Just a quick and short update. For your information, I am now struggling with my final exam and the timetable give me some sort of heart attack. It is a nightmare but alhamdulillah, I’ve managed to get through it. 3 papers down and 4 more to go!

Enough with the brag, here I’ve uploaded the notes for the first semester of AS114 Diploma in Microbiology UiTM Kuala Pilah. Forgive me if the notes are not quite satisfying or incomplete but I believe it might help a little in your assignment or anything. Enjoy. Just have to mention that THESE ARE THE ONLY NOTES THAT I HAVE and please don’t ask for any other subjects.

For those who keep texting and emailing me asking anything about this course, here are my answers.

1. Do I need to buy reference books or not?

Yes but depends on your budget. You could find cheaper books as long as the content is covering your entire syllabus or you will end up neglecting the book, collecting dusts. Don’t worry if the book is quite expensive because you might used it for a long period until your degree maybe? One more thing, pick a book that is more understandable and do not used high language of English. For me, books are quite important as a reference source especially when you don’t have the chance to googling everything. Other choice, just borrow them in library.

2. Do you have any copies of lab reports?

I am sorry, I don’t. All the lab reports must be send to the lecturers but lemme check if I have any soft copies, alright?

3. What I have to do if the lecturers do not give any notes?

Don’t panic and just relax. I know that you’ve been experiencing since the first day of class started. This is the universities life, kids. Try to adapt and get through it. Find alternatives to study including asking the lecturers about your syllabus content and try to refer on books and internet.

Thanks 🙂

MIC102 – Cell Biology

Chapter 1 Prokaryotes

Chapter 2 – Cell movement, osmosis

Chapter 3 Binary fission and gnetic transfer

Subtopic C3 cell membrane

Chapter 4 Mitosis

Chapter 4 part 2-Meiosis






CHM 138 – Basic Chemistry

chapter 1-units of measurement

chapter 2- elements, compounds, chem equations and calculations

chap3-concepts of acid-base neutralization 1

chap4-structure of atom

chap5 – periodic table

chapter 6-chemical bonds

chap7-oxidation and reduction reactions

CHAPTER 8-introduction to organic chemistry latest















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