Lazy Recipes // Resepi Malas


I’ve been digging on YouTube and spent for almost more than 8 hours tops looking for any inspiring video such as shawls and makeup tutorials, life hacks all that stuff. Since that I’m at home with a very smooth surfing environment of the WiFi, I found these recipes collection from Mentol Pecah‘s YouTube channel! I’ve already mentioned about Mentol Pecah before in here and I am a big fan. Now, that from two members, now it becomes a solo video making but still I love all of it!

Mozek, the present member was a quite the slumber one, making a series of Resepi Malas or Lazy Recipes and it was occasionally for the sahur session during Ramadhan. I know it is a little bit late for me catching up the videos but who cares? The recipes seems very very simple but in my point of view, they were quite brilliant and super easy to make. I’ve ‘screamed’ in my head,


Lets check them out!

1) Telur Lecek Super Simple / Scrambled Eggs

2) Sayur Stim Bebeh / Steamed Veggies

3) Dan Dan Megi / Instant Noodle with Peanut Butter and Chilli Powder (whaaaattt??)

4) Tuna Melt

5) Nachoritos

Seriously, he’s pretty crazy but it makes me wanna try these recipes right away! I’ll never thought of the ingredients can be cooked together with other main ingredient that we’ll never think of. This is very unique and time saving. Not to mention the money. Worth every notes and pennies.

Warning. These recipes are only suits the taste of people who are willing to try something new or different. but I guess, there’s no harm to try, right? I flabbergasted on how Mozek could create these recipes. Some are just ordinary like the scrambled eggs and steamed veggies but instant noodle/maggi with peanut butter? Dayyyummm. Must try!

Thanks for reading. Mind to share when you try those recipes. Till then. ❤

Review: Nour Ain Beauty Care – Trial Set 3 in 1

DISCLAIMER : I truly apologized for this non-pictures post. I do have posted this together with the photos but I accidentally deleted all the related pictures. I’ll be doing another review about this product since I’ve been using it everyday. You still can read my honest review about it and I hope it helps. Thanks ❤

You can read another follow up review for Nourain skincare HERE.

Assalamualaikum dearies! 🙂

Another review? Yeah. I already told you that I’m gonna do a reviews marathon this week. Hehehe. I don’t know why but I love to share products or anything that I’m using so you get the idea to buy it or not. Andddd today I would review my new skincare regime that I’ve been using for like a month now.

It is Nour Ain Beauty Care Trial Set 3 in 1! It has been in the market for like a few years but still everybody keep raving about it until now. It is a local product (Malaysia) and 100% made by Bumiputra and halal which is yeah, I’m going to put it in my must-buy list. Another thing that keep attracting me to use this is that the base and main content is from natural ingredients. Mother Nature is always number one!


You may read the descriptions and details on the back of the box both in BM or English. Consists of 3 main products which is the Beauty Soap, UV+Foundation Cream and Night Cream. As I know, the natural ingredients being used are virgin coconut oil and olive oil. That is why my skin feels soft and radiant every time I used it!


a) Beauty Soap

Main functions of this Beauty Soap is :

  • Perform as a cleanser agent
  • Deep cleanses, purifies, hydrates skin in one simple step, leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Penetrate deep into each pore to rid embedded dirt, grime and impurities
  • Removes excessive production for radiant fairness.
  • Suitable for both sexes, teenagers and adults.

For me, the soap is the best cleanser I’ve ever used. I am serious. I am not piling on any marketing strategies or sponsored post but I’m telling the truth based on my experience. The orange scent makes me feel that I’m now cleansing my face with an orange skin. It feels more natural in its own way but there is something that you should know. Well, the base is from natural ingredients so the soap is a little bit soft and may I say, it is kinda mushy. You MUST keep the soap away from any damp and watery surface as it may transform to the liquid version.

Luckily, my liquid Beauty Soap doesn’t leak away from my soap container. Just find out an alternative, I quickly bought a small tube plastic travel bottle to put all this soap in and yeah, I can used it like a normal facial cleanser now.

