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I received a few emails especially from the juniors asking me on how I study, how I get good results and stuff. The thing is different people really have their own and different method or acceptance towards any kind of learning techniques. It is all depends on how much are you willing to spend your time studying, your energy, what do you need during studying and what can makes you focus. I’m not an expert in studying but since you’re asking for it, these are the things I always do.

1) Find the right time to study

You need to find a period where you can relax and enjoy studying at the same time. You know, the perfect moment where suddenly you surrounded with good vibes cheering for you to study. For me, I can read and memorized easily if I do it in the morning and night. I guess I had found my specific and strategic time to study. What’s yours?

2) Mind maps and short notes

As usual, I always working on mind maps and short notes that can be referred to during the exam week. It doesn’t have to look nice with all colourful words unless you prefer that way. Pencil is the best. Can be erased easily and I write more faster with pencils. I only used colourful pens to underline the important points OR sometimes, for the different topics and chapters. Fyi, I just wrote them on a blank white A4 paper and divide it into a few parts by folding it so I can write more. No colour papers. I don’t fancy any colour papers or shimmering-glitters ink pen.

3) Past year questions

Past year questions is like a gold mine that you need to dig over and over again but yeah, it can be extremely boring. What did I do? Do the questions TOPICALLY. I can get really bored (also annoyed) if I do it altogether year by year. It is less complicated if I do it topically and also, I can see the questions’ pattern for each year. Honestly, I enjoyed doing it that way.


It is not a serious problem if you don’t remember everything but just read every single thing (of course it would be better if you understand them all). Make sure all the information are registered inside your brain. It would come out during the exam. I’m serious. This is actually happened to me like every time. The best thing, it will help you to goreng if you’re blank. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 1 or a half mark and its better than nothing.

5) Preparation

Always be prepared and ready for exams. I’ll make sure that I memorized everything like every single words or important points. Make sure there is nothing that can spoil your day. Remain calm for like 24/7. There’s no use if you keep panicking. No monsters in the exam hall.

6) Answered everything!

Always give the best performance during the exam. Never left any unanswered questions. You MUST write something even you did not know the answer. Keep digging inside your brain. There must be something inside that may help you with the questions even it is only 0.01%.

7) What I do during lectures?

For class, make sure you’re keeping track with what the lecturer trying to teach you about. Honestly, I don’t really pay attention in each class but I’ll make sure that I understand everything. Always, always, always write when lecturers are giving you extra notes. They are one of the most important thing that will finally help you in understanding each topics.

8) Extra stuff

Constantly looking for supplementary notes and information from the internet and books. This will help you in point elaborations. Talking the truth, seriously, I hate books but I love to dig in the internet to find everything I need to know.

9) Studying alone

All my life, I don’t really think that group discussion would worked for me so I prefer studying alone. Not that I’m full of oneself, but if I do it alone, I’m incharge in everything. I have a full control of myself; either I want to eat something while studying, take a nap or something. Hahaha.

10) Tawakal

You’ve done your best so just leave it to Allah. He knows better. He knows your struggles. Never ever regret of what you get.

Hope this helps. Thanks for dropping by ❤

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