New Passion


It seems that I have neglected my blog lately and if you think I am lazy to keep it updated, you get some point there. You know that its already 25th of Ramadan and every people are now very excited for this upcoming Syawal which means Hari Raya !

BUT don’t forget to pray for the innocent souls who on board of MH17. Yeah, you heard right? The Malaysian Airlines plane MH17 has been shot down in Ukraine. I am Malaysian and this is the most heartbreaking and upsetting news that I ever heard that happened to my beloved country. It is beyond humanity and despising act, you know. It was such a disaster after the MH370 unsolved mystery. When I thought about those passengers who want to go back home to celebrate Hari Raya this Monday, my tears were gonna drop right away. It is the Eid that we talk about. The ONLY holiday that we have the chance to do the reunification with our families and friends. And now, its all ruined.

BUT as a Muslim, we have to accept the fate with tranquility and our iman. Be patient and believe that Allah will grant us with something better in the future. Have faith in it. This is Allah’s plan and He knows better. I admit it is very hard to accept this but I know, there must be a reason behind all this. Just keep praying.

Remembering of MH17


Go off with the topic, I think I just found a new passion that I can adapt with. All this time, I don’t have any specific interest in something and it just sucks, sometimes. It just like you were travelling into a dense forest without a compass. Just wandering around aimlessly don’t know where to go. Metaphorically, its just like that. So, when I looked into my purse and all of sudden, I’m having a staring contest with my Books’ Voucher and I’m losing. Why? Because I only had used RM50 out of RM250. Still have RM200 more to go. A couple months ago, the government had already set up a strict policy where this voucher can only be used to buy BOOKS. Not just like before where you can buy anything including a guitar. Sounds weird but yeah, that’s it and one more thing, it has an expired date which is on 31st of July so I must spend them immediately.

When I was a child, I love to read. Anything with pictures like comics were really caught my attention and when I started to grow, that hobby become extinct slowly along with my childhood. I did not find a new hobby because I was to busy studying and keeping my scores consistently even though its not 😛

Now I’m 21 and I’m ready to let the hobby back in and accommodate with it. That brings to last Sunday when I have to spend all the vouchers on books and I picked these little babies ❤

IMG_20140721_1Its been a while since I bought and read English books and now, its time to get along with it. It was quite a rush for making the choices on what exactly the type of books that I want to buy and I thought,

Hey. I want to improve my English language so why not I buy the English books? They look interesting and amazing. Should try to read ’em.

 And then, I bought these four new friends. They were quite pricey and I think I would think twice if I want to buy them without the vouchers but when this is become my passion, I totally don’t have any problem to buy more books and start to make a collection. I did not spent the vouchers for only these four books. It might sounds crazy if I told you that they cost RM200 so for the rest, I let my sister used it for her school books. 🙂

Also, working on doing some DIYs for the bookmarks! A lil bit enthusiastic here, guys ❤



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