Next, is the UV+Foundation Cream. Came in 10gm of product is a little bit too much for me because I don’t really like to apply any foundation onto my oily skin but it doesn’t matter now. I love the texture and I must say it gives a full coverage and I just need a little amount of product to achieve that.

b) UV+Foundation Cream

Main function of this UV+Foundation Cream is :

  • Enriched with selected natural formulation
  • A non-oily emulsion to moisture and whiten the skin
  • To protect skin from damaging and harmful effects of UVA and UVB Rays (Sunburn)
  • Helps prevent premature skin ageing and sun caused wrinkles
  • Non sticky and it’s light texture is ideal as a makeup base
  • Suitable for all type of skin.

Direction :

  • Apply smooth on face and neck after cleansing
  • Apply during day time (Every morning and evening for best result)

The texture is non-oily and it is very light when applied on the skin. I love it! I always used it as my makeup base or sometimes I just apply it alone. The smell is a natural scent without any fragrant or chemicals smell. It is a good deal, guys. The cream is a liitle bit pinkish but when I apply it evenly, it covers almost everything. It absorbs well and blend to my skin better.

c) Night Cream

Finally, I save the best for the last one. The Night Cream!

This product is so small that I could put it in my mouth. Hehe. Came in 5gm of product and I was like, seriously?? Just 5gm? I wish they could repackaging it and came out with 10 – 15gm of this cream. Why? Because this is the BEST NIGHT CREAM EVERRRRRRRR!!

I am not a very scheduled and disciplined person to wear night cream, serum and so whatever but this? I think I would put this night cream all day long even during the day. For the very first time ever in my life, I’ve found a NON-OILY and creamy night cream. Its true! Not oily AT ALL.

Main functions of the Night Cream :

  • Purifies the skin, restores skin clarify and elasticity for a brighter, youthful complexion, free from blemishes
  • Gentle peeling action without flaking to renew skin for clearer, flawless complexion, rids wrinkles, dull and uneven skin, dark spots and other skin problems
  • Combats enlarge pores, blackheads, whiteheads and skin breakouts
  • Suitable for both sexes, teenagers and adults


  • Apply Night Cream all over the face and neck after cleansing
  • Night time application only

The texture is more to a paste-like and not creamy. More like petroleum jelly I guess. It is quite sticky so I always apply it when my face is damp. If your skin is dry, you may have some problems to apply it evenly.


  • My skin looks fairer and soft than before especially in the morning after the night cream session.
  • Whiteheads problem 90% go away.
  • My skin become less oily than before.
  • No more uneven skintone


5 stars for this amazing skincare! No overreacting here. Just an honest feedback 🙂


I guess there is nothing that I can give a thumbs down to this product.


You can buy them online directly on Nourain website or any online sellers in FB, Instagram or even Twitter! The price is quite reasonable for only RM54 for S.M. and RM59 for E.M.

Hope you can check them out! There also other Nourain skincare set with toner, serum etc.

Thanks for reading ❤

Safi Facial Moisturizer with Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda Review

DISCLAIMER : I truly apologized for this non-pictures post. I accidentally deleted all related pictures with this entry but still you can enjoy reading my honest review. Hope this helps. Thanks ❤

Assalamualaikum and hey 🙂

It is been so long since I’ve done any product review and yeah, you can put the blame on the exams. Haha. Okay lets get started!

When I’ve decided to go with the 3 steps of skin’s daily routine (cleanse, toner, moisturize), it has been quite a problem for me because I have combination/oily skin. Its annoyed me when I cannot find the right moisturizer that really suits my skin yet affordable for a student like me. Until today, I would never go anywhere without my Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets.

Safi which is a local brand skincare and cosmetics is always really understandable and concerned about our Asian skins. The price, oh let me tell you, it is so cheap and reasonable. Introducing to you the brand new Safi facial moisturizer!

