Another Surprising Surprised


Alhamdulillah. Today is the third day of Ramadan. Although I’m just staying at home doing nothing but still I keep wondering how time flies so fast. As the twinkling of an eye, now it is already the third day. 27 days more to go! At the same time, I am so glad that I have the chance to go throughout Ramadan at home for this year. Yeah. It such once in a life time opportunity as before this, I’ve been spending my Ramadan at the boarding school for 5 years and then at the university for 3 years. And now, its such a relief when I can enjoy my mom’s cooking during this blessed month. Wonderful isn’t it? So I better fully enjoying this very quality time before pursuing my degree soon.

I guess you have read my Surprising Surprised post before because I’m going to write another one. Well, my boy has been working for almost 2 months already. He really not enjoying his job as one of the worker at Management Information Systems in a not-so-big kiosk for groceries and goods. I actually don’t get it what he’s been doing (accounts are really not my thing) but for what I know, he is incharge for the invoices, calculating the numbers and key-in the informations into the computer’s system.


He sent me this picture on Whatsapp and when I saw it, my heart says,

Working with a computer with the air conditioner? It must be very sleepy and quite pleasant with the cool air surrounding you. BUT I love working with computers!

I really don’t get it am I? The problem is I never being an expert in maths and I never love them like ever. Numbers are not my games. They quite annoying for a memorizing lover like me. Yup, that’s right. I love to memorize facts and others. Its being my specialty when I can remember any people’s faces that I have seen before, also their full names, birthdays and their phone numbers! I’m quite dangerous kan? Hahaha. So beware 😛

I’m such a babbler and always keep telling you guys about irrelevant things from my title. Huhu. I’m so sorry. I just can buy it if my post will be too short to be read. See what I’m doing here? I’m telling more than one stories in one post. Just like a 3 in 1 package. Yeah, right. Blablabla. So, back to my point here, I just want to share you guys about another surprise that was given by my boy (of course). He just love buying me things even I keep stopping him from doing it. It might be inconvenient for him and I don’t want that. BUT he resist to stop.

New square scarf with the red roses details and emerald green background. I’ve been craving for this design long time ago and now I own one. Thanks love ❤ Bought from the Instagram : @theprettypinkbox. Very lovely and affordable. The material? Chiffon crepe. It is super soft and see through material. Mine is quite dark in colour so I can choose to wear an inner neck or not. The best thing is you don’t have to iron them because it doesn’t crumple easily. Also you can styled it as a shawl. Must-have item !

That is my surprise’s story. I hope you enjoy reading it and may Allah give you strength to perform your fast perfectly. Till then. 🙂



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