MN Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks Review

DISCLAIMER : I truly apologized due to this non-pictures post. I did have posted quite a few photos including the swatches and the packaging but I accidentally deleted all photos related to this entry. Not to worry, I still have my honest review about this product and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy reading it. Thanks ❤

Assalamualaikum girls! Today’s post is for you 🙂

I always want to give a try on any lipsticks that is more high quality and has variant of pink and red shades but I guess, it is not the right time. That’s why I’m looking for something cheaper but in medium quality with many positive feedback. Introducing to you, Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks with Powdery Matte formula!


Came with a small simple box with all the details and descriptions and what I love about the packaging is that it has a small hole and we can see the shade for each lipsticks. You don’t have to go through the hassle to open up every box to differentiate them. Also, there is a sticker with the code for each shades. Neat huh for super cheap lippies?


Not to forget, there also a description paper inside each box. The photo is to blurry? Lemme write it out.

Excellence and efficiency lip essence is continuing to provide abundant hydropower, rich nourishment; the mellow color-imparting factor pure color, long held color,lips throughout the day hydro tender and beautiful, charming and moving.


Applied in the center of the lips and then spread outward to the corners of the mouth, after each use, wipe clean the lip gloss stick as makeup supplement, commonly used lipstick, lips fuller, glossier; as efficient lip : used alone to create the perfect result.

I really don’t understand what is the descriptions about but I guess, you get the point right? Maybe because it is made in China so it might get difficult to describe them.



It is a crayon-like lipstick which is to make sure the application go smoothly with ease but it cannot be twisted to get more product as in permanent bullet lipstick. BUT, you may sharpened those tips.

My favourite is 016. I love the colour! It blends well with my skin and it doesn’t make me look dramatic or whatever.


It stains for like 2-3 hours without eat or drink I guess because I have dry lips so I keep my lips moisturized with lip balm, petroleum jelly or any other lipstick before I apply this. So, I need to reapply them for every 2 hours but for those who doesn’t have dry lips, the lipsticks lasts for quite a period. It stays for like a day, I think. I’ve tried to wash my hand swatches with plain cold water but it doesn’t come off at all unless you wiped them out with makeup remover. Very long lasting.


The choices of colours are pretty amazing and also I love the crayon-like pencil structure which makes my job easier to apply it. Don’t forget, the price is extremely affordable.


The powdery matte formula is certainly VERY NOT suitable for those who has dry, chapped lips like me. I myself having so much trouble to apply it alone directly on my lips. It is super matte and I need to based on my lips with other moisturized lipstick. With that, I can glide it smoothly. I hope they can come out with more damp and moisturized formula.

Another thing is that I hope they can produce new batch of Kiss Proof lipsticks with twisted feature. It would be very helpful so we do not have to sharpen it regularly.


Just look for the cheapest or affordable price on Instagram especially on the hashtag. There are so many beauty and cosmetic sellers who sell these. I bought on Instagram for RM4 each.


I hope this would help. Thanks for reading. ❤