A facial moisturizer with the combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda! I always getting psyched when I see or heard about any products especially the skin regime with aloe vera as the main content. Natural is the best, isn’t it? For your information, Safi had launch an aloe vera moisturizer before. Again, it is amazing! but unfortunately it didn’t absorbed well on my skin plus it gets very oily within a short period.


I am so sorry for the blur image but you can read the descriptions I wrote below :

Diformulasikan dengan gabungan semulajadi Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya dan Habbatus Sauda untuk mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit dengan lebih berkesan. Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya membekalkan vitamin dan mineral manakala Habbatus Sauda mengandungi nutrien dan bahan antibakteria semulajadi. Hasilnya, kulit lebih sihat, lembut dan berseri. Sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit.

  • Menghalus dan menyegarkan kulit
  • Mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit
  • Melindungi kulit dengan nutrien dan bahan antibakteria

Safi Facial Moisturizer is formulated with the natural combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda to restore skin’s natural moisture more effectively. Aloe Vera Extract provides essential vitamins and minerals while Habbatus Sauda contains nutrients and anti-bacterial properties. Skin is healthier, softer and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

That is why I’m so excited when I see this moisturizer equipped with Habbatus Sauda. What is it? It is one kind of the herbs which has so many benefits to or body. Well, it is pretty awesome when herbs have been used in beauty products, kan?


I always falling for the cute, pretty and rare packaging when it comes to beauty products. Is it just me who is gullible or I’ve had fall into one of the marketing strategies? Hahaha. The very bright green plastic container already caught my attention on the first place. Yes, it is made of plastic which is a checked for a non-fragile product. I love it! As you know that before this the packaging was also made of plastics but it is a hard plastic which is can easily break. This? Non-breakable, super thin and light plastic 80g container. One more thing, it has a white plastic cover to protect the product itself from any impurities thus make it more hygienic.


As usual, the texture is creamy and more to paste-like cream. Compared to the old moisturizer, I think I love the paste-like texture even more. Why? Because it absorbs on my skin very fast without any oily essence leftover on my face. My skin feels soft right away and this is serious! I’m not lying. Hahaha.


From my observation, it lasts longer than any moisturizer I’ve used before. My skin feels less oily than before but I still need to bring my oil-absorbing sheets to keep my face clean as it gets oily when I apply my foundation after the moisturizer. It might be great for 2-4 hours of usage if you have an oily skin like me 🙂


The smell is the same like the other Safi moisturizers which is too fragrant and quite strong for me. It is like that I’m wearing a perfume or cologne on my face. Hahaha. More natural scent is a lot better for this cream or maybe, no smell at all. That is more likely. Hehe. The oil control is not as good as I thought. It might worked better on dry skin. Repurchased? Ermm. Nope.


I bought it at Giant mall for just RM 6.53, I guess. I don’t really remember but then I saw at Guardian for RM 7.00+. You also can buy it at any drugstore, Watsons etc.

I think this  moisturizer is newly launched as I don’t see it on Safi’s official website or any reviews on the internet. Is it me the first one who wrote this? Wow. I’m glad if it is true. Hehehe. Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading. ❤


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning 🙂

Is it weird I’m writing this right before lunch time? Naahh. I’m a morning person now since I have 2 more weeks to final exams. KMN.

Back to the topic, well I never wrote movie reviews or anything about movies (although I go to the cinema like once a week) just because I’m too busy. BUT in this case, I insist to. I have to let you know that this is a very amazing and intriguing Malay movie I’ve ever seen.

Look at the title; Chowrasta, the name of a street in Penang. When we talk about normal streets, it is just all about gangsterisme or any juvenile activities in our head. Yeah, it is true. The movie has that kind of element BUT in a different way. I must say I put so much respects for those who put so much effort to produce this very unusual and one-of-a-kind movie especially the well-known local director who also the Dean for FiTA, Profesor Datuk A. Razak Mohaideen.

