Have you ever wonder that there are so many rules in this world? Although the World War was ended for like hundred years ago, but still we people, never achieved the freedom. Freedom in everything ; mind, opinion, perspectives etc. It keeps roll and roll until we get sick of those things. We never stop. Even we doesn’t express it out thru words, it still stuck in our head.

We always feels twinge of envy spreading in our nerves and dictator-ing our brain. Our heart cannot stop or even slow it down. I wish I have a control button to monitor it every second.

What make you feel that black people is ugly or unattractive?

You wear black clothes like all the time.

You said that black is the colour of high authority, full of mysteries all that stuff.

You passionate about a shiny-black Mercedes.

Oreo is black and you eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

So, stop being racist.

Why do you think that fat people is not as good as you?

You love to eat almost everything. Please, it’s a rhetorical statement.

You like to pinch babies’ chubby cheeks.

You never say no to hug a pretty huge teddy bear.

You cannot deny that loose T-shirts or batwing blouses are super comfy.

So, stop weight stereotyping.

Still, there’s a lot more to tell but I will not emphasize it. People talking about people every time every second without a STOP sign. I bet the animals and plants were laughing together seeing all this. People always thought that those living creatures have no idea of what human being are doing but I do believe that they know everything.

Pink. It’s just a colour. A very sweet and soft colour among others but why people said it only suits on the ladies and little girls? If the pink colour could talk,

I’m tired of my job; covering those lady parts and seriously, I’m getting bored of women, also their smell. I wonder how man smells like.

To be honest, man looks great in pink and if he wear one or use something that’s pink, it really doesn’t mean that he is girlish. You know what I mean.

The stories behind is more important. I wish people could see it directly when they see my face. You only judge when you see the right thing in front of your eyes and not from other people or social media. Geez, social media can be really suck sometimes.

I guess people are turning into a Terminator and just terminate everything they see, especially things that they don’t like. The only thing you do is just eliminate everything. Can you just substitutes them with something positive? Husnudzon all the way.

Stop it, please.

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