Lazy Recipes // Resepi Malas


I’ve been digging on YouTube and spent for almost more than 8 hours tops looking for any inspiring video such as shawls and makeup tutorials, life hacks all that stuff. Since that I’m at home with a very smooth surfing environment of the WiFi, I found these recipes collection from Mentol Pecah‘s YouTube channel! I’ve already mentioned about Mentol Pecah before in here and I am a big fan. Now, that from two members, now it becomes a solo video making but still I love all of it!

Mozek, the present member was a quite the slumber one, making a series of Resepi Malas or Lazy Recipes and it was occasionally for the sahur session during Ramadhan. I know it is a little bit late for me catching up the videos but who cares? The recipes seems very very simple but in my point of view, they were quite brilliant and super easy to make. I’ve ‘screamed’ in my head,


Lets check them out!

1) Telur Lecek Super Simple / Scrambled Eggs

2) Sayur Stim Bebeh / Steamed Veggies

3) Dan Dan Megi / Instant Noodle with Peanut Butter and Chilli Powder (whaaaattt??)

4) Tuna Melt

5) Nachoritos

Seriously, he’s pretty crazy but it makes me wanna try these recipes right away! I’ll never thought of the ingredients can be cooked together with other main ingredient that we’ll never think of. This is very unique and time saving. Not to mention the money. Worth every notes and pennies.

Warning. These recipes are only suits the taste of people who are willing to try something new or different. but I guess, there’s no harm to try, right? I flabbergasted on how Mozek could create these recipes. Some are just ordinary like the scrambled eggs and steamed veggies but instant noodle/maggi with peanut butter? Dayyyummm. Must try!

Thanks for reading. Mind to share when you try those recipes. Till then. ❤