Just A Wednesday Post


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you readers for appreciate my previous entry (the Prezi one) , also giving me the opportunity to contribute or sharing anything in this virtual medium. It is such an honour and don’t forget, a support for me in being a good writer although I’m not so good in English. Well, I’m just trying to learn and will keep learning until I am an expert in this language. All my life, I’m trying to find something like a hobby or maybe obsession for myself. I want to find something that  I really love and excited about. Now, I found it. It is writing. I love to write both in the computer or by hand. I just brighten up when I see my own handwriting. I don’t say that I have a nice handwriting but some people said that. Am I self-praising here?

Just a simple post today but I am so grateful that my phone is now back to normal. If you refer to my post before, my phone got a virus infection if seen to the problems and it was totally stressful. The boredom strikes when I have to use my old phone ; I mean like not a touch-screen one which brings to — no Android anymore. No Instagram, Hay Day, Whatsapp and others. It is sounds like I’m an internet maniac but truly, I’m not that critical. I still got my notebook with a WiFi connection yet can keep updating my WordPress, right?

Now, that was all over and I must keep an eye to my phone with an extra care. I’ve installed an Anti-Virus also a Clean Master to keep my phone in a safety condition. I must resist the urges to install too many games and applications because I’ve experience like this before — my Nokia phone having the same problem and cannot be saved after referring to a phone expert. I don’t know why I love to install too many apps. Sometimes, I just feel boring with the same wallpaper and I keep changing it over and over again. Same with the launcher. I’ve tried Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, Tw Launcher, Nova Launcher and the latest one Smart Launcher.


This is the one I’m currently using, Smart Launcher. It really catches my first impression when I saw it on Play Store. What I really love about it is the simpleness and well-organized. In this picture is the desktop. Simple but elegant, right? You like the theme? I’m using Stamped Pink. You can downloaded it in Play Store. As you can see here, it already have a clock also the date so you don’t have to install or download any clock widgets. Already safe some spaces in your phone. Don’t forget, you also can add any apps as many as you want in the desktop and it will come out like in the picture above.


Here is the applications. This is why I called it is well-organized. All your apps have been categorized according to types. As you can see in this picture, this is in a Communication category. Other categories after are Internet, Games, Media, Utility and Settings. It’s easy, right? Usually you have to keep sliding to find what apps you’re looking for although you already make a folder but in Smart Launcher, no more sliding. Just click on the icon. Other special features about this launcher is you can move any apps in any categories also you can set it as hidden apps. In addition, you also can change the icon for your apps. Just download an icon packs in Play Store. Simple and easy.

I’m not receiving any commission for reviewing this launcher but I just love to share something that I think the worth one to be used by others. Maybe I can write a post about useful Android apps later so that you can keep using your phone in a better condition without any risks. I’m not an Android expert but I like to try and error so that we can learn what is good and what is bad.

See you in the next entry ❤



Nak buat slide presentation yang super awesome ?

DISCLAIMER : This post only related to the free plan of Prezi which is BEFORE they updated the paid plan. Tq.


Hari ni rasa macam nak buat untuk rakyat Malaysia pulak. Ecehh macam international sangat kau punya word-peghes ni haa. Bukan apa kekadang rasa bosan pulak asyik tulis dalam omputih je. Dah la kemain payah haihh nak speaking-speaking ni. Siap kena spare tab untuk Google Translate. So, aku decide untuk ambik balik post-post dalam blog lama aku then kasi letak kat sini. Kira macam reblog lah ni tapi macam recycle pun ada jugak. Haha 😛

Post ni aku tujukan secara general lah sebab ni knowledge yang aku ikhlas nak share especially for students — kecilkan skop lagi for university students. Aku pun student jugak and buat presentation tu boleh dikatakan macam makanan ruji lah untuk para students ni so aku pun nak share lah satu software/application yang boleh digunakan untuk buat presentation slides yang mantop. Aku tau korang boring kan tengok Microsoft PowerPoint? Semua slides nak petak je pastu dapat pulak present dengan best student mau habis semua perkataan dia nak letak. Dah macam kamus dewan kekadang tu. Bosan kot.

Bukan aku nak provoke powerpoint tu tapi kadang-kadang kalau kita guna powerpoint 2010 tiba-tiba nak bukak dalam PC or laptop projector tu tak boleh nak read. Sebab apa? Sebab laptop tu pakai powerpoint 2003. Dah jadi satu masalah pulak nak kena postponed presentation tu ke hari lain. Serious cakaplah. Situation ni memang betul2 jadi kat member aku masa kitorang kena buat presentation time praktikal hari tu. Aku pun pelik apesal yang hospital ni pun kuno sangat sampai tak update jadi 2010 ke 2007 ke.

