I’m turning 21 !


Oh how I miss you, my sweet-cute-adorable-awesome blog ! It is been a while since I spent my time with you. As you can see from my previous entry, I am very busy with my degree’s life which I’ve been meaning to write in this blog.( Coming soon, okay! ). I am very sorry if I take a long period to replied any of your comments or questions because I am super busy plus exhausted.

Now, I am on not-so-vacation mid semester break which is supposed to be on week 8 or 10 of the schedule but the people incharge used the Hari Raya Aidiladha as the reason to make the holiday by combining the days so a week of semester break can be made. Pffttt. But, I guess it is a relief for having a break after a month I’ve been struggling inside the super big campus. Phewww.

Actually, the main point is I want to say that today is my birthday ! Wooohooo ! I still cannot accept the fact that I’m a grown up now. Its like the late years of teenager and the beginning of adult stage. Ugghhh. But I’m so glad to have this opportunity to live for 21 years around the loved ones. My family, friends and of course, you all readers !

10465452_963865626962549_6990817914229683083_oΒ Huhh? Huhh? Am I that excited turning 21 ? Hahaha. I don’t know why but I feel different from the other birthdays before. Maybe I can share with you guys about my birthday as now I am in the most relaxing place ever. πŸ˜€

For those who never forget my birthday, thank you so much and I love you ! Don’t ever forget for those who send their wishes on social media, thank you, guys. You are the best. Hehehe.

Maybe that’s all for tonight. ❀



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