I’ve become more flattered when I got the info that this movie is a cooperation between the Faculty of Films, Theater and Animation of UiTM together with a few Malay actors and actresses. It is 100% of efforts from the students themselves together with their lecturers. Wow. I must say FiTA had done a really good job here! Well done ❤

I’d come to the Chowrasta film screening last Wednesday with Z. The ticket was pretty reasonable and it is more worthy right after you’ve seen the movie.

Another aim for that event that night was to break a new Malaysian Book of Records with The Largest Audience in a Single Film Screening ! AND guess what? We did it! 4460 in total of audiences that night. Fuhhh! I’ve never break a record. Glad that I have contribute something. Hahaha.

Some pictures for you to enjoy. Credit pictures to Dato’ Prof. Ir Dr. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar FB page and Chowrasta FB page.


Chem Amar ( UiTM student as the main cast. How awesome was that?!)

Rosyam Nor

Fauzi Nawawi

Nora Danish

Risteena Munim

Wan Hanafi Su

Safiah Hanifah



Its about a boy name Hamid who take half of the responsibilites from his mother to help their family including his younger brothers and sister. With no father to support them, Hamid helps his mother to sell pastries on feet. Jali (Fauzi Nawawi), the head of a gangster group always taking advantages on him as Hamid has an uncle who also a very influential person at that time, Uncle Don (Rosyam Nor). As Hamid growing up, Uncle Don teach him how to fight those bullies also to protect his family. In order to save the Malay race on that time, Uncle Don insisted Hamid to continue his studies in Institut Teknologi Mara (ITM). It is a new start for Hamid ever since. Meeting the love of his life, Hanizah, being dismissed during his studies, taking revenge for Uncle Don’s death and how he become a symbolic for the Malay race.


All in all, I gave 5 stars! I know I’ve been over reacted but this movie deserves it. It is a non-cliche movie and consist of many social elements ; love, respects, courage, detemination and if I can put all the moral values here, I would! What I love about it is the perfect locations and clothing that represent the 60s and 70s. It was like I am there!

It was based on Dato’ Prof. Ir Dr. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar’s life back when on the 1960s. In retrospect, I admire his courage to stand up for himself, his family and the Malay race.

Chowrasta will be officially in local cinemas this December. Go put this in your must-watch movie’s lists! I guaranteed you’ll never regret from watching this even for hundred times.

Me with Z before the screening

p/s  : I cried a lot when I watch this film. Typical woman. Hahahaha 😛

Thanks for stopping by. Till next time 🙂

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector : All-in-1-Perfecting Cream – Water Fresh Review

Assalamualaikum and hello! 🙂

Long title huh? Hehe. Recently, I’m quite busy with my new semester preparation. Ughhh. I will going back to Shah Alam this Sunday. My semester break is almost over. This is sad. Haha.

Well today I’m going to do a review about a product I just bought like two weeks ago (I know it was too late so what? Haha). I guess this product has been a while in the market but because this is my first time using it so I would like to do a review.


Garnier BB cream Water Fresh. This is my first BB cream. I’ve been searching like forever for a BB cream or foundation that is water based and suits with oily and combination skin. I have that type of skin and it makes me feel like want to cut off my face, get mad to the oil sebum and pores and asked why they cause me so much trouble although I’m giving them extra cares?? Hahaha. BUT I don’t have to worry anymore because I have this.


I love the packaging. It actually told me the functions, ingredients all over the box and it passed my buy-or-not barrier. Hahaha. As you can see the main ingredient is pure lemon essence and lemon is the best bleaching agent to lighten up your skin and tighten the pores. Who doesn’t like that? Its a yay for me.

One more thing I like about this BB cream, it is superlight with nude coverage which makes me love it even more! Natural looks is my number one choice when I want to makeover my face.


It comes in a tube with 18ml of product. The cream has SPF-21 UV protection which is a checked for me because here in Malaysia, it is extremely hot! So I need something for my skin to protect them from the UV.


