My Kampung


Its been a week since the last day I updated in this virtual world of mine. I really don’t have many things to share but gratefully we are already in 15 Ramadan. The time flies so fast you know. Another 2 weeks of Ramadan and then we will be celebrating Hari Raya. I’m pretty excited when thinking about it. Well you know, after 8 years this is the only year that I can spend Ramadan and Syawal without any interruption from anything especially my study.

As you can see in the previous entry, I went to my mom’s hometown in Perlis. I was so bored because this is the first time that I am alone when balik kampung. Sounds sad huh? But not really because I always enjoyed playing with my nephew which is also alone there. He is now in Standard 5 and sometimes can get me annoyed. Haha. One more thing, I always help him to settle his homework. His name is Badrul Amin Aiman and we all called him Badrul. Sometimes, my sister and I always teased him by calling him ‘Badrulisme’. I really don’t know why but that word come out from my mind spontaneously. Maybe it is fun to be mentioned. 😛

2014-07-06 11.50.55

There he is. Chalked his school shoes passionately after being nagged by his mother. I followed him to snap some views of my kampung which is so cozy. The warm and restful weather, sheltered by the trees around. A really pleasant environment. Also, one of the reason why I love this place is the coconut water. Very juicy and fresh.

2014-07-06 11.48.36

See? The coconuts are really tempting. The coconut husks usually used as fire starter to steam fish or beef. Take a look at the picture once again and you must be wondering what is the white thing? That is mushrooms. Not startled? Wait for it…..

2014-07-06 11.49.18

This mushrooms are home-plant or self-plant! Yup. We don’t buy them at the market but we plant them by our own. Actually, my Tok Lang who is also my grandma’s sister plant the mushrooms inside this black covered hut. I don’t know why but I think it is one of the necessity to plant mushrooms ; not to much sunlight. It really wowed me when I saw this for the first time last year. We really can make money by selling this! Fresh planted mushroom with no dangerous chemicals and preservatives. I already tasted them in the form of Cendawan Goreng Tepung or Fried Mushrooms with the flour coating. So delicious. Looking forward for this meal during Hari Raya soon 😛

2014-07-06 11.49.42

Next is the coop. A big coop that combine the roosters, hens, ducks and also turkeys. This livestock is also worked by my Tok Lang and also my grandma. That is why the fridge never lack of chicken eggs. Always available in stock and if we have any feast or any celebration such as Hari Raya, we will slaughter the chickens or ducks to cook rendang or curry which is also super tasty.

Can’t wait for The Eid 🙂


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