Mini Reunion on board !


Get-psyched mode on ! Yeahhh.

Well I am so excited for this upcoming Saturday for our Eid’s gathering and I mean by ‘our’ here is me and my bunch of girlfriends. Its been so long since our last meeting but I just met three of them yesterday ! Yup. We really can’t waited too long for the next together session because some of us will be in the end of their holiday and get back to the studying mode. Me? Also the same. Less than a month and I will continuing my degree study and the chosen course’s result is on this 12th and 13th. Although it is scary, I will do my best for this opportunity.

Talking about yesterday’s event? Me and my best buddy, Aini decided to pay a visit to our twin friends’ house. It was really not a Hari Raya visit but more to a small reunion because you know, it was just 4 of us and it is only 15% of our group. Haha. We didn’t see each other for a few months and had a lot of catch up to do so Aini picked me up with a scooter. Yes. You heard it. A scooter. Its not like we hate scooters but this is our first time experienced riding a scooter as before this we used to ride on a usual motorcycle. No offense scooter lover. I think it was kind a cute. Its just there are some differences between scooter and motorcycle. The starting process, the brakes and it has no gears! OMG. But we really had some fun riding it 😛

Aini and I have no idea where the directions to the twin’s house. We remembered a little bit since we’ve been there like 2 years ago. Luckily, we managed to take the correct lane and find it. Of course we snap some photos. It is important for our collections and the most important is to make other friends who didn’t joined get jealous by posting them in our Whatsapp group. Hahaha. 😛

Too many stories to be told in one day. That’s why we all came to a decision to held a Hari Raya gathering at Aini’s house this Saturday. I hope other friends would come this time. Its been a while and really missing you guys. I am so lucky to have these awesome friends. We had create a memorable days when we were in high school for 5 years. I love you guys so much ❤


The last picture of the day



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