But this problem did not happened to me lah sebab aku tak guna powerpoint. Kira macam aku terselamatlah. Nak tau aku guna apa? Aku guna Prezi. One thing yang aku suka sangat pasal Prezi ni adalah cara dia pergi ke next slide tu memang awesome bak hang. Lagi satu, aku ni pulak suka hias-hias ni. Suka buat decorations sikit kt slides. Letak animation ke stiker ke so dalam Prezi ni ada semua yg aku nak. Plus, boleh letak background music and nak letak powerpoint pun boleh!

I’ll show you the steps k? 🙂

1) Sign up dulu. Create your own Prezi’s account sebab nanti senang untuk korang buat another slides for other presentation. Bila dah ada account, just log in je.

2) Klik add new prezi tu.




3) Pilih korang nak guna jenis template yang macam mana. Kat sini template dia memang terbaikk gilerr. Smart and lawa lagi. Macam-macam jenis ada. If korang nak start dengan yang blank pun ada.




4) Then, pilih nak theme apa. Untuk contoh, aku pilih blank prezi.




5) After dah pilih theme, korang dah boleh start buat slide. Kalau nak add new slide, just klik kt Frames & Arrows tu. Macam dalam pic kat bawah ni aku dah explain skit.




6) Untuk masukkan next slides ke dalam presentation path, just click kt Edit Path macam dalam pic bawah ni. Then, dah keluar nombor kat 1st slide, just drag to the next slide.




7) So, lepas klik, automatically dia masuk dalam presentation path.




8) Then, bolehlah sambung buat sampailah habis presentation korang. Kalau nak insert gambar ke video ke just klik kt Insert tu. Yang lain2 tu korang boleh explore sendiri ok? Untuk download presentation yang dah siap pulak klik kt Share then choose download as portable prezi.



Untuk guna Prezi ni, korang kena ada internet connection yg mantop sebab kalau tak nanti asyik hang je. One more thing, don’t worry kalau internet tiba-tiba lost connection ke apa ke sebab prezi ni automatically saved lepas korang buat tu. Lebih kurang macam blog lah jugak. Kalau korang tertutup ke, jangan risau sebab dia dah tolong save kan until your last work.

Ohh sebelum terlupa, mesti ada yang tertanya-tanya ;

Boleh ke kalau nak bukak if takde internet? Masa nak present kena install apa-apa ke? Boleh save dalam pendrive ke tak? Kena klik apa-apa ke? Kalau tak boleh open acaner tu?

Aku pun dulu risau jugak kalau tak dapat bukak masa presentation day tapi aku dah cuba try test and it works! No worries. Ok ni aku nak bagitau sikit step-step nak download sebab maybe ada some of you yang tak berapa faham after dah download tu. Actually, ada a few steps lagi yang perlu dilakukan sebelum officially ready korang punya slides tu.

a) Lepas download, klik zipped documents tu.

b) Open document yang namanya Prezi.

c) Klik ‘Run’.

d) Dah selesai ‘Run’, logo Prezi akan bertukar (bulat warna biru sepertimana yang dilihat dalam website Prezi)

e) Save dalam thumbdrive then boleh test bukak presentation slides. Untuk 100% kepastian, boleh test bukak kt PC or laptop tanpa internet. 


Contoh Prezi presentation aku punya. Boleh tengok kat SINI. Jangan buat muka pelik sangat tengok tajuk presentation aku. Aku kan student Mikrobiologi so apa nak heran 😛 Aku pun takdelah reti sangat nak guna benda alah ni. Ni first time and bila benda best rasa syok lah nak share dengan semua orang. Sharing is caring. ❤

Selamat mencuba guys ! Kalau ada apa-apa nak tanya, boleh contact aku on any social media dekat side bar widgets or boleh tengok video tutorial kat YouTube.




You are what you EAT


Lets talk about food can we? I love to eat and I love to try new food. Mostly, of course I choose Malay food and second I prefer the Western’s. Its just not like I eat them very often but it would be my second choice if I eat at the restaurant. Chicken chop, fish and chips, spaghetti and some other food are really don’t let me to hold the hunger. Same with Malay food. I am so in love with sambal belacan. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of spicy food but 3 years in Kuala Pilah really keep my motor running on those kind of food.

The point I want to highlight here is how we want to choose the type of food for our body. Our body is so special and complex. If you treat them like a king and give them healthy food, they will support you by giving more energy and don’t let the toxins to conquer your body and vice versa.

