New Policies

Assalamualaikum guys!

I hope that you are now enjoying your day as usual while I’m in such a hurry packing all my stuff for the new semester. Ohh how time flies. Seriously, I’m quite regretting for this semester’s break since I did not make it well-spent and occupied BUT then, I remember something. I do make this break half utilized for a few activities like celebrating the Eid, went to the submission of my scholarship’s forms, went travel with my buddies etc. It was a lot better than other previous holidays and I’ll make sure it can be done again next time.

Alhamdulillah, I’ll be in my final year of my degree studies starting next week. I know that I have so much things to do plus the subjects would be more tough than before. Once again, I’ll take 8 subjects in total including the Project I : Proposal for my FYP. Semester 3 and 4 had been a real roller-coaster ride for me but again, alhamdulillah I nailed it.

Since that I already find my rhyme in my studies, I actually want to set some rigid rules which will be my strictly new policies. Hahaha. Joke on me. Who does this? Am I that lame? I don’t care cause I want to make some changes and it better be good. Nobody want to set up bad rules, huh?

  • Stay away from junk food and fast food & replace ’em with something healthier

Phew. Am I using such a harsh terms? Naahh. I want to set up straight that a few kg of weight loss would be a heavenly realistic event. I’m already taking things slow in my junk/fast food intake. No more chips, no more KFC, no more chicken chop whatsoever. Limitation has to be done! Assuming that I will control my eating habit as soon as possible. A cup of low fat yogurt would be nice for my supper. That’s right. I’m addicted to yogurt now.

  • Controlling my social media addiction

Well, who can? I’m having such a crazy devotion on these internet bastards. Really. It drives me crazy when I always have time to check on my FB, Twitter and Instagram. Even the emails could distracted me from doing anything. I’m not saying that I’m a lunatic in front of the computer 24/7 but seriously, it contributes to my insomnia problem thus lead to my poor eating habits; midnight snacking! Crazy enough? Yup. Cause I’m writing this at 3:48 AM.

  • Get out from Procrastination Ville

My biggest and deranged problem. I always do this whenever I go. I always keep in mind that I have other spare time to do the tasks but the truth is, I don’t. This is the only positive act that is actually bad for me. I intent myself to do any tasks right away when I have free time. Promise!


Girls. I cannot resist or even hesitate to buy new tudung for myself. I guess they are way more important than clothes. Hahaha. Oh please. I have to manage and save money for any other important things. New rules for me, I already start a small business. Oh just selling snacks and chewing gums at the hostels. Nothing big but guess what, I already made some money to be save. Also, me and Z had decided to do a money save plan in our emergency jar. Sounds amazing?

  • Prayers escape no more

I’m having a quite hard time to keep my prayers on track. Allahuakbar. I’ve been such a bad person. From now on, I will do my best and make sure that I would be punctual. Is there any tips that you guys can share with me on how to do this? I realized that Allah had given me such a good health, good results and everything but I’m no expressing my gratitude to Him. InsyaAllah. I’ll do better in this.

  • Talk to everybody

I know it sounds funny but I do have some problems in communication. Am I too shy or what? I guess it is what an introverts have to face. I also know that some people might think that I’m just a mysterious-passive-arrogant kinda girl but you know what, you really don’t know me well. Haha. Who am I to set up your brain to get a better impression of myself? I will brushed up my communication skills and socialize more and by that I mean, socialize in real life. Hehehe.

  • Keeping score in the right pathway

Getting a good results is a great satisfaction that I’ve ever experienced and I will keeping track, insyaAllah. I’m going to adjust my studying methodology way more better that before. They said that,

Build strategies before you go to a war.

I’m gonna calibrate and upgrade my methods to be work more efficiently. Do the past years questions for every subjects’ progress, always have time to revise everything, draw mind maps topically etc.

I hope that this new policies will be applied successfully in terms of believe and also faith. Never forget these two things. I believe I can do it. I will command and dictatoring my body as I wish. Although it may get chaotic or against its will, I’ll do it no matter how. Hahahaha.

Please pray for me and wish me luck. Best of luck to you to. Thanks for reading. Till next time. ❤

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