I’m unofficially graduated!

Define satisfaction.


A great pleasure feeling of freedom and now, I know how it feels like. Alhamdulillah. In the long run, I’ve managed to complete my Final Year Project (FYP) and my very own thesis. Basically, I’m a half way in getting my degree and by that I mean degree in Biomolecular Science in case you’re new here. Alhamdulillah again!

Frankly speaking, it was not easy. I cried like literally in every semester for different reasons. I’m extremely exhausted, the mistakes that I’ve made and the pressure that was way beyond my control. All in all, it was hell. Hahaha. It took almost a year for me to get the thesis done and the strain get more intense especially a month before the presentation. The only thing that I could describe is that NOTHING you should be terrified about unless you’re not prepared. Get it? Ah. Lemme give you a little heads up on how you should handle/manage your FYP thingy :

  • Beware of the important dates esp the due dates of submissions.
  • Get connected to your supervisor regularly.
  • Stay alert on the thesis format.
  • Do corrections right away on your free time. Procrastination kills!
  • Keep in touch with your friends on any related important information.
  • Don’t try to solve your own problems but brings it to your supervisor.

That shall do it. Basically, it is all ordinary stuff that you already know. Common sense. Just in case if you have any questions, send me an email. I’ll reply it ASAP. I’m unofficially graduated until the result announcement. Right now, I can finally blogging in peace without any interruption. I would like to proceed with my products’ reviews because you know it’s my jam. Hahaha. I’d bought tonnes of products especially makeup and I really want to share with my precious readers about them. Wait for it.

Thanks ❤

FYP Presentation

Assalamualaikum and hey!

I am so in the mood of writing right now because of the biggest burden has been removed from my shoulder; the FYP presentation. Alhamdulillah. Yesterday was a historical day for me. I managed to get it over with. For us the final year student, the only thing that we can think of in this last semester is this. Its all about this presentation AND it is not an ordinary one BUT it is kinda torturing. You’ll never know how your project will turns out. Positive results or negative results? You need to juggle your time management wisely.


Facing six panels out of seven was a toughie. Seriously, I was nervous and not very well-prepared. Four hours of sleep was not enough guys. More unlikely, I’m the 4th presenter. Hahaha. There’s one thing I flabbergasted about was that I’m not shaking! Normally, I was nervous as hell and it can be seen on my hands obviously. Alhamdulillah for that. I think, I’m more into presentations now. Getting used to it. It is a good thing tho.

I was lucky this time. Dr Maslinda who is the senior lecturer for our program always asks lots of questions or giving opinions on like everything that makes her curious. Honestly, since she taught us on the third semester, we’re kinda terrified of her. Hahaha. BUT lucky me, I’m the only student that she didn’t asked and it was a miracle. Haha. Who would had thought of that? I managed to ‘escape’ from her!


Actually, I didn’t put too much effort on my FYP (juniors, pls don’t try this at home. Haha). I know, I know. In the beginning of the semester, there’s nothing that encouraged me at that time because I feel exhausted of my previous FYP proposal writing. It was chaos. I spent a lot of time on that and I want to rest, take a chill pill. Haha.

Alhamdulillah. I can’t believe its almost over. ❤

P/S : If you want me to do a special post for the tips on this FYP stuff, leave a comment down below or send me an email.

Thanks ❤


Almost to the end

Assalamualaikum readers!

Next week is gonna be the climax of my final semester when on this 16th will be held the Final Year Project (FYP) presentation. I’m looking forward to this, also a lil bit freak out. Hahaha. I cannot wait for this to end. This FYP is all about your degree from the start until today compiled together including your tears, emotions roller coaster, mental tortures and everything! Sounds a lil bit extreme, huh? Hahaha.

Last week was the final week for the lab work and now we just focusing on the presentation and the thesis. I could’t imagine how my brain and body can cope with this since its just not about the FYP but also we have classes, tests, lab reports and assignments to submit. It is hardcore, guys. So yesterday, we were having a lab cleaning session handle by one of the lab assistant, Kak Nurul.

Half of the entire batch of FSG661

It almost come to the end, my degree (although I don’t care about my grades anymore. Hahaha) Of course I want to pass and get the scroll. Can’t wait for the moment. I learned a lot here.

