Majlis Anugerah Saintis Muda FSG 2015


It is been quite a while since my last post. I am so sorry. I am very busy due to my new semester and yeah, as usual it is full of chaos. Seriously, now that I’m just at home for my mid semester break, I got more than five lab reports and assignments to be finished. Hell, right?

Just put aside my brag, I’m just going to share with you readers my very first time being in a very precious award-giving ceremony for my degree’s life. Alhamdulillah, last semester I managed to get in the dean list and honestly, that was beyond my target. Alhamdulillah again :’) My faculty, the Faculty of Applied Sciences had organized a wonderful annual dinner to celebrate the achievers.

I didn’t get a chance to capture the entire preparation but I must say, the food was a satisfaction and also the event went very smoothly. Even me enjoying the speech from our Dean. Haha. To my friend who is also the Director of this ceremony, Nurul Miza Kamaruzzaman, you had done a very good job. Lots of gratitude also for your team! 🙂

On that night, there also have a lucky draw and I really didn’t have a clue or any instinct that I’m gonna be lucky. Hahaha. What to say, I won! 142 is my lucky number. They gave me a paper bag containing a very big baby powder with 3 facial masks. Sounds funny but yeah, that’s it. 😛



Thank you so much, FSG ❤

Graduation Day!

Assalamualaikum 🙂

As promise,  I will be posting about previous events that happened last year throughout the first semester of my degree. Its quite a lot yknow to write them altogether in one post so I decided to do it one by one.

If you catching up all my Instagram photos you will know all of them as I always updated them with my recent activities. Yeah, I know. Imma Instagram maniac. Hahaha. I just love to freeze those precious moments in pictures!

Talking about precious moment, on 29th November 2014, I was officially graduated in Diploma Microbiology. Yayyy! Finally, the time has come. 3 years going through the extreme journey of thicks and thins, sadness and happiness plus total mental breakdown with all the exams and assignments. Its not easy yknow to use the microscope on daily basis! Hahaha.

Check out my convocation photos! Forgive me for that exhausted and fake-smile faces. I was too tired to wait for the session to end (maybe because my name starts with an ‘A’ 😛 so I need to wait for another 1000+ students to settle)







Well, although it was a very tiring day but I must say that I am satisfied for what happened on that day. Finally, Z was able to meet my family especially my parents for the very first time!

I did not know how I got that strength to bring him to meet my family as I am too shy and secretive about my love life. Maybe the exhaustion helps me? Haha. Who knows? Alhamdulillah,  it went well unexpectedly. ❤



I am grateful for this. Alhamdulillah. Honestly, I never expect that I could survive for three years alone without my old friends joining me in this diploma journey. I finally get what I’ve been struggling for. Congrats to me !

UiTM di Hatiku ❤

Have a nice day 🙂

Eid 2014

Assalamualaikum 🙂

What a pleasant day and its already August. Time flies so fast. Faster than The Flash. It is such a relief when we managed to complete our fasting month very well and of course it will be missed so much. Hoping to see this noble month again next year. Today is already 5th of Syawal which means the fifth day of Hari Raya.

So the story starts when last Saturday which is the 28th of Ramadan, my family and I decided to depart from our home to the one and only place we celebrated Hari Raya every year ; my mom’s village in Perlis. I already told you it is 4 hours trip from my home but we used to it. One of the great moment is during the Iftar. The environment with the bunch of kids (majority boys) and the food, the mood was set up. Very lively and cheerful. More like family reunion during dinner.

The next day, the aura of Hari Raya begin to swirl inside our body. Like the adrenaline started to take actions for tomorrow’s preparation. Everyone was quite busy. Looking for coconut’s leaves to make ketupat. Starting to pick a few chickens and ducks to make rendang. Don’t forget the lemang. These three ‘BFFs’ are the essential meals during Hari Raya. They are on the top list of Must-Have food on this precious day!

