Kokuryu Super Summer Cake Powder / Bedak Arab Review

Assalamualaikum! 😀

Just another review from me. Again, its about beauty product! I’ve been struggling to find a perfect face powder for my oily and sensitive skin. I’m giving an exception to mineral loose powder as they do give positive effects to my skin BUT the thing is I don’t have a powder brush or kabuki brush or even any makeup brushes to apply them. Also, it is very inconvenient to bring along when I’m going out as it would overturn and spilled everything inside my handbag. I’m a sponge girl so I need a perfect pressed powder that can give me full coverage and lasts throughout the day.


Luckily, Zack had convince me to try this out. Kokuryu Super Summer Cake Powder in the shade Russet. Here in Malaysia we called it as Bedak Arab or Arabic Powder and it is quite popular among Malaysians. I know, its a weird name tho. Kokuryu? What does it even mean? Hahaha. The name really doesn’t bother me since this powder is the best among the best powder I’ve been used in my entire life. Why?


  • Kokuryu Super Summer Cake inside a maroon box with gold border lines.
  • The cake foundation comes with a free Kokuryu beauty sponge.
  • Kokuryu Super Summer cake is a very popular classic brand in Asia.
  • Formulated in Japan and manufactured originally in Phillipines.
  • Combined with scientifically non-comedogenic that will not clog pores.
  • It has a HALAL logo that is undoubtedly can be exported through-out Asia and even Global.








  • 3 in 1 face powder : moisturizer, foundation and makeup base all in one!
  • Suitable for all skin tones and types.
  • Even out your skin surface with very light texture.
  • Give matte finished with full coverage.
  • Covers skin blemishes, freckles and scars by giving a perfect natural look.
  • Come with SPF 50+++ for skin protection.
  • Can reduce the size of pores and the severity of pimples, acne and also pigmentation.
  • Promoting blood circulation on the face.
  • Blends really well with your complexion.
  • Can lasts up to 8 – 12 hours after application.
  • Stays perfect despite hours of sun and moisture.
  • Doesn’t smudges or stick to clothes or hijab.
  • Cruelty-free and can be used during solah or prayers.
  • Looks more beautiful after sweating as it will make your face glow radiantly.
  • 50 g of product and can lasts for 3-4 months.
  • Came in several subtle shades that does not darken or discolor your skin.

So many benefits in just one powder. How can I not falling for it? Also, one more thing, I love this powder because I don’t have to go through the hassle to apply any facial moisturizer, foundation or even BB cream on my face. Just dab the powder and I’m good to go!

The beauty sponge is given free for each purchases. Well who doesn’t love free stuff? The sponge is high in quality and super soft! It is entirely different from any other sponges or beauty blenders as it is made specifically for this Kokuryu Summer Cake. It is also elastic and washable but resistant to oil and heat. Wow.





  1. Dampen the Kokuryu Beauty Sponge.
  2. With your forefinger on the center of the beauty sponge, rub sponge against summer cake.
  3. Apply colour uniformly to forehead, around eyes, nose, cheeks and chin.
  4. Squeeze out the sponge.
  5. Using the clean side, blend colour evenly over face with upward stroke from the chin.
  6. After use, wash the beauty sponge with soap and let it dry in the shade so it will last longer.



Observe and find the difference. My right face with application and without on the other side. I love this shade because it makes my face looks very natural with some pinkish effect. Now, I can achieve an ideal medium skin brightness only by using this awesome product. You can tell if you does not see any difference in this photo. Let me zoom clearly.


It does hide my large open pores although it doesn’t work perfectly as face primer cause it is a powder and not a primer. Hehe. It’s good enough for me to cover my redness, pores and also my skin discolouration. Oh, and don’t forget, do you see what happened to my dark circle? It is minimized. Thumbs up! Here is my other photos where I’m using it. Fake flawless face alert. 😛


Believe it or not. Hahahahahaha. It really makes my skin glow radiantly. In addition, my face does look soft, supple, luminous and bright! It gives natural finished without cakey and sticky effect on my face. It is so light-weight as I don’t even remember that I’m wearing a powder. My skin looks so fresh after application and good news, my skin becomes less oily than before. If you’re following my Instagram, most of my pictures are when I’m using this summer cake. ❤


  • PUGGY PINK : Suitable for medium-fair and bright skin.Your skin will look slightly pinkish.
  • RUSSET : The most popular among the fans of Kokuryu super summer cake in Malaysia ! Ideal for medium skin brightness.
  • ROSHELLE : Suitable for all bright skin types.
  • CHERRY : For medium skin brightness.
  • CHERRY PINK : Suitable for all bright skin types.
  • ORANGE JADE : Suitable for fair and yellowish skin tone.
  • ORANGE BLUSH : For medium skin brightness or white yellowish skin.
  • OLIVE WHITE : Suitable for a very bright and milky looking skin.
  • OLIVE ROSE : Appropriate colour for tanned skin.
  • SUMMER TAN : Suitable for dark brown skin tone.
  • JADE : Generally used as a concealer to cover up blemishes on the skin.

Russet is the most popular shade as it suits many skin tones us Malaysians. It gives medium brightness together with pinkish effect. That is why Russet is always out of stock.


I’ve been using it since last year until now. I don’t know why this powder lasts in such a very long period. I think maybe I just need a small amount of product in one application, also I don’t have to touch up my makeup throughout the day when I’m outside. See? It is so convenient and super saved! Just ignore how my beauty sponge looks like. It does looks like an old, crusty bun but still I can used it everyday like normal. No need for a new sponge. I guess I don’t have time to get my sponge washed. Hehehe.


  • The smell is truly amazing with a sweet, chalky and tolerable fragrant.
  • The packaging is quite simple and convenient to use.
  • The amount of product is surely worthy with the price.
  • The price is super affordable and reasonable.
  • The sponge is very durable and high quality.


  • It is quite a troublesome when I need to wet the sponge whenever I want to use it.
  • And when the sponge is wet, I need to keep it dry OR my sponge will be damp and starts to smell. Bluerghh!
  • It is way more better if the packaging come out with a sponge compartment so I don’t have to keep both powder and sponge separately.
  • No mirror. Everybody needs a mirror when applying a powder. Huhu.
  • The current plastic packaging sometimes can be too fragile when falling down thus can instantly cracked the powder inside.


This powder is everywhere especially in the online shops. Just google or search them on Instagram. Make sure you’re looking for a very affordable price because some sellers sell this powder at a very expensive price such as MYR60 – MYR75 or something. For me, that is pretty steep.

My very first powder, I bought it thru COD from a seller who I find by google for just MYR26 and for the new one, I bought at GM Klang for just MYR15. Crazy enough? Hahaha.

How did I managed to get such low-priced Kokuryu powder? Well, the one I bought got this little defect on the powder. There is some sort of oil came out from the edges between the packaging and the powder. You didn’t see it did you? Hahaha. Of course I’m gonna pick the best one. The seller there told me that MYR40 is for the perfect and flawless powder but they only sell the MYR15 type. Its look good for me as long as it is original. Beware of fake product! You can checked on what the fake Kokuryu powder looks like.

Phewww. Such a long review. Oh well, it is a good product so it is eligible to receive some credits and compliments. Hope this review would help you. Thanks for reading. ❤

16 thoughts on “Kokuryu Super Summer Cake Powder / Bedak Arab Review

  1. wow thank you for your review! It is so useful! I also have this foundation in puggy pink but I think I got a wrong shade. It give me white cast when I try to take a picture with flash.

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