowls of noodle per person. The price is only RM1.90 per bowl. You can choose either beef or chicken and each of them has two flavour; creamy and non-spicy also sour-spicy taste. For me, all the flavours are acceptable and super duper yummeh. I love all of them. There are also other types of food you might picked besides these noodles.

For the drink, there are so many choices and I picked Iced Green Tea which is now I think have become my favourite. The quantity of the drink is quite satisfying because of the big-sized plastic container. The price for my drink is RM6.90.



This is mine. Oh yeah! This is my very first time trying this and finally I know how to use a chopstick. Noob. Hahaha. I’ve finished all five bowls and to top that, I managed to eat another two because my friends won’t able to finish it off. Summing up to 7 bowls for me. Hahaha.


Aini and Athirah. They look so happy eating these noodles yet each of them cannot finished one bowl each. Hahahaha.


Fina, Athilah and me. We were so jakun and batak for eating these for the very first time ever. Hahaha.


Finish it offfffffffff!!!


We really had a great time together. Looking forward for another date, guys! Love you ❤

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