1st Syawal

As usual, woke up early to shower before the toilet stuck with too many people and I don’t want to queue for shower. It is quite depressed when waiting for the kids to finished and I hate waiting. Haha. After that I enjoyed ketupat and lemang with rendang for my breakfast and of course, it was yummy. Prepared myself for Solat Hari Raya at the nearest mosque. Can you guess what our next activity is? Taking pictures ! I know you’re hoping for the photos when you see the title although you already saw them on my Instagram’s news feed on my sidebar widget. Lets check ’em out 😛


So this is my Hari Raya’s apparel. Just a simple baju kurung and a teal square hijab. Just another my plain style for the Eid. Sometimes I don’t like to look messy with so much accessories or garbled attire. I am a simple person and I love simple fashion as long as I covered my aurah 🙂 andddd that was a summary for what happened during the first day of Hari Raya. I ate a lot on that day 😛

2nd Syawal

Did not have any pictures taken on this day but it was a quite exhausting journey. Went to my Pak Lang’s house in Kedah. Luckily, the lunch were not disappointing. I really talk much about food am I? 😛 After that, continuing our family’s convoy to my grandma’s cousin’s house. It is like a must to go there during Hari Raya. The journey end at the end of the evening. A very tiring day. Phewww.

3rd Syawal

The most exciting one! We’re having a BBQ session in the evening. A lots and lots of food I tell ya. Homemade burger with cheese slices and the accessories ; mayonnaise, tomatoes slices, chilli sauce and the most freaking awesome was the cheese-based sauce. I never saw and taste this kind of sauce. The texture more to mayo but with the taste of cheese. Very yummeh !

Also, the sausages, muttons, and the iced coconut water for refreshment. At night around 8 p.m, we continue grilled the mussels, squids, fishes and meat. So many food choices and it was a wonderful and enjoying day ! I managed to snap a picture of the table to prepare the burgers. No other photos because I was quite busy helping for the preparation, and eating. Haha 😛

2014-07-30 18.44.17

The next day, which is yesterday, we’re going home. I must say that this year’s Eid, had drawn a very delightful memories in my book. Hoping for another awesome family events next year ! I ended my entry with a Hari Raya selfie.


Before I forget, please forgive for all my wrongdoings okay guys? Have a great Raya and have a nice day ! ❤


The Old Days


This is the first post for my Throwback category and I am kinda person who loves to look at the past. Either it was the worst or great, it really doesn’t matter. For me, the memories will be remain forever, also in a way teach me tonnes of lessons for my future ahead. After you’ve been through a journey, there would be the bad and good that you will not forget for the rest of your life — unless you get amnesia or Alzheimer 😛 How badly it was but still can make you smile when you recalled them. Am I right?

For me, high school is a place where you can assembles a lot of memories as much as you can and that is why I’m asking you to bring any kind of gadget to snap those precious moments. It would a very good idea if you can make an album only for that special pictures. To be more real, record a few videos. It would be super duper fun when you watch it after your school phase already come to the end.

I’ve finished my high school 4 years ago and it was awesome! Although at the beginning I was resist to go there (it’s a boarding school. Well, who would gonna go there after Standard 6?? LOL) , but I’m grateful because I’ve made a right decision. No remorse. At first, I’m crying because I don’t want to go. I’m staying in Perak while the school is in Kelantan. It is like 6 hours bus trip plus I never been there, also don’t have any relatives or friends there. It was like I’m going to another planet and get ready to be alienated there so that’s why I’m so distress when my parents pushed me to go no matter what.

Well it is true when people said that every cloud have a silver lining. It was like a miracle when my one and only childhood buddy also been offered at the same school and suddenly, I want to go. Lil bit surprising, right? BUT yeah that’s it. And that’s how I started my 5 years of life struggling to be an independent girl with full of courage to settle all things just by myself, also meet a bunch of crazy friends. Until now, we still contact each other especially in the Whatsapp group although we already been in separated ways. I just miss them so much. In 5 years, we have been through a lot of things and doing crazy stuffs.