Final lab session for Proteomics (also for degree!)

Now, I can keep my lab coat in the basement. Haha.

AS114 – Diploma Mikrobiologi : Internship

Assalamualaikum and hello!

Dah lama rasanya tak taip post yang panjang sebab memang tengah busy sekarang. Tinggal beberapa bulan untuk officially habis degree insyaAllah. So excited! So hari ni nak share sikit pengalaman praktikal masa time diploma dulu since ada adik-adik yg tanya. Meh ahkak nak bagitau ni.

Time aku praktikal tu kalau tak silap dalam 2013 macam tu la. I’m not sure kalau student AS114 yang sekarang ni still ada praktikal ke or ada perubahan ke so janganlah tanya akak ye sebab akak memang tak tau apa dah jadi kt sistem UiTM kt Kuala Pilah tu. Hahaha.

For the internship, Hospital Sg Buloh is the only place yang accept aku punya resume and calls untuk praktikal so aku malas dah nak mintak kt tempat lain. Haha. As we know, during my time,  it is compulsory for every student utk pergi industrial training in final semester. Majoriti science students memang akan pergi praktikal. Contohnya under my faculty ; Faculty of Applied Science banyak course yg mewajibkan student utk pergi praktikal such as Diploma in Textile and Food Technology.

Cakap pasal tempat praktikal actually banyak tempat yg boleh kita mohon macam hospital, kilang2 industri or any companies yg memang ambik student praktikal. Classmates aku ramai yg mintak kt hospital as kitorang more to lab practical so selalunya akan diterimalah. Ada jugak yg mintak kt Sime Darby, kilang Gardenia, Jabatan Kimia, MPOB, makmal veterinar.


Actually aku tinggal kt Perak tapi saja mengada nak mintak area Selangor. Nak menimba pengalaman di negeri orang kateko. Hahaha. Lagipun best what. Boleh belajar macam-macam kt tempat orang. Boleh explore dan berdikari sikit. Nanti time nak kerja, at least pengalaman tu dah ada. Jangan asyik nak dekat dengan rumah je. Merantau sikit sekali-sekala. Barulah best!




Honestly, aku agak terkejut beruk bila first touchdown kt hospital ni. Tak pernah seumur hidup aku tengok hospital yg ada escalator. Hahaha. Jakun. Kt sini aku praktikal kt Pathology Department kt ground level. Kepada yg tak tahu praktikal berapa lama? 3 bulan weh. 3 bulan nak jakun dengan escalator dan aku hanya berdua dengan member intern sesama kt sini so better berpakatlah dengan kawan nak mintak tempat praktikal sama. Kalau ada member syok sikit.


First and second day kitorang duduk kt Integration Lab. Ada kaunter utk doctors or any staff hantar sample. Tugas kitorang ialah acknowledge sample and lekat2 barcode kt sample so nanti senang nk manage utk hantar kt lab yg sepatutnya.



Then, masuk lab Mikrobiologi. Sebulan posting kt dalam lab ni sebab kitorang major pun in microbiology so rotate setiap seksyen 1 minggu which is

1) Sample processing
2) Identification
3) Plate reading
4) Drugs sensitivity
5) Blood

The most favourite section of course lah sample processing ataupun kt sana panggil culture section. Reason? Sebab at this section lah more to practical which is the streaking method and all. Memang paling favourite! Tambah pulak main job kitorang kt sana buat Gram Stain je kejenya. Dah lali sangat dah sebab almost everyday duk buat benda alah tu je. Haha. Kitorang tak kisah pun sebab kalau duduk saja boring lah pulak.


Nahhh aku siap edit lagi pic ni nak tunjuk betapa aku belajar sesuatu sangat dalam lab mikrob tu. Hahahaha. Sesuatu lah sangat. First thing yg buat aku impress giler is tempat bakar loop tu. Seriously macam batak plus jakun plus peghak. Almaklumlah kt UiTM dulu mana ada benda alah ni. Nak bakar loop kemain berebut bunsen burner. Belum lagi cerita pasal fire starter rosak, gas bunsen burner habislah bagai. Guna benda ni barulah efficient gitu.

