I need a time machine !

Assalamualaikum readers.

I’ve been pushing away my blog’s life for a while now and I must say, I miss all this like crazaaayy! Just like my Whatsapp’s status ; Busy Degree-ing , I AM pretty busy right now. This is the most exhausting-tiring life I’ve ever experienced.

It is extremely different when you study at the main campus compared to the branch. There are so many people, the cars, buses and motorcycles everywhere and the place is so big and wide which can leads to the LOST. Sesat you know sesat? For the first timer or freshies, you really need a map in your phone.

My first week was a disaster. I can’t find my class anywhere inside my faculty because the buildings are scattered including lecturers room. OMG. So beware and make sure you are ready before the classes start.

My class timetable is miserable. Just like today, I had classes from the morning till night. Practical session at night? Horror. I really need more time than 24 hours. On weekdays, I have no time to rest, time to lepak-lepak, also I don’t even have enough time for myself as in watching movies on laptops, listening to music and SLEEP ! I already missing my day-sleep time. Oh no. This is what we called the degree’s life.

To all seniors who already graduated from your degree, especially for those who get Dean’s List for all semester or we called it as Anugerah Naib Canselor in UiTM, I salute you. If only I can climb up the Everest to give you the salutes, I will.

I take this difficulties as a challenge for me to get good results. InsyaAllah in other entries, I will put any information that I know about UiTM Shah Alam and the Biomolecular Sciences course. 🙂

Thank you for reading. See ya. ❤

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