An Introvert : Are we mysterious or just a silence lover?

Assalamualaikum and happy Sunday 🙂

I’m just having my lunch. Just a simple egg sandwich with tomatoes slices and chopped cabbage plus extra toast – just in case I cannot hold my hunger longer. Haha. I don’t have my usual today which is a plate of rice with a few dishes because my mom is not at home so I just want simple meal for lunch. Self-cooked lunch !

Today, I want to give my own opinion on one type of personality that has been in my view for a few months. Before this, I really don’t have any idea what an introvert is but thanks to Google that now I can search anything in the searching bar. When I looked at the meaning and the type of personality, automatically I analyzed myself and yeah, I’m one of them. I am an introvert ! Self-high fives!

Lots of people think that being an introvert is just a shy and awkward person but the truth is, it is more complicated than that. An introvert is a person who gets their energy from spending time alone and spending time with their tools. It is who you see in front of you but you cannot tell anything about her/him. Just like Edward who can’t read Bella’s mind and makes he feel questioned every time he saw her. The best analogy I can get from the Twilight’s movie.


  • A shy, reticent person.
  • A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
  • It describes a person who is turned inward mentally and shows less than average interest in the outside world.

An introvert is person who is wrapped up in herself. If you are extremely shy and would rather examine your feelings in your diary than have a conversation, then you are an introvert.

Well, I am a very secretive person. Although I have someone who is the closest to me but still I have my own way of thinking and judgement that I keep in my mind’s folder just for my own reference. Before I do something or talk about something, I would filter them and keep the residuals just for myself. I don’t say that I keep junk in my head. That would be amusing to think of 😛 I always think before I speak because being nice is my top priority.

Its just sometimes I don’t like people to see what I really think and believe. I don’t express my feelings to everyone. I put all people in different categories and by that I mean different person for different topics. You get it? For example, I love and very comfortable to talk about my love story to my selected friends and not my family. Its just I feel this twitch of discomfort if I tell them about that. 

Introverts often avoid social contact.

This is so true. I always avoiding unknown people. I can’t find a way to blend in with new people. Having social anxiety is my biggest problem which leads to low confidence. Haha. I know its sound serious but I can managed it with a few desperation stimulation 😛 I need more time to adapt with new people for at least a year. True story.

Introverts tend to recharge by spending time alone. 

I love to use up my time just for myself. Even I admit that going shopping alone is quiet fun because nobody can distract me to buy my favourite things. I can go wherever I want without hearing any nags or blabs from anybody who doesn’t like things that I already bought. It is very tiring to hear all that, you know and I don’t like it. Just let me shop in peace. Hahaha. One more thing, I feel more relax if I doing something alone. For example, I love study alone and I am comfortable with that. Study group is not my thing. I have my own method and that helps in my focus and increase my productivity. You wanna say I am arrogant? Whatever. I know what I’m doing.

Introverts prefer a solo hobby.

I don’t like to be in a group of people and feels socially anxious so I would rather to find my interest alone. For example, reading books and surfing the internet. It feels safe and quiet and that’s more like it. 🙂

They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds.

It feels insecure when I rolled myself into public alone. It makes me restless and nervous about my self-presentation. Its all about my confidence. Sometimes, its about my physical features and attire and I have a big trouble to talk to unknown people such as the sellers. Sorry but I am in the process to improve my communication skills and alhamdulillah, it is better now. 🙂

Avoiding unimportant stuffs.

I don’t know about other people but for this point, I am totally on it. Sometimes, I can’t handle small talks. I think its boring and not important. If it is not important, I just ignore it. Being a good listener is just to be nice but the reality is, I really don’t care. Once again, I am so sorry. 😛

Loves to communicate through words.

Oh yeah. Just like what I’m doing now. Writing virtually in blog and also I love to chat and send text messages. It is more leisurely compared to face-to-face conversation. Super-awkward ! The written words makes me feel really secure and I can express what I really think when I write it down BUT it is vice versa for my favourite people. Haha.

So are we introverts are mysterious? It depends on how you treat them and what type of person are you to them. We are not judge everything but we observe everything in silence and after observation, we think before give any opinions and solutions. Just let we shine in silence. 🙂

A picture for future guidance and it is interesting. Check it out !

And I’d insert a video here. Just to be clear, I love being an introvert because for me, it is very nice to have some time for ourselves and it is more adventurous for people who want to know us if we keep some secrets. In conclusion, we are not living in a mystery but privacy is our number one priority. 🙂


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