Life updates

Assalamualaikum my fellow readers!

Alhamdulillah. My blog has been recognized globally day by day. Thanks for the 14k views! ❤ Please accept my apology due to one and a half month of nothing. Its just I am too busy with my final year project, assignments and stuff. It is my final year so I hope you’ll understand. Back in boarding school, I never realized that being a science student could be this hard that I have to burn my ass off to get good results. Again, alhamdulillah. I am able to do my best for my two previous semester. Moving on!

My 5th semester starts pretty well. Tearing off my old purse for my scholarship funds was the most great thing that ever happened in my entire life. Alhamdulillah and thank you so much, JPA ❤ To avoid any over-spend money, I keep half of them somewhere I never look. Hahaha. Stay safe and sound there. You never realized how much it mean when you suddenly get a bunch of money and it is quite a lot for a student. Alhamdulillah again. With that, it changes my life 360°.

  1. New laptop

Finally, I can get my hands on bigger laptop. Saying goodbye to my blue Acer Aspire One Netbook. Your 4 years of service will not be washed away. I treasured our moments together. Hahahaha. I put a standard budget for this new laptop which is about RM1500 maximum. Lucky me, I had found an ASUS little store in Plaza Alam Sentral that gave a good deal for my ASUS X453M Notebook. Well of course, the size is bigger and convenient for me.

2. New glasses

If you’re one of my Instagram followers, I’ll bet you know about this. Again, I’m quite lucky that I find a great promotion or may I say a subsidy- glasses. I am looking for bigger glasses which provides a great wide view for me. Phewww. Sounds exhausting to be someone who has an eye problem. Last month, here in UiTM Shah Alam, there’s a booth for this super cheap glasses special for students organized under an optical store, Optik Idaman. Wanna know the price? *drum roll…..its RM50 including the frame and the glasses complete in one set! Believe it or not, I managed to get one. It is beyond my confident level to wear this tho but I tried. You know what, I received so many positive comments from my friends and other people. Looks like someone had made a great choice in life. Hahaha. For students who look for a nice, cheap and trendy glasses, you can go to Optik Idaman at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam near the Bella Ammara boutique and Laman Seni Seksyen 7.

3. New image

Now, I’m trying to change my style a little bit. Pushing away my 45″ see-through square scarves and replace them with thicker scarves material in 50″. I must say I feel safe wearing these kind of hijab. I feel protected. Protect against the society’s judging eyes. Right now, I’m kinda obsessed with shimmering square scarves. The materials is super easy to wear, thick and the best part is, its sparkles! That is why it called Bawal Shimmering. Better to put a colour checklist for this scarves.

To complete my new modest style, I go for a long A cut skirt instead of jeans. I do realized that gaining weight makes me want to covered more. Haha. Not that I’m insincere to make the change but it open my eyes. Imagine this. If you’re skinny or you have a perfect body, you’ll kind of wanna show them to people that you have a dream body thus the clothes you’ll be wearing is not a Muslimah expected to be. So, cover up! For the top, I choose an extra large plain long sleeves. Where I get them? You might wanna look at the man sections when you’re buying clothes. They do have amazing choices for long sleeves T-shirt.

I guess that’s just it. I’m thinking about buying a new phone but still under consideration. Hahaha. I do have a lot of new products and I promise that I’ll do the reviews when I have the time, okay? I love you ❤


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