FYP Presentation

Assalamualaikum and hey!

I am so in the mood of writing right now because of the biggest burden has been removed from my shoulder; the FYP presentation. Alhamdulillah. Yesterday was a historical day for me. I managed to get it over with. For us the final year student, the only thing that we can think of in this last semester is this. Its all about this presentation AND it is not an ordinary one BUT it is kinda torturing. You’ll never know how your project will turns out. Positive results or negative results? You need to juggle your time management wisely.


Facing six panels out of seven was a toughie. Seriously, I was nervous and not very well-prepared. Four hours of sleep was not enough guys. More unlikely, I’m the 4th presenter. Hahaha. There’s one thing I flabbergasted about was that I’m not shaking! Normally, I was nervous as hell and it can be seen on my hands obviously. Alhamdulillah for that. I think, I’m more into presentations now. Getting used to it. It is a good thing tho.

I was lucky this time. Dr Maslinda who is the senior lecturer for our program always asks lots of questions or giving opinions on like everything that makes her curious. Honestly, since she taught us on the third semester, we’re kinda terrified of her. Hahaha. BUT lucky me, I’m the only student that she didn’t asked and it was a miracle. Haha. Who would had thought of that? I managed to ‘escape’ from her!


Actually, I didn’t put too much effort on my FYP (juniors, pls don’t try this at home. Haha). I know, I know. In the beginning of the semester, there’s nothing that encouraged me at that time because I feel exhausted of my previous FYP proposal writing. It was chaos. I spent a lot of time on that and I want to rest, take a chill pill. Haha.

Alhamdulillah. I can’t believe its almost over. ❤

P/S : If you want me to do a special post for the tips on this FYP stuff, leave a comment down below or send me an email.

Thanks ❤


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