Alhamdulillah my weight is being quite stable for about 4 years ago with normal BMI range. I am totally grateful with my weight and height as it is average for an Asian woman. I’ve managed to keep maintaining my body although I eat a lot — like A LOT. I’m 100% sure that it is all about genetics. I can tell that I got more genetics material from my dad compared to my mom ; its the only explanation for my height. That is why even though I eat a lot but my body still in shaped like no changes at all (only me know what has changed. LOL)

I want to share my eating habits. Again, it is HABITS. I don’t learn from anybody but its just come within me naturally. No influences.

1) Controlling food portion

Food portion is one of the most important thing if you want to stay healthy and of course, losing weight. This is what I do everytime I want to eat. I am a truly Malaysian and that is why I am overly-attached with rice. That’s right. No Atkins Diet for me. Usually I eat rice 2 times a day — lunch and dinner. Yeah, rice is starchy with high level of calories but it is one of the best energy source for your body. That is the best when it comes to Mother Nature.

How I control it? Just make sure that your rice is in a small portion like the size of your fist and not more than that.

The picture below may be the best reference.



2) Soup lover ! ❤


I am the biggest fan of soup. Any kind of soup, just tell me and I’m sure I’ll love it so much. Like I said before, it comes naturally. I just love to eat with the soupy feeling together with my rice especially when it comes to vegetable soup. My mom know me so well thus she make soup like every week and sometimes almost everyday. With the cauliflower, celery, broccoli, carrots, cabbages, mushrooms and potatoes, it is complete with the flavour and I got the healthy feeling when I take a sip. Believe me, it is very healthy and of course delicious.

3) Say NO to internal organs

If you asked me what kind of food I don’t like, my answer would be the internal organs. I don’t like the taste and also I know its bad for our health if we eat them very often. For example, the liver. As we know the liver functioned as the place where all the toxins accumulate thus would give bad impact to our health especially our brain. If you love to eat internal organs, make sure you don’t eat them frequently.

4) I won’t pick the pickles :p

For snacks, I’m totally not choosing pickles. It is not about me who over-protective about what I eat but its just because I don’t like them especially the taste. The souring taste really don’t catch my tongue. Once again, its bad for the kidneys and more important to the brain — such a bad effect for students in memorizing.

5) Fruits are the best 😀


I guaranteed most people love fruits so much just like me. The taste of the food is quite important to me and fruits are the best. I can give the rates for what type of fruit I like and give 5 stars to watermelon ! I just love the juicy, fresh and sweet interior flesh (mouth-watering alert). Not forget to other fruits. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and it would completing your body needs.

6) Chew, chew and chew

When I eat, I take a little time to chew my food — that is the reason why I am the last one who finished eating. First, its all about how I enjoyed the food. Second, I really don’t want to get indigestion which is the uncomfortable feeling inside my tummy that give me fully distraction for my sleep. It is also one of the sunnah from our beloved prophet, Rasulullah SAW to chew 44 times before you swallowed the food. It helps your body to digest and increase the efficiency of absorption in the small intestine (well I’m the science student). So, take your time and chew slowly.

7) Protein sources

When you eat, you have to make the right choice. Protein is one of the most important element that your body needed. For me, the greatest choice is fish. I choose fish instead of chicken and meat. Why? because fish coming fresh from the sea and directly to the market. On the other hand, for chicken, usually they will be breed and injected with some vitamins or chemicals or whatever to give the fast-grow effect. This is so not good for the chicken and of course, we as the consumer. Same goes to the meat.

8) Water, I choose you

At home, I prefer to drink water instead of other sweet drinks such as cordial, carbonate and caffeine. I just love the fresh and clean feeling of my throat and mouth after drinking water. Plus, the other drinks just increases your sugar level and you know its bad, right? Now, I am in the process to achieve my goal ; Drinks 8 glasses of water everyday. It sounds easy but its quite tough for me except if I have a fridge inside my bedroom. Hehe :p

9) Avoid processed food as much as you can

Well I want to make a confession here. I really can’t resist when it comes to nuggets, french fries, patties and other processed food. I know they are bad for my body but I try to go with an alternative to reduce the unhealthy-ness. How? Maybe you can just put them in the oven and just let them cooked instead of frying them in the pan full with cooking oil which you know high in cholesterol. Same goes to fast food. Maybe you can just put a limit on that. Once or twice in a month can you?

Those are the things I would like to share and hopefully my points can make a change in your daily life 🙂