One more thing aku lupa nak bagitau, kt hospital ni punya bos kt Jabatan Patologi ni tak bagi student praktikal hands-on. Means tak bagi kitorang sentuh apa2 melainkan hanya observe sahaja. Since ada staff yg memahami dan ada jugak yg tak kurang malasnye bagi kitorang handle samples from A to Z. Alhamdulillah sangat sebab dapat staff yg understanding so kitorang dengan baik hatinya tolong sesape je yg mintak tolong even kerja yg takde kena mengena dgn mikrob pun still kitorang buat dgn senang hati. Bukannya apa. Dah kau larat nak duduk saje tercangak tak buat apa2. Memang taklah. Baik aku balik tidur je. Hahaha.

Kak Shida (one of the staff) sedang khusyuk culture samples.
Tempat discard bekas samples yang sudah digunakan.
Tempat letak Gram Stain samples dengan media plates yg belum guna.
Reagent untuk Gram Stain


Haaaa tudiaaaa. Orang lain selfie ambik gambar muka. Aku ambik gambar tangan ber-glove sambil buat Gram Stain kauuu. Inilah kerja tetap kitorang. Kt sini sistem Gram Stain dia 1 1 3 1. Apakah? Ini diaaaa. Jangan cakap korang tak belajar pasal ni ye. Benda basic kot as microbiology student. Haha.

1) Crystal Violet       1 minit
2) Lugol’s Iodine      1 minit
3) Acetone Iodine    3 saat
4) Safranin              1 minit

Selalunya guna alcohol as decolourizer tapi kt sini guna Acetone Iodine but konsep dia sama je as decolourizer jugak. Untuk masa staining tu ada timer dia. Ala2 jam loceng lah jugak. Haha. So masa staining tu alert la sikit kan. Takdelah overstain ke apa. Karang salah buat tak pasal je kena marah.


Then, lepas staining tu bolehlah observe under mikroskop. Letak setitik immersion oil then observe lah. Selalunya tengok ada pus cell, epithelial ell and bakteria apa. Information record dalam sistem dalam PC macam dalam pic ni Kak Shida tengah buat.

Identification section as in Biochemical tests etc.
QC section

Masa kt sana boleh dikatakan antara tempat yg paling relax giler is media preparation. Orang cakap patutnya tempat masak media lah yg paling busy sebab nk kena buat agar plate sampai beribu-riban tapi time kitorang tu pulak dapat dengan sorang akak ni yg jugak pregnant and hanya masak something ikut mood dia. Dah kalau pregnant tu mood dia memang nk rilek goyang kaki jela kan.

Kalau masak pun semua mesin yg buat. Daripada awal bubuh bahan2 semua sampailah ke isi dalam plate dengan label plate. Semuanya mesin yg buatkan. So jangan salahkan aku kalau goyang kaki serta tangan dalam bilik media.


Haaa gambar kt atas ni namanya stirrer. Function dia utk mixing media powder yg dah dicampur dalam air. Kiranya macam kalau bancuh air milo kita kacau sampai larut pakai sudu kan? Haa kalau media ni dia maju sikit. Takdenye nak pakai sudu bagai. Ni kita letak magnetic stirring bar dalam botol yg dah ada air dgn serbuk media yg kita nk bancuh tu.

Bukan pil perancang tapi ini magnetic stirring bar

Pastu letak je atas hotplate tu. Disebabkan ada magnet dalam hotplate dgn stirring bar tu so dia akan mix automatically macam dalam pic kt bawah ni ha.


First time tengok benda alah ni memang agak jakun jugaklah. Haha. Terus terfikir kalau nk buat milo guna benda ni. Hahaha. Kt dalam bilik media ni ada 2 jenis mesin. Mesin yg boleh buat media dalam 200-300 lebih agar plate dengan mesin yg boleh buat 1000 lebih agar plate. First day masuk akak tu explain macam mana nak masak guna mesin yg kecik tu.


Mesin ni pun sama buat aku jakun jugak. Sebab memang mesin tu je yg buat. Kita just masukkan agar powder dgn air je. Pastu boleh blah nak pegi tido ke makan ke main Subway Surfer ke. Lagipun dia dah siap autoclave kan lagi. Kalau macam dalam lab kt U semuanya kena buat manual. Masak guna oven then nak kena autoclave sendiri. Nak pour pun manual. Jenuh weh. Kalau ada mesin ni time fyp memang goyang kaki lah wey.

