What My Parents Had Taught Me ?

Assalamualaikum and hey!


Just a leisure post from me because well, I have another 3 days before my break is over *cry. Hahaha. As you can see, I don’t talk much about my parents or even my family in my blog but today, I will.

I am not a lovey-dovey and gooey person when it comes to exposing love to everyone I love. Keeping it just between me and that people is more comforting and safe. Well, that is just me. Hehe.

Now, I’m gonna write an appreciation post to my beloved parents, who had raised me in a pool of love, respects, dignity and all the best adjectives combined. I am a 22 years old teenager (or is it a woman already?), and I am starting to feel that in this age, I become more mature than before. In this context I mean that no more crazy stuffs going on like breaking the rules, being a trouble maker and all that. Nope. There is no more time for that but still I can do that like a part time job. Haha. Just like my lecturer said, between the ages of 18 to 21, that is the stage where you become nuts. I think yeah, his right. I do had done a few crazy things between that age range.

My parents had taught me a lot when I was a little kid and all these things make me who I am now. I must say child education is not easy and the parents must find a few alternatives to apply them to their children. Ah, cut the crap. Lets move on what I’ve learn from my parents!

1) Aurah

It is a must and compulsory to us Muslims to be covered with hijab and proper clothes. My mom had taught me how to wear hijab since I was 7, when I started my primary school. It is really doesn’t matter when my hijab was not properly wore during that time like nobody cares about 7 years old’s hijab awning. Just wear it unironed, in the wrong angle or whatever but still you can sugar-coat it with your cute face. Well, yeah. I’m 7 and I can wear any style I want. HAHA. Since then, aurah has become a big deal in my life and I’m taking it seriously until now. If I’m gonna wear hijab, I’ll make sure it is not a see-through material and of course, style it by covering your chest area. Same with clothes. I’m choosing a loose top and a jean. 🙂

2) Money management

When I see a blouse or a hijab with RM30 in price, I will label them as dearly stuffs. Yes, I know some people might think that RM30 is just a piece of cake but my parents taught me that I have to focus the money to the things I need and not to things I want. Although right now I always go shopping buying hijabs and clothes (girls,huh?) but still I have my price limit. Over shopping with high-price things of course can broke me that I’m not working yet. I always spend my money on food and yes, it is better and feels right. Haha.

3) Give and take

My mom always feel that she owes anybody who ever help her, my dad, or any of her family members. With that, she will give something as a gift to pay them back so she wouldn’t feel indebted. Hahaha. I guess that is cute and cool at the same time. Like this one time, she insisted to give chocolate cake she made to Z because he had help me a lot. Well, yes I’m laughing but turn out that trait is inherited to me. Looking at my mom doing that just like a practice for me to appreciate those people who had help me. Until now, I still have that instinct to pay with something so that they know that I really treasure on what they have done for me. Thanks for the genes, mom.

4) Do it yourself!

It is not a DIY but it kinda yes. Haha. My dad or may I call a very professional art teacher always told me to do everything by yourself before you’re asking somebody to help. That is what happened during my childhood when I am a girl who loves to draw so much and when I asked him to draw it for me, he says no. Not that he did not want to help me but he want me to try it first all by myself. Now, I learned that lesson growing up and I’m used to it. I rather do my assignments all by myself because I can write anything I want. Not that I’m boycotting group assignments or discussion but yeah, I love to study alone. Yet still, study group always in my options. 🙂

5) Education is important

When I was a kid, academic has been a part of my life. Yes, that’s it. My parents are both teachers and education is the most important thing in their career. All of that has been applied to me and my siblings but before you think any further, it is not like we’re all under their thumbs to get good grades. There is still a barrier to that. They never pushed us to get the best results yet they always give supports although we get bad results. Yeah, sometimes they get mad but with that, they teach us to take education as an important role in our life and that is why I’m studying hard because I want to get good results! It satisfied me when I do. Hehe.

That’s it. 5 things that I can think of on what my parents had taught me growing up. Until today, I followed all 5 and that makes me a better person. A better Alia I’ll say. Hehe. Till then.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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