RR : The One-Day Event

Assalamualaikum 🙂

I’m hoping that all of you readers are in the pink of health and having an awesome day today. Just want to share my one-day event with my besties last Saturday. What is RR? It is the abbreviation for Reunion Raya! Yeah. I’m having another Raya day with my friends and this time, it was official. With baju kurung, kuih raya and all that so it was themed.

I’ve became hyper-active when I spent more time on laughing like most of the time. Seriously, catching things up with your long-time-no-see buddies really keep your laugh motor running like hell! A couple days before, I had cold which leads to fever and coughs afterwards but it seems that seeing my friends made all the sickness go away. New proverbs created :

Bunch of friends a day, keeps the doctor away.

Haha. Whatever. What made me feeling so excited on that day was my best friend, Aini had all the courage to drive and picked me up also our friend, Hanah at the bus station in town. It was like she was the bravest among us of all ! She was quite afraid and always had this panic attack when she doing something under her focus but on that day, she nailed it. I managed to take a picture for that proud moment. :p

I put so much effort on this photo because my phone doesn’t have the front camera. Lame? So what? I snap this selfie successfully! Hahaha. Being Aini’s co-driver for the first time was once in a lifetime experience, you know.

I didn’t told you where the place was it? So this Reunion Raya was took place at Aini’s house. Having roti jala with chicken curry plus with the Mee Tomyam really welcomed our appetites. Super-tasty! Although I didn’t eat a lot as usual (all the fever’s fault!), but I do drink a lot. You know, keep hydrated all through the day.

We took soooooo many pictures so that we can shared them on our Whatsapp’s little group to make the others felt the twitch of envy and jealous for not celebrating it with us. Hahahahahaha *evil laugh to the max. So, lets check ’em out, guys!

Yeah. We were photo-freak on that day. We took pictures everywhere from inside to the outside of the house. It was freaking awesome! Its been forever since we took pictures together like this. I think the last time was when we were in high school and that was like 4 years ago so that’s why I have to make more than one gallery this time. Haha. :p

Thank you so much to Aini and family for having us and served such delightful meals. Don’t forget, my other sweet friends ; Athilah, Athirah, Huzer and Hanah. Such an enjoyable day and I already miss you guys :’) Hoping for another gathering with the others next time ! ❤



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