Short list of boyfriend material

Assalamualaikum and very good evening !

Thanks a lot for those who Liked my previous post. Actually, that was my very first flat lay photo (because I just bought that red-exotic-leather tote bag recently).

Today, I want to share some knowledge or may I called it as a part of life experiences which also based on my observations. Experience is the best teacher isn’t it? I admit that. Girls, I hope this might help you a little in your relationship and boys, please take note.

I’m being neutral here and this post is not sexist. Hahaha. I’m being neither the X chromosome team nor the Y chromosome. So girls, how to find your truely prince charming? You might not want to get the false alarm or anything. You really want to know either the guy you’ve been dating is the perfect one or not? You do not want to regret at the end of your relationship?


Here some tips that could help.

1) Always have time for you

Attention is like drugs to women. They always chased, needed and addicted to it. Without attention, it is the end of the world. That is all I can say. Hahaha. When your guy can put unimportant things aside just to be with you, you’re lucky. To be more persuasive, although they’re having some important things to do, they still have time respond to your texts and calls. Yeah. Girls REALLY don’t like to be ignored. For us women, ignorance is hell.

2) Being a gentleman

There is no women in this world who never falling for a chivalrous, gallant, courteous and gentle man. We women not asking you guys to be extremely romantic and all that but we love a man who is behaved and know where to put his ego in the right place. Don’t use your egoistic-selfish minded as a weapon but used it as an assistant to your relationship. A very good and mature lady would not judge if you do that, boys. There always time to improve yourself to be better and girls, don’t take it so hard. The boys are really trying to do the best to make you happy. Please, appreciate those efforts, okay?

3) Futuristic

Not to say to find a man like a robot (or Baymax,maybe), but it is all about your future. A guy who taking your future seriously might be the one. The one who is gonna be your perfect soul mate. If he’s ever talking about what type is your home gonna be after you both get married, how many kids you gonna have, what design of kitchen would you like and all that futuristic questions, he is your ideal spouse. It is a sign that shows he is very serious with your relationship and has the courage to take your relationship to the next step.

4) Thoughtful, supportive and loving

When girls being emotional, what they really need is a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and some love. That’s all. A guy with this criteria is one of the best that you can know so don’t ruined anything. This kinda guy would always being by your side and willing to take any risks to help you when needed and by that, I don’t put this on the guys based on their physicals. Sometimes a tough guy with six packs and the women-magnet biceps can be a real jerk than other ordinary guys. So, watch out !

5) Girls talk

I save the last for the best. Isn’t it great when your guy can lend his ear when you talk about makeups, hijabs, clothes, high heels, plush toys and all the pinky stuffs you have? This is the best ! Its get even better when you can ask for his opinion about which one you should buy. Wow. Boys, if you’re in this category, you’re already hit a woman jackpot and you’re in the dreamy list. Hahaha.

That is all that I can think of and this is just my opinion. I hope it might help some of you to find a better soul mate. Thanks for reading 🙂

Have a nice day.

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