Here the hand swatch. I love the texture; creamy and liquidity simultaneously because I had seen the other cream which is the Garnier BB Cream for oily and combination skins (actually I want to buy this but I couldn’t find it), it is more liquidity like when you shake the tube you can hear the aqueous consistency. It is quite messy after you shake it because it can come out unexpectedly through the cap and you need to store it upside down.

In comparison, this BB cream Water Fresh I bought, it is more creamy and I can control the volume of product to be used plus I don’t have to shake before use. As you can see in the picture, there is only a slight difference between before and after swatch. That’s more like it. I want something that looks like my skin plus can cover up my face perfectly.


This my face before any product application without any camera filter. Haha. I have uneven skin tone with large pores plus the ‘LV’ eyebags under my eyes. Bummer!


This is after application. Only a small amount been used yet I manage to get the full coverage to cover up my skin imperfections with subtle, nude and natural effect! I love it to the max! Haha.
Need to say more? I really, really, really recommended this product for those who have oily skin like me.

Price? Only MYR13 and I bought this at Guardian. Reasonable price with worthy effect.

Thanks for reading. Till then. Have a nice day. 🙂

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp and NYX Butter Lipstick Little Susie Review

Assalamualaikum and may you have a very pleasant Thursday 🙂

Thank you so much for 1.5k views! *clap. This is very plausible for me and I never expecting this for the very first time I’m writing in this blog. Thanks again !

Just one word, L-I-P-S-T-I-C-K. Yeah. I am quite obsessed with lips products although I’m not a makeup junkie or whatever. Imma lip girl. I know. Girls, right? Haha Well today I’m gonna post a review on two lips products that I just bought online. This is my very first time buying makeup online because it is so much easier yknow when you can get anything you want just by holding and tapping directly on your phone.


The wrapping itself shows that safety is number one priority. Later I will tell you where I bought this. When I opened the bubble wrap, both products are in good conditions without any damage or lipstick smudge around the packaging. Thumbs up!


There they are. I’ve been meaning to try NYX cosmetics when everyone just keeping rave about it. With very reasonable prices and high in quality plus very amazing colours collections, tell me who doesn’t want to rock them on?!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC) in Antwerp (left) and NYX Butter Lipstick(BL) in Little Susie (right). I’ve been keeping my eyes on these little precious but the SMLC in Antwerp is very popular shade and it is always sold out when I want to purchase one. Ughh! It is stressful yknow but now I get one. Haha. Let see swatches on my hand before I put it on my lips.


In this photo, both colours look like the same but the truth is they are not. Maybe because of the lightning and my phone’s camera. Haha. Let me classified them so you can differentiate easily.


SMLC : Provide with a handy and convenient applicator so it is helpful when you do not have a lip brush.

BL : Glide directly from the bullet to your lips and you’re good to go!


SMLC : Very creamy with matte finish yet moisturizes your lips.

BL : Very smooth, pigmented and moisturized.


SMLC : Very strong yummy sweet vanilla-like smell!

BL : Very subtle sweet smell and of course, it is not disturbing at all. Haha. Here my lip swatches.

As you can see, my upper lip is quite dark pigmented. Yes, I know I should work on that. I’m trying right now. If any of you have any tips to lighten dark lips naturally, please let me know, okay? 🙂 On second picture, I’m wearing Butter Lipstick Little Susie. As you can see the colour is quite suits my skin. Actually, the colour is more pinkier but not to bold. Its just like red-pink shades with yellow undertone. I love pink lipsticks also I really want to try red lips but I’m not quite determined to wear them. So, I think this colour fits me perfectly.

I also love it because it doesn’t enhance any dryness on my lips (I have dry and chapped lips like every time everyday) so it keeps my lips moisturized all time.

On the third picture, I’m wearing SMLC in Antwerp. The colour is sweet and more to natural pink. More like mauve pink actually. I always wanted to try matte lips products to cover my dark lips but I’m afraid if it doesn’t suits my dry lips but this is different. It is matte but moisturize my lips! See? I can rock on matte lips after this. Haha.