This is a picture when me and one of my besties sneaked out from the hostels at 2.00 AM and break-in into the library just to watch our favourite team, Spain played in the final of World Cup 2010 against Netherlands. It was totally not a disappointment night as they won that game, also it was scored by our favourite player, Fernando Torres. Such a great moment :’)


Back in 2009, we decided to snap this on the top of main water tank or cistern I think. From here, we can get a really nice view of our school as you can see in this picture. It is quite dangerous and scary as it has been a rumor that says the tank is haunted. Hostels huh? Creepy ghost stories everywhere but I’m so glad that we manage to have this priceless picture.


This is a picture when we were having a boat trip around the island where on of my Kelantanese friend stays. It was such an unforgettable memory and me myself just cannot believe that we would be able to get on this ride. Having a good Kelantan’s meal ; homemade Nasi Kerabu with Budu and Laksam were very delightful and already just made on the top list of my most-preffered food in Kelantan. Wonderful! 🙂


Our final year’s annual dinner in 2010. Such a great night where most of us being so lucky in the raffle including me! I remembered when they been so excited to put makeup on me. Its just because I feel uncomfortable wearing it but they managed to do it on that night. Wearing lovely and charming clothes together, I’m really gonna cry seeing these pictures :’)


We’ve been through this 5 years of journey in the buses. Its the only transport we used to go back home also to the school. A lots of memories inside them. We already get used to it. I remembered that one time around 2007, we had to change our bus like 4 times because of our bus that we supposed to take was broke on the way to fetch us. Don’t forget when my luggage fall down from the bus in 2008. A complete disaster for me on that time but surely, it has something behind that tragedy. 🙂

Those are half of my pictures collection of my buddies. I’m so grateful that I meet them in this life. We shared almost everything during our 5 years of friendship and I’m glad its still on. I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for these handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun. I’m looking forward for our first reunion soon. Short vacay pleaseeeee. Missing you guys damn much ! ❤




I’m not a member in the ‘Confidence Club’ but I wish I can. This is one of the biggest or may I say the largest problem of mine. The only thought that came to my mind is genetics. The inheritance don’t allow me to get those ‘confidence’ genes inside my DNA. Why? Its just because my sister is like having tons of that genes, like a gazillion and so whatever. When I asked did she has stage fright, the answers is,

” Entahla. Adik tak tau pun rasa nervous tu camne”

Sounds crazaayy to me but I have to make some changes. Maybe I can build a platform or batu loncatan to get rid of this problem. Later on, my du’a was been answered. Alhamdulillah :’)

Back in my high school, I’ve been selected out of the blue for public speaking in an assembly. It was a very stressful moment because the selection was being done with a lucky draw (not so lucky I guess). Deeply in my heart, I feel like wanna cried out loud or maybe the best way; SCREAM. This situation was very disturbing at that time cause it took out all of my focus on my homework and studies. Put the blame on who??

But I must say that this is the most magical moment which gives me an awesome experience that will not be forgotten for the rest of my life. With all the helps from my friends, finally I got the topic for that speech. What was it? Its Facebook. Yeah, I will stand in front of the audience and talk about social network. Spreading the courage am I? That was just because I didn’t want anybody to get bored so easily as I have flat-sound voice and minimum volume. LOL

Proud moment :)

Sorry for the picture. It was taken unexpectedly thus makes me un-photogenic. As you can see, I didn’t wear my glasses. Why? Its one of my way to boost my confidence level! With the blurry vision, I can’t see all people’s faces also I can’t see they looking straight forward to my face especially couples of scary-judging eyes from the teachers.

For the comments, I really want to thank teacher Nasirah as she was the one who gave positive comments about my speaking session. I felt so great at that time because I have friends who really care about me and give so much support until today. Thanks guys 😀

Result : Confidence level — 30% boosted (from 10%)