Graduation Day!

Assalamualaikum 🙂

As promise,  I will be posting about previous events that happened last year throughout the first semester of my degree. Its quite a lot yknow to write them altogether in one post so I decided to do it one by one.

If you catching up all my Instagram photos you will know all of them as I always updated them with my recent activities. Yeah, I know. Imma Instagram maniac. Hahaha. I just love to freeze those precious moments in pictures!

Talking about precious moment, on 29th November 2014, I was officially graduated in Diploma Microbiology. Yayyy! Finally, the time has come. 3 years going through the extreme journey of thicks and thins, sadness and happiness plus total mental breakdown with all the exams and assignments. Its not easy yknow to use the microscope on daily basis! Hahaha.

Check out my convocation photos! Forgive me for that exhausted and fake-smile faces. I was too tired to wait for the session to end (maybe because my name starts with an ‘A’ 😛 so I need to wait for another 1000+ students to settle)







Well, although it was a very tiring day but I must say that I am satisfied for what happened on that day. Finally, Z was able to meet my family especially my parents for the very first time!

I did not know how I got that strength to bring him to meet my family as I am too shy and secretive about my love life. Maybe the exhaustion helps me? Haha. Who knows? Alhamdulillah,  it went well unexpectedly. ❤



I am grateful for this. Alhamdulillah. Honestly, I never expect that I could survive for three years alone without my old friends joining me in this diploma journey. I finally get what I’ve been struggling for. Congrats to me !

UiTM di Hatiku ❤

Have a nice day 🙂


New Life

Assalamualaikum or may peace be upon you, my fondness readers. 🙂

Its 3.35 AM and I’m still awake because I’m just waiting for my new antivirus installation to finish. I’ve been meaning to write down this entry as soon as possible but I’m just to lazy to put my fingers onto the keyboards.

I want to tell you something which is kinda big deal in my life right now. 2 days ago, the results of my degree’s application has been announced. Of course it was on the internet and not like the old days when you received a gigantic envelope fills with the results of your application. Its quite thrill you know if we used the letter system but hell no. It is more easier when we just have to click to know the results. I’m a blab, am I right?

Alhamdulillah. I’ve managed to pursue my studies in Biomolecular Science in UiTM Shah Alam. I already expected this before I click the ‘SEMAK’ button. Once again, alhamdulillah. I’ve been meaning to continue my study in this campus as my brother has been studying in the same place and I can use his guidance to make sure my life is better there. Also, I am in a psyched mode when my high school friend, Athilah will be joining me in the same course and campus. How excited could it be? Don’t forget, the most exciting one is my boy, Z also will be pursuing his study in the same campus. I get all fired up when I knew this ! ❤

BUT I already have my own target ; keeping my name in the Dean’s List and doing well in my assignments, presentations, quizzes and tests. I’m hoping for the best because I am one step closer in my future world. Is it scary or what? Just need to control myself with all the bad influences and keep focusing on my studies. InsyaAllah. Do pray for me, okay guys? 🙂

I will be facing a new phase of life after this so any tips? 😛 Here a checklist for my requirements soon. Hope that I don’t forget anything and I am adrenalized to pack all my clothes. Girls huh?

  • Forms required
  • Clothes – blouses, jeans, baju kurung, hijabs
  • Toiletries
  • Food
  • Electrical stuffs – iron, heater, laptop, chargers
  • Stationery
  • Bed stuffs – bed sheets, bolster, pillow, blanket
  • Foot wear – flip flop, sandal, full-covered shoes
  • Novels

I guess that’s all in my head right now. Wish me luck! 🙂