Prices? SMLC for only MYR23 and Butter Lipstick for only MYR25. All in all, I give 5/5 for both products because they astonishingly amazing! Before I forget, I bought these two babes from @love_nyx because the prices are affordable than any other sellers I know but don’t worry they are 100% original. Check it out, girls! It is worth to try.


Me wearing NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie. Love it! ❤

Thanks for reading my review. See ya.
I love NYX cosmetics ❤

Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser Review

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Its been a while since I wrote reviews about products that I’ve been using and I am happy to share with you readers. I’m not going to talk about a skincare regime or whatsoever but I want to share something that could help you to get a fair and fresh skin.

images (3)

TADAAAA! I guaranteed that some of you have already seen this thing. It is a battery-operated pore cleanser. Isn’t it cute?? I choose to have it in gold because it do looks exclusive to me. Haha. It also available in red and blue colour.

images (5)

The size is convenient and easy to bring along. See that grey button on the middle? Push that button to enjoy the vibrate sensation on your face. Hahaha. There is no ON and OFF button. Just apply a little pressure on the button and you’re good to go. So easy to use huh? As it said on the box, the vibrations effect is 10,000vpm/minute. Wow. I have no idea what vpm means. Haha.

images (6)

With a group of fine brushes, which is super soft and fluffy and I am out of adjectives to describe it. :p I just want to hold them with my fingers all day long ! Those tiny brushes will give the extra cleaning effect to your face when you used it compared to wash by using your hand. They can pull out all the dirts, excess oils and makeups from the pores. Great invention isn’t it?

images (7)

As you can see here, this product is made from Korea. Annyeong ! Thanks for inventing this awesome ‘magic wand’. Hahaha. This cleanser is operated by using one AAA battery make it portable and can be used whenever and wherever I want ! No need to find a plug to get electric sources. Just put in the battery and use it.

images (9)

images (8)

To open the head, just twist the body to the left and the head to the right. Now, you can put or replace the battery easily. If the head is broken and can no longer be used, just buy the new head and replace it. No need to buy the new Pobling cleanser.

Now, let me show you my own testimony.


images (10)

Cannot see what my skin problem is? Here some close up pictures.

images (11)

Still can’t see?


Here it is. Can you see that open pores? Can you see my ‘shining’ forehead, nose and cheeks? I have this problem for a very long time. My skin is categorized under the combination skin type. Meaning that I have oily skin especially on my ‘T’ zone ; forehead, nose and chin. I have acne problems during my high school because of the oil problems plus I’m joining sports activities for every year during that time plus I’m studying in a boarding school. Hostel students? Did not get enough time to ‘try and error’ those facial products available. So, I did not have enough time to give extra care for my face. I just use normal facial cleanser to handle the break outs and just hoping that my problem will go away afterwards.

Besides, I have whiteheads and blackheads problem. This makes me feeling shy and unconfident with myself because I have a rough and oily skin.

Luckily, after high school I got my hormones stabilized and no more pimples. Not that I don’t have them AT ALL. I’m still have that problem but not at worst like my previous school time and now I am on my 20s. Its a ‘Phewwww’ when my skin is getting better but I’m still having that oily problem.

That is why I bought this cleanser to remove them and with that I can avoid and reduce the chances to get pimples. How cool is that?! Now, take a look at this. The result after I’m using it.



Can you see the difference? My skin feels fresh and clean. It is such a relief when it works efficiently! There’s another picture that I want to show you.

images (12)

I didn’t wear any makeup in this picture and I didn’t use any filters or camera effects for all the photos. 100% original. See? I can wash my face and going out confidently without any makeup on my face. This is awesome. This is what I want for a very long time. Other than peel off mask, this is another way to clean up your skin.


Very easy, right?

Where can you get this magic cleanser? I got it from @adillafazlin on Instagram. It is probably the cheapest that I could get from any other sellers. It is just MYR45. Go check it out, guys. Here I have inserted a video about this Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser.

Good luck. Any questions just write your comment below or you can email me. Till then. Have a nice day.

Thanks for reading 🙂