End of Semester 4

Assalamualaikum and Salam 24th Ramadhan to all Muslims! 😀 😀

Yeah. Here’s my very big grinning while writing this. Alhamdulillah I’ve managed to survive till the end of my 4th semester and now I’m back on track! Too many things to update and reviews! Seriously, this semester was quite a toughie since we had to go through final exams in Ramadhan. I’m not saying it was torturing but I must say it was kinda good. You do not have to waste your time and money to eat during the day and yeah, we had a few hours to kill to study after the sahur/pre-dawn meal before the exams.

It was a beautiful experience. Learn how to be patient and controlling stress everyday. Yes, I am quite stressful in my study, especially when I’m hungry. Hahaha. BUT now it is all over and finally I can give some time for my brain to breath (brain can breath??) and relax.

Despite of all that, let me tell you about my chaotic days during the exam weeks. The timetable was crazy and a nightmare. Once again, I had to sacrifice my sleep time to cover all the chapters for 3 subjects in 2-3 days. 3 SUBJECTS!! I had to go through 2 exam papers in a day and another one on the next day. See? Same as last semester but I’m glad that I had done my very best for all papers and all I can say that my performances was average. Why? Well the questions were a pool of riddles and critical thinking so all in all, it was fine. Hahaha.

Some of you readers have been asking about how I manage my time to study and all that. What I can say is I love memorizing things. Just give me something and I will remember it for a quite long time. What I can tell you? Women. 😛

This semester, I spent a lot of time doing short notes, mind maps as usual, do the past year questions, understand them and memorized it. KFC has been a great place for me to study. Weird? Hahaha. Who could resist a free WiFi and sockets with an air-conditioner environment? I don’t know why. Maybe the library is too mainstream?

One more thing, what I’m very excited about is that I don’t have to worried about anything including assignments, tests, quizzes or even exams for The Eid this year which is next week! Can’t wait. 😛

Thanks for reading and have a good day 🙂 ❤