Nak masak Sorbitol MacConkey agar untuk E.coli 0157:H7 isolation dalam stool sample

Masa ni tengok akak tu masak dah rasa macam Chef Wan. Periuk dia pun boleh tahan gak. Dah boleh dah nk masak sup gearbox dalam ni. Hahaha. Cuma masa masak tu make sure temperature dengan pH dia no problem.



Itulah serba sikit cerita dalam bilik media. Bnyak lagi kerja yg aku buat tapi takde gambar pulak. Hahaha. Pastu nk cerita pasal dalam lab Mycology pulak. For the first time aku tengok pipette ni. Lagi sekali aku terjatuh dalam gaung kejakuna. Hahaha.




Okehh sekarang aku nk cerita pasal UiTM Sg Buloh. Kt sini Faculty of Medicine. Memang bebudak medic jelah yg ada. Kampus besar gila bak hang tapi kolej ada 2 je then yg hebatnya kolej ada 9 level and ada lif. Best tak bestnya jadi budak medic UiTM kt sini. Almaklumlah kampus baru. Aku dgn lagi 4 orang classmates sewa hostel kt sinilah sepanjang praktikal ni. Lepas tolak tambah nego2 sikit, dapatlah RM260 sorang sebulan tolak weekends dengan public holiday.

Agak bersyukur jugaklah sebab waktu ni banyak cuti umum so kurenglah sikit sewa tu kan. Tolak cuti Krismas, New Year, Thaipusam, Maulidur Rasul. Mana taknya. Kira sewa RM13 utk 1 hari. Tapi bila aku pergi survey rumah sewa kt area2 hospital tu harga pun lebih kurang jugak. Dalam RM250++ jugaklah. Rumah takdelah selesa mana. Baik aku duduk dalam hostel UiTM yg super duper cozy ni. Selamat plus selesa gila kot. Meh aku bagi tengok sikit acano rupa hostel dia. Ala2 apartment kateko.





Nampak kan betapa selesanya lahai duduk sini. Macam homestay pun ada. Macam hotel pun ada jugak. Berbaloilah dengan sewa banyak camtu. Lagipun standard lah belah2 Selangor ke KL ke sewa camtu. Biasalah waktu ni aku pun first time sewa2 rumah ni.

So conclusion dia, praktikal ni memang best. Aku rindu betul nak menyembang dengan member satu rumah, dengan staff kt hospital. Memang aku takkan lupa pengalaman praktikal selama 3 bulan ni.

Sweet memories. 18 November ’13 – 7 Februari ’14 ❤

Just one more thing nak ingatkan yang sepanjang praktikal ni kadang-kadang memang ada staff yang akan suruh kita buat kerja yang luar dari bidang kita. Macam aku dulu, kena susun fail kertas, shred paper dari pagi sampai petang, kikis ais dalam peti sejuk dan macam-macam lagi. Jangan mengamuk pulak. Kena faham yang semua staff busy dan takde masa nak buat kerja yg remeh-temeh sebab tu budak praktikal selalu dipanggil. Hahaha.

My own advice, pilihlah tempat praktikal yang sediakan elaun such as tempat-tempat industri macam Sime Darby. Lagi berbaloi kalau ada gaji. Then, tengok jugak tempat tinggal. Kalau boleh survey cukup-cukup dulu sampai puas hati. Ok itu jelah kot. Anything boleh email jelah ye.

Thanks for dropping by ❤

A few more weeks

Honestly, I started to get sick of school. Believe it or not, during final semester, you would absolutely hates everything like literally EVERYTHING. I am truely tired to prepare for classes, projects, tests and quizzes all that stuff. I don’t even get my clothes ironed except for my tudung. Its like that none of that are matters now but the truth is this is the only period that you should be concern and focus more than anything. I really need to buck up and face the next few tough weeks!  Seriously speaking, I don’t care about my grades anymore, as long as I pass. No more flying colours whatsoever. Haha. Pls send me some good vibes! 😂