Safi Facial Moisturizer with Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda Review

DISCLAIMER : I truly apologized for this non-pictures post. I accidentally deleted all related pictures with this entry but still you can enjoy reading my honest review. Hope this helps. Thanks ❤

Assalamualaikum and hey 🙂

It is been so long since I’ve done any product review and yeah, you can put the blame on the exams. Haha. Okay lets get started!

When I’ve decided to go with the 3 steps of skin’s daily routine (cleanse, toner, moisturize), it has been quite a problem for me because I have combination/oily skin. Its annoyed me when I cannot find the right moisturizer that really suits my skin yet affordable for a student like me. Until today, I would never go anywhere without my Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets.

Safi which is a local brand skincare and cosmetics is always really understandable and concerned about our Asian skins. The price, oh let me tell you, it is so cheap and reasonable. Introducing to you the brand new Safi facial moisturizer!

A facial moisturizer with the combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda! I always getting psyched when I see or heard about any products especially the skin regime with aloe vera as the main content. Natural is the best, isn’t it? For your information, Safi had launch an aloe vera moisturizer before. Again, it is amazing! but unfortunately it didn’t absorbed well on my skin plus it gets very oily within a short period.


I am so sorry for the blur image but you can read the descriptions I wrote below :

Diformulasikan dengan gabungan semulajadi Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya dan Habbatus Sauda untuk mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit dengan lebih berkesan. Sari Pokok Lidah Buaya membekalkan vitamin dan mineral manakala Habbatus Sauda mengandungi nutrien dan bahan antibakteria semulajadi. Hasilnya, kulit lebih sihat, lembut dan berseri. Sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit.

  • Menghalus dan menyegarkan kulit
  • Mengembalikan kelembapan semulajadi kulit
  • Melindungi kulit dengan nutrien dan bahan antibakteria

Safi Facial Moisturizer is formulated with the natural combination of Aloe Vera Extract and Habbatus Sauda to restore skin’s natural moisture more effectively. Aloe Vera Extract provides essential vitamins and minerals while Habbatus Sauda contains nutrients and anti-bacterial properties. Skin is healthier, softer and more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

That is why I’m so excited when I see this moisturizer equipped with Habbatus Sauda. What is it? It is one kind of the herbs which has so many benefits to or body. Well, it is pretty awesome when herbs have been used in beauty products, kan?


I always falling for the cute, pretty and rare packaging when it comes to beauty products. Is it just me who is gullible or I’ve had fall into one of the marketing strategies? Hahaha. The very bright green plastic container already caught my attention on the first place. Yes, it is made of plastic which is a checked for a non-fragile product. I love it! As you know that before this the packaging was also made of plastics but it is a hard plastic which is can easily break. This? Non-breakable, super thin and light plastic 80g container. One more thing, it has a white plastic cover to protect the product itself from any impurities thus make it more hygienic.


As usual, the texture is creamy and more to paste-like cream. Compared to the old moisturizer, I think I love the paste-like texture even more. Why? Because it absorbs on my skin very fast without any oily essence leftover on my face. My skin feels soft right away and this is serious! I’m not lying. Hahaha.


From my observation, it lasts longer than any moisturizer I’ve used before. My skin feels less oily than before but I still need to bring my oil-absorbing sheets to keep my face clean as it gets oily when I apply my foundation after the moisturizer. It might be great for 2-4 hours of usage if you have an oily skin like me 🙂


The smell is the same like the other Safi moisturizers which is too fragrant and quite strong for me. It is like that I’m wearing a perfume or cologne on my face. Hahaha. More natural scent is a lot better for this cream or maybe, no smell at all. That is more likely. Hehe. The oil control is not as good as I thought. It might worked better on dry skin. Repurchased? Ermm. Nope.


I bought it at Giant mall for just RM 6.53, I guess. I don’t really remember but then I saw at Guardian for RM 7.00+. You also can buy it at any drugstore, Watsons etc.

I think this  moisturizer is newly launched as I don’t see it on Safi’s official website or any reviews on the internet. Is it me the first one who wrote this? Wow. I’m glad if it is true. Hehehe. Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading. ❤