Graduation Day!

Assalamualaikum 🙂

As promise,  I will be posting about previous events that happened last year throughout the first semester of my degree. Its quite a lot yknow to write them altogether in one post so I decided to do it one by one.

If you catching up all my Instagram photos you will know all of them as I always updated them with my recent activities. Yeah, I know. Imma Instagram maniac. Hahaha. I just love to freeze those precious moments in pictures!

Talking about precious moment, on 29th November 2014, I was officially graduated in Diploma Microbiology. Yayyy! Finally, the time has come. 3 years going through the extreme journey of thicks and thins, sadness and happiness plus total mental breakdown with all the exams and assignments. Its not easy yknow to use the microscope on daily basis! Hahaha.

Check out my convocation photos! Forgive me for that exhausted and fake-smile faces. I was too tired to wait for the session to end (maybe because my name starts with an ‘A’ 😛 so I need to wait for another 1000+ students to settle)







Well, although it was a very tiring day but I must say that I am satisfied for what happened on that day. Finally, Z was able to meet my family especially my parents for the very first time!

I did not know how I got that strength to bring him to meet my family as I am too shy and secretive about my love life. Maybe the exhaustion helps me? Haha. Who knows? Alhamdulillah,  it went well unexpectedly. ❤



I am grateful for this. Alhamdulillah. Honestly, I never expect that I could survive for three years alone without my old friends joining me in this diploma journey. I finally get what I’ve been struggling for. Congrats to me !

UiTM di Hatiku ❤

Have a nice day 🙂

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