Majlis Anugerah Saintis Muda FSG 2015


It is been quite a while since my last post. I am so sorry. I am very busy due to my new semester and yeah, as usual it is full of chaos. Seriously, now that I’m just at home for my mid semester break, I got more than five lab reports and assignments to be finished. Hell, right?

Just put aside my brag, I’m just going to share with you readers my very first time being in a very precious award-giving ceremony for my degree’s life. Alhamdulillah, last semester I managed to get in the dean list and honestly, that was beyond my target. Alhamdulillah again :’) My faculty, the Faculty of Applied Sciences had organized a wonderful annual dinner to celebrate the achievers.

I didn’t get a chance to capture the entire preparation but I must say, the food was a satisfaction and also the event went very smoothly. Even me enjoying the speech from our Dean. Haha. To my friend who is also the Director of this ceremony, Nurul Miza Kamaruzzaman, you had done a very good job. Lots of gratitude also for your team! 🙂

On that night, there also have a lucky draw and I really didn’t have a clue or any instinct that I’m gonna be lucky. Hahaha. What to say, I won! 142 is my lucky number. They gave me a paper bag containing a very big baby powder with 3 facial masks. Sounds funny but yeah, that’s it. 😛



Thank you so much, FSG ❤

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